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out and about

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at what point did you all start going out, as in running errands, etc. with your twins by yourself? I take them for a walk everyday and have taken them to my dh's work for lunch and dh and I take them out on the weekends but I am really nervous to try to go out myself. I'm afraid they'll have a meltdown or get really hungry at the same time (I know I'm a chicken but I will not tandem bf in public) and I won't be able to manage them. How did you all deal with this dilemma?
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Do you have a place you can go where you know the people there? The first place I took the babes myself was a coffee shop where I knew the owner well. They were probably about three months old. I knew that if I needed a place to nurse, I could duck back in her office (I also wasn't comfortable tandem nursing in public, especially when they were itty bitty). If they melted down, I knew I could flee and come back and pay later. After enough trips there, I gained confidence... and started going other places. I still think of that coffee shop as our "safe place" (went there today in fact with the girls for muffins!). And, oh, the feeling of success when I did it -- got them both out of the car, carried them in, ordered my coffee, paid, and got them back in the car all by myself! -- felt like the biggest accomplishment!

And it does get easier -- but it seems that it takes a lot of small steps to get there. Good luck, and hang in there!
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My girls were probably close to 6 months before I felt comfortable going out for "fun". Before that it was just when it was absolutely necessary and neighborhood walks most days. I pumped and fed expressed milk (many reasons, but bf did not work for us) - so I did not have the tandem nursing issue. It is still a lot of work (1 year tomorrow) but I try to get out every day now. I am still cautious - few trips to the mall or somewhere I will feel trapped. I have still never taken them to a real grocery store, just a couple of times to the neighborhood shop I can walk to - and then I only get what I can balance on top of the stroller. My babies enjoy being out so usually don't melt down until the ride home. Other babies, from talking to other moms, will melt down in public. It may take a few quick trips out but you will figure out how yours handle it. Good Luck and it does get easier... Or at least you become better at handling everything!
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I have honestly say that I have just recently been able to fully go out and about with my twins and they just turned 3! I feel really comfortable now and they are totally manageable. Before 3 I did got to only certain stores that I knew I'd be in and out and they were in strollers and probably around the 6-12 month range. I feel like I can go anywhere now.
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I had a diffrent situation then most since DH was living in a diffrent state I had no choice but to take them out alone if I had any where I needed to be Doc appts for me or them I just took them with me. The grocery store, I think since I didn't have a choice I just did it. I figured if they had a meltdown they would have one I did my best to cope with it. If I was at the mall I would go into a dressing room to nurse I could have the privacy I needed and the sales people were very understanding about it. I would try for a quick trip and then go from there lots of people still think I am brave to go out with them solo but if I didn't I would never get out of my house.
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6 months or so - LLL meetings alone (till then, I brought my mom with me so she could hold/soothe a baby if need be)

around 10 months - grocery shopping alone

12 months - our local community play center

18 months - library story time and the playground (the playground alone was my personal big milestone)

I always nursed them in the car before we went in anywhere. I never nursed them in tandem when we were out, but I had no problem sitting down in the pharmacy at the grocery store or whatever and nursing them one at a time. They were old enough by then to wait a couple of minutes.

Mine have always been better behaved while we're out than at home
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I've been going out with my twins since they were really little. Maybe a couple of months old, along with my 18 month old and my 4 yr old. We've never had any huge problems. They are 2 1/2, 4 and 6 now and we have more issues now than we did when they were little but its still managable.

Good luck,
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Hmm well I seem to be the oddball here but I feel with my 3 y.o. if I don't get out it makes the day seem l-o-n-g! We try to go out everyday, at least once. Grocery shopping, to the mall, hands on museum, botanical gardens, a walk etc... At a store with a cart I usually wear one baby, put the carseat on top and my toddler in the big part, although we are having her try out walking alongside me. About halfway through the store I usually take the carseat baby out and switch him for the slung baby. Places that dont have carts or I plan on being there a while like the museum I wear one on my back in a MT and one on the front in a slingset sling, with the MT strap threaded beneath the shoulder part of the sling.

But they like places where we are moving/going. They would not appreciate a place like a coffee shop for me to relax!
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My dh went back to work when the boys were 7 weeks and I started going out alone with all 3 kids as soon as he went back. I had to get out for my own sanity Using a mei tai with a baby on your back will help a ton. If you kinda get one of them on your back and out of the way you will just have the other one to deal with. I almost always have a baby on my back if I leave the house.
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At 6 weeks, when my dh went back to work. Honestly, I do better with them out of the house than in it. I just don't seem to be able to keep them both entertained at home.
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Maybe it's because I live in an apartment as oppose to a house, but like 2+twins, I go nuts if I stay in. And living in the city with no car, we HAVE to go out for all the essentials. I would say I went out for the first time alone at about 3 weeks. We were alone in the hospital (yup, all 3 of us) at 3, 6, and 11 weeks for a week a piece. The real challenge for me was adding my older DS at then 3.5 to the bunch. I only went out alone with all 3 at about 3 months.

Now, to be honest, i don't even think about it.

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Originally Posted by royaloakmi View Post

Mine have always been better behaved while we're out than at home
: Ditto. Can't remember at what age did what, but we've ALWAYS gone out a lot. I'd say playgrounds at 12 months.
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I think I went out with the two of them by myself around 2 months (they were on oxygen at home for about 2 weeks which made going out pretty tricky, then we flew to the east coast for a week when they were 5 weeks old--so sometime after we got back). I got out with all 3 when they were about 8 weeks old. Now it's not a huge biggie to go out with all three and we HAVE to do it for sanity's sake! But, I prefer just taking the boys and dealing with just two, so I usually do bigger outings on the two days a week my daughter is at a Montessori school. Almost always one is slung and the other in a carseat/cart or stroller, unless both are conked out cold, then both go in a shopping cart in their carseats. If feeding/hungry kids happen at an 'inconvenient' time, we just go back to the van to calm everyone down.
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from about 3 weeks... i dont get overwhelmed... i just go and do what i need to do

i also have a couple moms who are willing to help out if needed....

i guess its just part of having a large family...
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I started going out with my 3 kiddos when my boys were 6 weeks old. Like others, the days actually go better when we have an outing. If we go in a car, I do make sure to keep the number of stops to a minimum because too much in & out of carseats (& now snowsuits) takes a toll on me. The babies often do better out than my 3 year old.
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I started going out with mine right away. I think most of the mums I knew who had other children before their multiples were out and about (assuming good health for everyone) very early.

We had to finger feed one of our twins for 2 months before she got latched properly so I alway had a bottle of milk with me and was pretty adept at feeding them both at the same time so that took the pressure off trying to tandem in public - not easy with wee ones.

I second the PP advice to go places initially that are easy to manage (stroller friendly, nursing stations etc.) , in which you won't feel overwhelmed and neither would they, someplace easy to leave (ie not a mall with the car parked miles from you) and do something non-essential so that if it doesn't happen it's no biggie.

In no time you will feel like a pro.
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I went out alone with my twins on the first day I was cleared to drive by myself after the c/s. I think that was 2.5 or 3 weeks pp. I take them and my 3 year old everywhere, including the grocery store and the mall. Don't panic, nurse really well before you pack up, and keep your trips under 2 hours. It definitely makes the day go faster.
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Like many others, I started heading out right away. I figured out that I could lock the wheels on our Mountain Buggy, find a place to sit, and nurse one baby while pushing the other back and forth in the buggy to keep him or her entertained while waiting. It worked.

When they were very small I would definitely prioritize so if we had to abandon the trip for whatever reason, my most important errand would be taken care of first.

I think this certainly qualifies as a situation in which practice makes perfect! Congrats on having 9/26 babes!
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So far I've loved hearing what you all have to say! Keep the tips coming!

My daily walks with my dog and the boys in slings almost always go well and definately do a lot to keep me sane, and the guys have done well the other times they've been out but I've always had someone to help out either the whole time or at my destination. The trickiest part is getting them from our second floor apartment down to the car. Our stairs are too narrow to effectively go up/down with a stroller. And honestly most days it seems like a hassle just getting myself out and about around Los Angeles (when I get a chance to alone, that is) but all your postings have given me confidence and I might just be ready to try it!

And congrats to you, gmvh, on your 9/26 twins!
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Meagan and Morgan were in the hospital until 5 weeks, and I was with them alone a lot during that time. I learned to hold both, pick both up at the same time, and amuse two. I took the girls for daily walks as soon as they came home. We stayed within a mile or so of home and I had a carrier to switch them out.

I've taken my 2 y.o. and the twins out in the car alone many times, to meet my husband or Grandma, and I've had to deal with feeding two babies and a screaming toddler alone in a van. That's no fun!

At 4.5 months old, I took them both to the doctor all alone. That was daunting to me. I scheduled the appointment for first thing after lunch, and begged him to make it snappy so I wouldn't have two fussy babies wanting to eat at the same time.

From then to now, we've done AP and Holistic Mom meetings alone, but there have always been other Mamas willing to hold one if I needed help.

They are 8 months old now and I am getting very comfortable taking them to the mall or out for errands. I still do not like to load and unload them in the car multiple times in one day though, that tends to make them super cranky.

I imagine once cold and flu season passes and they are around a year old, I will feel very comfortable out and about with them.

Like everyone else said, they tend to do better and be more amused when we're out than when we're not.
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