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Does anyone like to crochet?

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My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 10. That's been 17 years ago. To me, crocheting is so relaxing. I can pour myself into what I am working on and not worry about anything. I am currently working on a dedication for my daughter (which, by the way hasn't been concieved yet!)
I know that knitting is more popular (though I never could figure it out) so I was wondering how many of you enjoy crocheting.
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I used to crochet quite a bit. My mom taught me when I was six. (I'm 29 now) I used to make doilies a lot, and I have made baby blankets for all four of my kids plus many of my friends babies as well. I haven't actually done any crocheting for a long time though. I'm too much into the origami crafts now, and when my life gives me a bit of time, that is what I'm working on instead.

Personally I think crocheting is much better than knitting too!
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I have made baby blankets for all of my nieces and nephews. I love giving them something that is from just "me". My sis told me that she could see my love in every stitch!!!
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I started my own personal crochet renaissance last fall when I taught dd's Girl Scout Troop to crochet...I hadn't crocheted for ages! After this adventure I got a copy of Nicky Epstein's book on crocheting for Barbie (at least, I think it's by N.E....maybe not). Lots of fun. I think I learned to crochet around age 6, which was over 30 years ago. I was designing my own Barbie clothes back then.

There was a discussion on Groovy Crochet on here awhile back, so there must be some more crocheters out there who haven't responded yet.
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I, too, love to crochet and haven't figured out how to knit!
I make blankets hats and scarves as of right now. I have a really hard time with all but the most basic of patters, my attention span cannot handle all those abbreviations!:
love it tho and have made some really cute stuff, seeing as tho I just learned 8 months ago!
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I am just learning after many failed attempts at teaching myself from books, etc. My aunt is teaching me, and I love it.
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I love to crochet. I start lots of projects and never finish them though. I am making myself a little bag right now to attach to the sling to put money, keys, etc. in. I want to make a sling too, I have a pattern but finding the time is hard.
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