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On the topic of doulas, I wanted to say that, just like in everything else, be sure to choose your doula wisely (if you choose to have one). I think that many, if not most, of them are wonderful and very valuable. But it also needs to be someone who is a good fit with you and willing/able to dedicate the time you need or want. Make sure you are very comfortable with her and that she's not going to be too busy around the time of your due date. Oh, and if she's already had some experience with twins, that's a bonus.
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I would definitely find someone with experience either having twins herself or being a doula for a woman who had twins.
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We had a doula that gave birth to twins naturally. I didn't get a good vibe from her at our first meeting but stuck with her. We could have done without her actually, although her sneakers rubber soles were my favorite focal point through the contractions...lol Other than that..she was pretty useless.
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I had a pretty good hospital birth experience. I carried my girls to 38w3d and was induced because of high bp. It had been stable the entire pregnancy but was sky high the day of my induction. In hindsight I may have waited it out but I was SOOOOO very ready!

My induction began at around 1:30 with a very small amount of Pitocin. I was at about 3 cm's. They broke my water at 5 cm's and that's when I got my epidural (I know...I know...but next time I swear I'll go totally unmedicated!!). By 6:00 I was full dilated and they had me push a bit. Baby A was crowning very quickly so I stopped pushing and they took me to the OR. That's the only part that sucked...delivering in the OR. Once there I pushed a couple of more times and Baby A was out (6 lbs. 13 oz.). Baby B was breech so they turned her and 47 minutes later she was born (7 lbs. 1 oz.). Both were very healthy and only went to the nursery for a short while...just until I got back to my room. They were both nursing within an hour of birth and self weaned at 3 years 4 months. We stayed the normal amount of time for a vaginal birth and I coslept with them in the hospital.

The only weird thing that happened while at the hospital was with the LC. She came in to check on how the girls were doing and knew I was nursing frequently (duh!). She offered to supplement the babies to "give me a break". I very politely told her what I thought of that and she left. She did check on me again the next day. Both babies were peacefully sleeping on the breast and she said that she wished all of the moms who said bf'ing was too hard for them could see just how easy it really was.
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Here's a link to my birth story. My babies are now almost 16 mo. old - and we're still nursing...

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I had a twin vaginal hospital delivery. Our OB really wanted a c/s although our babies were both vertex. Our peri encouraged us to try vaginally and offered to "assist" our OB with either type of delivery. We LOVE our peri! I was about a two upon arrival at the hospital (37w5d) and ready to push about five hours later. I did have an epi, but I could still move my legs and I definitely felt contractions and the urge to push. We moved to the OR. Baby A came after a couple of minutes of pushing (6lbs10oz). I held her for a couple of minutes and then it was on to Baby B. They decided to AROM w/Baby B and her cord prolapsed. Our peri positioned her (we could see his hand on the u/s) and my ob used forceps to deliver her (and of course, I pushed!). She came nine minutes after Baby A and was 6lbs7oz. She was about 30 seconds from being an emergency c-section. Her apgar was two but quickly rebounded. They didn't require any time away from me. We were encouraged to nurse and all the nurses/lc's supported us. I did hemorrhage shortly after birth, which wasn't fun. I'm glad we were in the hospital as I didn't realize what was happening. My nurse had just walked in and I was telling her I didn't feel so great and I passed out.

It helped us to have a wonderful peri. And, our hospital is awesome - very baby friendly.
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My girls are 6 weeks old so I'll make it quick- I never know how much time I have! I was 38 weeks when I was induced due to pre-e, which made it really weird knowing I was going to give birth that day and I didn't feel ready. Induction began around 1-ish and I watched cartoons with DS. At 4:30 I was complete and had to wait for the doctor and then I was wheeled into the OR. A few minutes later baby A was born with no complications or assistance and weighed 6#1oz. Baby B decided to try a hand first delivery but doc manipulated her around and eight minutes later she was born, weighing 6#4oz. I thought the OR was going to be awful and would take away from my birth experience but having a supportive and caring doctor, along with the unproblematic delivery of two healthy babies, I have no complaints. I can look at my girls and be happy, and the OR happened to be a part of that.
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I just posted my birth story in another thread, but here it is again... Good luck with your pregnancy and I'm sure you'll make the right decision for you (sadly, I didnt have that choice as in Florida, the only options for a birth of multiples is hospital or unassisted)...

My water started slowly leaking Wednesday night around 9:30pm. I went for a walk and then just layed in bed and relaxed for a while. Then I decided to take a shower and saw that the leaking water started getting more and more bloody, so my doula told me to immediately go to the hospital (I was planning on laboring at home as long as possible). I got to the hospital right around midnight, right as my contractions just started kicking in. By the time I was settled in, my contractions picked up like crazy and were extremely strong. When I first got there, I was only 2cm dilated, by about 1:30 or 2am, I was at 4cm. I was then given epidural and was able to rest up a bit. By 4am I was 7cm, and at 7am I was told that I was ready to start pushing (although I really had no urge to).

I was originally told that I would labor in the regular LDR room, and then when I was close to delivering, I would be transferred to the OR (standard procedure for twins)... well, they didn’t tell me just how close to delivery they would wait before transferring me... They kept me pushing in the LDR room until the first baby's head had crowned (my midwife actually had to fight the OR staff to get me in there at this point as they wanted to wait to transfer me until the first baby's head was 3/4 of the way out!!! NUTS). So yeah, they had me put down my legs, pushed me from LDR room to OR, and then had me "crab crawl" from the LDR bed to the OR table, all while the first baby's head is almost out!!!! I wonder if they'd ever tried doing this??? My OB showed up just as they finished transferring me to the OR (He wasnt the one on call and was I really bummed b/c I was told that he would not be able to make it, but he did )

Well, about 9hrs after my contractions kicked in, at 8:52am, baby boy was born, weighing in at 7lbs 13oz. He was followed by his baby sister at 9:10am (after the doc did an internal/external version... ouch!!!), who weighed 6lbs 7oz.

Because I was 2 days shy of 37weeks, the babies had to undergo several stupid & unnecessary tests and I was told that the babies could not be released before 48hrs... well, they were doing so well that we were allowed to go home after less than 36

I ended up calling baby boy Nicholas Gregory (Nick) [Gregory after my grandpa that passed away less than 3wks ago] and baby girl Catherine Claudia (Katie) [Claudia after one of my grandmas]. Both babies are doing a wonderful job nursing, although we did have a bit of a rough patch as my milk didn’t start coming in until the 5th day. Luckily, my sister has been here up until Sunday night and helped me sooo much by supplement-nursing my little munchkins a few times (she is still nursing her 10mo old).
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