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Nursing Mamas TTC in MAY

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Mamas and nurslings, please report here!! A whole new month, let's get the ball rolling!

Here's a breakdown of our group so far, please correct me if I'm wrong anywhere!

Waiting for PPAF
NWmama w/ 9 mo. DD
Owensmom w/ Owen 16 mos.
Chrissy w/ Noah 17.5 mos.
Mel w/ 3 kiddos (14 mos. pp)
Claire w/ Jude 17 mos.

Waiting to O
Terri w/ Emma 8.5 mos.
Jenn w/ Abbie 17 mo.
Tracy w/ Jakester and Hank
Robin w/ Benjamin 3
Heather w/ 2.5y DD and 13mo. DD
Keri w/ 2.5 yrs DD http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/20c4d/
Oceonone w/ 21 mo. DS
Jennifer(Jster) w/ Peregrine Rose 22 mos. http://www.FertilityFriend.com/home/1b472/

Waiting for answers from DPO land
Wolfmom w/ 17 mo. DS
Juliel w/ 19 mo. DD
Tracy w/ Aiden 2y. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1fd1e/

Our Success stories!!
Musikat w/ 15 mo. DS
Jennifer (jc_cat) w/ 20 mo. DD http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2265a
Britt w/ Maryn 26mos.
Vanessa w/ 28mo DS
Ann w/ DS 4 and DD 19mo.
Laurie w/ Holly 19.5 mos.
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Hi there. I haven't formally introduced myself to you fellow nursing ttc'ers. I'm Terri, mother to Emma (8 1/2 months). I plan on nursing her until she's a year and I just got AF a few days ago, so this is cycle #1 for me. It took us 18 months to get her, so hopefully #2 won't take as long.
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I'm Jenn, SAHM to Abbie (17months). We've been TTCing #2 for 4 months, starting Clomid as soon as AF shows up today or tomorrow. We needed Clomid+IUI to get PG with DD. We still BF once to twice per day.
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Thanks for starting this thread, Jennifer!

I'm still waiting for my first PPAF. A few weeks ago I had some ovulation pains, so I'm hopeful my body is gearing up! I'm thinking of taking B6 and/or vitex to help things along--still researching though.
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I'm here.

AF just left Tuesday so I'll be looking for that wonderful ewcm!

Hopefully this is the month for babies!
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Woo-Hoo, a pretty new thread

I'm Robin, momma to Benjamin, who will be 3 the first week of June. He's recently stopped napping so now he's jsut nursing at bedtime and when he wakes up in the morning (and recently has been waking at midnight again ) I was on Depo-Provera for 2 years, had my last shot in Aug. Saw AF in Dec and she just visited again this week. I'm getting my new OvaCue monitor today and will start charting with that asap. We'd like a spring babe, but I'm not super picky
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Hi all! So nice to see a brand spanking new thread. Cliff Note's version of me -- I'm 27 yo mama to my 17 mo son Jude. He nurses 7-10 times a day. My husband and I have been TTC since Feb. (I think. Is that right? Maybe March. My brain. My brain is gone) I have not seen my first PPAF, yet my chart looks rather promising. http://www.FertilityFriend.com/home/20edf I am really hoping to see either AF or a positive pregnancy test! I plan to test on Saturday AM unless I "become a woman" before then.

I've been having lots of cramping. Which is quite different for PP me. I'm tired, too. But what mother of a toddler isn't?

Why do premestral symptoms and pregnancy symptoms have to be so similiar? And, while I'm asking questions, why do the women posing for femine products always wear white? Rube, did you notice your ocacue woman looks like Brooke Shields in a 1990 all white photo shoot?
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Hi ladies! I am new to the group. I am a SAHM to my 2 1/2 yo bf-addicted dd and am trying for #2. This is cycle 8 for me and hope to be in the 2ww by tomorrow. FF says I already o'd, but it doesn't know that I have a cold, which I think raised my temps at an inoppotune time. It's one thing to bd for coneption purposes, another to add a stuffy nose and sneezing to the mix. Not the sexiest I've been!

I hope to get to know you all and support you on your road to a new baby!

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I, too am new to the group. I have a 15 mo son who breastfeeds about 3 times a day (I just recently nightweaned in prep for ttc, and to try for better sleep, but that's another story). I am currently 8dpo on my first donor sperm IUI pp. I have no symptoms, but then again, I didn't with my son, or with the miscarriage I had before that at 5 weeks. In fact I had a symptomless pregnancy, unless you count the on-and-off spotting I had for the first tri. So I have no idea what to expect from a new pregnancy. Ironically, I am looking for spotting in the next few days as I had that both times before I found out I was preg. Good luck to everyone!
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Oooh, good luck, mamas! Sounds like we have a few Post-O gals here. That's always exciting. Good luck! I hope we all find out exciting wonderful news in the next few weeks!

So, my chart is officially triphasic as of today! Yeah! I hope that means good things for us. In fact, I was so excited that I tested. And then...I wasn't excited anymore. It was a negative. I'm wondering if I bought too cheap of tests. Or the other fact, that I'm not really interested in hearing -- I not pregnant. That could be, too. But, in that case I hope AF shows up soon so I can rejoice for her arrival. I'm DPO15 right now. I know some people don't test positive until much later. I guess I'm just going to temp and wait till I hit DPO18 or AF shows up. This is my first PPAF experience. But, before conceiving Jude, my lutal phases where always between 11-14 days. Maybe my lutal phases have grown up.

Chrissy, how are you doing? It's been a whole day and I haven't seen you around! (Now, I sound like a TTC stalker)
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Hi Everyone! Welcome to the newbies too.

Claire, wow, you did go triphasic I think. I wouldn't put much stock in the neg test either right now. But very soon you will know! I've been having cramping too, but I took that as a bad sign.

I am 9 or 10 dpo right now. I say that because I am not sure if it was cd 19 or 20 that I O'd, but pretty sure it was one of those, or probably right in between the two.

I have some symptoms, but they are just as easily af symptoms, like Claire said. Cramping, achy boobs, a little hungry. My husband keeps coming home reeking of garlic and when I ask what he had for lunch he says something like, 'I guess there could have been garlic in the salad dressing". But I tell you, I feel like it it through the whole house. That last is the only symptom that is no af for more. But then again, maybe he's just eating a lot of garlic at lunch!

Coleslaw, hope your cold gets better soon.

Robin, your babe is nearly 3! What a big milestone for you guys.

Mama2PudgyBunns, good luck with catching the egg.

Fertile thoughts to all.
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Hooray for the new thread!

Hi mamas! My bio: Owen is 15.5 months, nurses during the day anywhere from 4-200 times, and has slowed down a bit at night, down from 10 to maybe 4 or 5.

No PPAF yet.

However, I've been a mental case for the past 3 days. Last night I had mild cramps that felt like pre-AF cramps. Nothing yet though. But I've been grouchy and crying and unhappy. Way more than usual.... So hopefully AF will show, or I'll be checking myself in somewhere!

I'm weirded out by symptoms, I think because I was on the pill for so long, it was always so predictable. I woke up with cramps, my period had just arrived, no more cramps. So I'm like, cramps at night? What does that mean?

Welcome newbies!!
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Hello all!!

I'm ttc'ing #2 and have been since November..sort of..we did get pg in November but miscarried so we're just starting back this month!

I'm nursing my 26 month old dd and, as some of you may have seen in my recent ddr thread, was told to wean her in order to get pg....whatever :

I'm currently cd13, waiting to o. I'll have my progesterone checked this month.

The bad news is that I have a yeast infection Not sure if this means that my body will wait to o until it's cleared up or if the nasty yeast will lessen our chances
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Hi nursing mamas!

A little about me: I'm Chrissy, nursing mama to Noah who is 17.5 months old. Still no ppaf though I've been feeling on the verge of ovulating since a little before Noah turned one. I've been charting for 2 months or so now. I've been taking Vitex for about a month or so.

Sparklin, thanks for thinking of me- I have been absent because I've been having a little wah wah for me pity party. Your chart, by the way, looks awesome!! As for pregnancy tests, Consumers Reports just did a study on them and apparently the First Response Early Detection ones are the best.

We have a bunch of mamas in the 2ww- WOW!!! to all of you- Oceanone, Claire, Ann, Musikat!

Milkfacemama, POO on your jerkhead doctor!

Bring on the BFP's and eggies nursing mamas!
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ooh, Claire, I'm all crossed up for you!! (we really need a fingers crossed smilie!!)

Oceanone, yeah, I can't believe he's almost 3!! And all the baby has just fallen right off of him in the past couple of months. There's a teeny bit of baby left when he's nursing to sleep, but that's about it! REALLY makes me want another tiny one now =) Oh, he tells me all the time how he would love to have a tiny baby in our house (and a dog, I'm not sure which he wants more, lol!)

OK, I am a moron. I just got the OvaCue yesterday and Dang it! I messed up the first day!! You're supposed to do the readings before you put anything in your mouth, which usually isn't a problem because it takes a while for my mouth to wake up and everything tastes gross until then, but this morning I went and drank a big old glass of vit C water as soon as I got up! (hubby had made it for himself, but I'm sick so I snaked it ) I am such a putz! I blamed Dh for leaving it there to tempt me and make me forget to do my reading, but I felt so lame! That is why this is a practice month, next month I hope to have all this sort of thing worked out

and sticky eggies to all!!
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Helloooo mamas! I finally got switched over to the new post when I figured out why I wasn't getting any updates via e-mail-duh!

OK, so here we are-month 5 of TTC #3. DS is 4 yrs and DD is 19 mos and still nursing about 4-5x per day. Trying to redirect for some of the daytime feedings but not too hard so far.

I'm cd 15 and I'm sure I'm Oing today or tomorrow. ECM is obvious and my temp did a dip this am so expecting it to climb Sun or Mon. Then on to the the 2ww wait- I hate that part!

So good luck to all the new mamas and the returning mamas!

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Hi, all! Ann, I'm glad you caught up to the new thread. Thank you all for the crossings. So, I broke down and tested again today. That's been three tests total. Chrissy, thanks for the info on First Response. They didn't have it at the grocery store where i shop. I bought a Clearblue Easy test. (As you can probably tell me my me not SHOUTING everything) It was negative. Yup, definately negative. The first two I tested with were really cheap ones. I thought I might have better luck with this one. I paid 15 bucks for it! I figured you get one positive result for every three tests you take! And, the more money you spend, the darker the positive line should be! :

All in all, I've got to say I liked it better when I didn't particulary want a child and I thought my period was late. I tested, it was positive. I was a bit shocked. Then, we got over it and had a baby. That seems way better right now. This TTC sucks at times! I mean, I love all the unprotected sex, but this testing is driving me nuts. If only I had the will power not to test. To just trust. But, I'm running short of trust right now. I'm DPO16. I know it's not unheard of to test negative this long and be pregnant, but come on! I'm ready for AF. Isn't she who I can expect now? 2% chance I might be pregnant? 1% chance? Please, AF show up so at least I can admire my primed body!

Someone here needs to get pregnant! I need some inspiration here! (Sorry, this wasn't so positive.) I'm just feeling impatient. I want to pee on the man who invented HPT. (That's me peeing on him)
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Well sh!t! Sorry for cussing, but daggit Claire this just sucks. What in the heck? I hear you, if you aren't pregnant then just bring AF on and let's get on with it. What a stressful wait. I wonder if anything in your fertility potion could give you a super LP. I'm pretty sure I've heard that Vitex can do that, but you aren't taking Vitex are you? Maybe the progesterone? I don't know. I've also heard that lots of people take longer to test positive with girls, so maybe that's it. I'm still keeping all parts crossed until you tell me to uncross them.

Ann, hooray for ewcm!
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Thank you so much, Chrissy! You know I was checking back like a mad woman to see if anyone responded! Thank you. Just nice to hear that someone else thinks it sucks, too. I appreciate it.

I'm not taking vitex. And, I was only using natural Progesterone before when I was trying to bring AF on. Since my temps went low 30 days ago, I haven't taken any. Maybe the B-6. But, that's just 50mg a day.

Ann -- sing this to the tune of "Let's hear it for the boys":
Let's hear it for the egg white. Let's give the egg white a cha-ance.
DH is my Romeo. He's my BDing one man show.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. WHOA!
Let's hear it for the egg white.

I went to FF and looked at some of the charts. Quite a few of the pregnancy charts looked like mine testing positive on day 19 and such. Of course many more of the non-pregnant charts looked like mine! I'm getting over this. Thank you for helping me through my moments of weakness.

BTW -- I did was my insert told me NOT to do. I looked at my test a couple hours after I took it. There is now a really faint positive line. That's a false positive, right? It's colored and everything. Got me excited, but I'm trying to be cool now.

Best wishes!
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Laurie here - 33 years old and ttc#2. This is our first official cycle ttc and I am on cd 7. I really thought I was pg last cycle but tested a total of 6 times

My DD is 19.5 months and nurses 6+ times a day...sometimes way more. I just started 50mg of B-6 and am hoping it will lenghten my 10 day LP so that implantation will be more likely to occur and I will hopefully be looking like before long!

G/L to everyone - especially those in the 2ww!!!
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