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dss was put on medication

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I've been reading this forum for some time and felt that maybe I can get some good ideas and information on what's happening with dss. I was thinking of posting to a forum geared towards school/learning disabilities but couldn't find one. I'm looking for information on antidepressants and their uses. We were just informed that dss was put on this drug and that he will be going to a behavioral clinic to be tested. dss is five and has had some problems at school/daycare, spitting, kicking, and yelling. dh sees him once a month because we live in a different state and dss will visits us a couple of times a year. When he is with us he tries to act out but we usually stop it right away with time out and talking to him about his outburst and why it happened. dss is very me oriented and has difficulty being told what to do, which is very understandable since his mom has said that she gives him whatever he wants. We have also been informed by dss that he gets spanked and he has had his mouth washed out with soap when his mom gets mad at him. dss is very smart and according to his teacher he is right where he needs to be with his learning. When dh visits he usually volunteers in dss class and dss is very well behaved and on point. dh and I are not happy with this new development of him being medicated. We are so frustrated and know we really can't do anything but gather information and present it to his mom. This might be the start of a very scary trend of medicating dss to make it easer for everyone else. There is so much more that I want to write about dss and his sad situation but it's to hard to put into words. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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antidepressants for a five year old? That seems practically criminal!!!

Are you sure you and dh can't do something about it? Does the mom have sole legal custody, or is it joint? I don't think battling medical issues in court is always the best idea, but to avoid medicating a young child with psycotropic drugs is a darned good reason to seek a court order/intervention/evaluation.

And your dh's input on his child's behavior should matter...should effect things. Maybe a good first step would be to contact the child's therapist and find out why and with what info he made a recommendation for drugs? And maybe seek out a second opinion? Good luck!
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It wasn't his therapist that prescribed it. His mom did have him going to a therapist but she stopped taking him as soon as my dh went and explained some of the things that have been happening the past five years. dss's mom has used everything and anything to limit our visits and she was using the therapist to achieve this. That's when my dh went and talked to the therapist and shared with her some important facts. Now it's my dh that takes dss to the therapist when he visits. We personally think that dss doesn't need therapy but it helps us find ways to help dss and keep mom from using "the therapist said this" card. The person who prescribed was his Dr.. We do have a lawyer and are getting help with resolving issues with visitation. It has been a long and exhausting saga. I was just hoping to hear if anyone has had any experience with this drug, more specifically used in behavior modification for children. Our next step is to talk to the Dr. and his teacher next week. I'm tired and can't seem to stay hopeful when it comes to dss and his situation.
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A child will behave differently with NC parents than C parents. Especially if you are only seeing him a couple times out of the year. Please call the therapist/dr who put him on the meds to find out more info. It may be the meds are just to "reign" him in for the time being until the behavioural therapy gets underway. They're usually not forever.

Where I'm coming from is this: my ds has a behavioural disorder. Living with him has been an utter nightmare. He was a danger to himself and others. We'd been in therapy - with psychiatrists; psychologists; therapists and we went to a parent support group to help learn new ways to deal with him. Not to mention all the social workers from the school. None of it seemed to help, so we went to meds. My ex was furious as "he's not any problem when he's here". I didnt know what to say - he was horrible at home. And I feared for mine and my childrens safety. He went on some meds and it reallly helped. The therapy seemed to sink in after that. He's off them now, and he's a little better. I dont feel so scared of him anymore. But I realize there may be a time he may have to go back on them, or something else.

So, the good news for you is that behavioural clinics really speak to parents about different techniques to try. Its usually not just a script and all is well. So if bmom isnt using any consistency or anything, they will address that.
Absolutely get involved! But try and work with bmom as opposed to against her. A united front does a world of wonders for a kid with a B.D.
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We posted at the same time!

Okay, I see it was perscribed from his dr, and not from a psych eval. Sorry,
forget what I said.

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Actually I'm happy you wrote what you did. I'm glad to hear that the behavioral clinic will work with the parents and address different techniques. Dss mom says she is taking him to a behavioral clinic soon and we will encourage her to do it quickly. Dh has asked her to inform him of when his appointment will be and who he is seeing. He will contact them and talk to them about his concerns and thoughts. I also agree with you that he will and does behave differently with us. We only have him for such a short period and all we see is the fun kid that loves on us. We have seen hints of the bad behavior but we deal with it differently than mom does and it seems to work for us. Do you know anything about the drug my dss is on? Thank you for the post.
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I'm glad my post helped.

Different techniques do work well. We found they only worked for a while then they lost their effectiveness. Does your dss have a diagnosis yet? Mine has oppositional defiant disorder with obessive compulsive tendencies. He was diagnosed with tourettes when he was 5, but has since outgrown the symptoms, so we dont "count" it anymore.

Sorry, I dont know anything about the drug. Mine was on risperidone, an antipsychotic. (sounds worse than it is) I have heard alot of other parents mention that drug from my old support group though.

I'll see what I can find out.
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He hasn't been diagnosed with anything yet. Dss's mom said that he may have a learning disability. This information was all given to us through an email two days ago. We have gotten three emails from his teacher since dss started school telling us when he acts out in class. She has never once said anything to dh about dss having a learning disability. Thanks for the help.
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I don't really have anything to offer from personal experience, but here is some info I got from googling the name of the drug: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/d...r/a682388.html

You may also want to try posting in the Special Needs Parenting Forum or even the Mental Health Forum for more parents who have btdt.

I would just be very concerned with a child that young being started on the cycle of getting labeled with disorders and taking drugs and constantly being looked at to find out what's "wrong" with him. It sounds like you have good instincts and your DH is trying his best as well. Hang in there!
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