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70% effaced

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...and dilated to a one. I know it could still be a bit for me, but I saw my mw today and she said that my cervix was almost centered and was very soft and squishy. Also she is completely engaged!

Could be tomorrow tho, who knows! I'm just happy that things are moving right along....

Thought I would share w/ people that would understand my : ness...

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Good for you.................
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Wow, congrats! Let the baby parade begin!
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Yeah that is great. I so badly want this baby out too- I've been walking around at 80% and 3cm for 2 weeks now, so i wish she would just come out now.
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Wow thats progress my ob said most 2nd timers don't have an engaged head until labor.

How far along are you now?
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I was dying of curiosity today at my appointment... But I ended up not asking the midwife to check...

I think next time I will ask her... maybe not... who knows!

Hope it's really soon for you!
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Oh, Niki...

That was totally me w/ my first! I was 80% and a 3 for almost two weeks. I promise it will be soon!!

I am btw. 37 and 38 weeks....Noah was born exactly at 39. This could very well be a Christmas baby.
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