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Haven't gone out alone with my twins yet, but I wanted to add to the list of 9/26 twins--and it's my birthday, too!

Jack and Catherine, born at home 9/26/2006
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I was a single mom of twins, so I started going out with them alone... immediately. I found that people were willing to jump through hoops to help with twins, if I needed it, twins being SUCH an anamoly

I took them all over. We went to the mall, we went to the grocery store, we went for walks, we visited family. It's just a matter of having a "can do" attitude, in my opinion. If they started to melt down, well, I'd either finish what I was doing and leave, or just go with it until I could leave.

I actually found it WAY easier to go out when they were little and non-mobile than when they got older. Oy, when they were about 18mos-2.5yo they were RUNNERS FOR THE STREET, and I barely took them out by myself for months. So please enjoy the infant time when you can take them anywhere, anytime.
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out and about

hey there. I began taking my triplets out by mysef at 8 months. I waited until RSV season was over. for that reason, now probably isnty the best time...if the were premature at all. My kiddos LOVE getting out. best of luck to you.
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I almost forgot ..we were building our home when the twins were born and from 2-9 mos. they basically lived in and out of the car, I nursed in there and everything. Dh and I went in and out of stores picking our plumbing, tiles, counter tops, paints etc. They got cranky once in a while, but good for the most part.
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I did it (sort of!)

So today I went on my first official alone outing where there wouldn't be anyone on the other end of the car ride to help with the babies. I took them to the library so I could get a membership. I got them in and out of the car fine (I had a little practice with this). We got into the library and they both got cranky and started crying right as I discovered that I didn't remember my wallet so I couldn't even get my library card!

But at least we tried. Hearing from you all was very inspiring.
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