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Claire-you crack me up! I did sing the song too!
DH worked like a dog all day cutting down trees and says he's too tired for BD tonight-I said "ahh excuse me-think again dear!" We are FERTILE and there ain't no slacking for you!

Take care everyone!
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i am 14 months pp and still no AF... I thought about posting on this thread, but then changed my mind, b/c I haven't had AF yet.. but seeing that several of you are in the same situation.. I'll post.

I have been feeling like 'something' is going on down there, since around 11 months pp. But, still no AF and I am not charting or anything. I have 3 kiddos and I got preg with #3 while nursing #2 exclusively (got pg at 5 1/2 months pp!!).. going this long without a period is really strange to me, of course its normal but I just expected it to be back by now... b/c of what happened last time! Anyway, I'm glad to meet all of you ladies!


(edited to fix some stupid grammatical and spelling errors! if i missed some please forgive me!)
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Hey, we should all get together in the center of the Country and record some Mothering's Greatest Hits!
"Let's Hear it for the Egg White."
"Nursin' on the Dock of the Bay"
"The Egg Will Come Out Tomorrow" (from Little Orphan Amenorrhea)

Chie, I hear you on the multiple tests! I mean, really! It's crazy. I think I ought to invest in them. And, is 50mg really enough to make LP long? I wonder if I need to cut mine out. I'm like on DPO1000 right now. Well, DPO16 to be precise with no positives in sight. (except the two hour old test that turned positive-ish)

Ann -- way to go! You crack that whip, woman!

Alright, it's late. I have to get to bed, so I can get up and temp on time. Hoping for another high temp, kind of. Although, a nice low temp with cramping would be ok, too. At least I wouldn't be wondering anymore!
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Hi, Claire. Not sure about the 50 mg of B-6. My PNV have 10-20mg of B-6 (not sure for my exact vitamins but a pharmacist friend said there are 10-20 in most PNV). I asked a Registered Diatician about B-6 and the upper limit is 100mg/day, so I cut my 100mg tablets in half. I have been told that switching to a B-complex might be a better idea so I won't be taking one B vitamin in isolation and will probably do that after this cycle.
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Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA but I worked a lot extra last week (won't be working much next week, though and not much going on in TTCland. I think I'll o soon, in the next couple of days (opk is getting darker, but not quite positive yet) and I have an appt. with my Dr. tomorrow to talk about ttc. I don't know what I hope to accomplish w/ that, cause I'm pretty committed to having everything as natural as possible, but it'll help to just get a professional opinion. Also, I just found out that a friend of mine is pregnant, which is really exciting (and I'm surprisingly NOT jealous, mostly because now that I know I have an lp defect and am working on it, I feel back in control...can you tell I like to micromanage?? Poor DH!).

Here's my chart again...

Also, I just updated the first message of this thread w/ info about everyone, hope no one minds : I'd also love to post links to people's charts, what do you gals think??

And poor Claire, stuck w/o answers!!! I do think it's possible that you've supercharged your lp, I also think it's possible that you are preg. and the tests just aren't showing it...the tough part is the wait. Did I tell you gals yet about my first PP cycle which, thanks to fertility friend and a bad thermometer made me think I was 26dpo??? Of course, after 3 neg hpts, a neg urine and BLOOD test at my doctor's I realized my charting was off. But your chart looks great, Claire, so I don't know why there are no answers yet

Good luck to all in the 2WW, I hope you get good answers soon!
DD is up and ready to get moving, sorry I can't get more personal stuff written. Oh, and I really liked what we were doing at the end of the last thread, posting pictures...so please continue!!! I'll try to get one up soon...
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Originally posted by Sparklin
Hey, we should all get together in the center of the Country and record some Mothering's Greatest Hits!
"Let's Hear it for the Egg White."
"Nursin' on the Dock of the Bay"
"The Egg Will Come Out Tomorrow" (from Little Orphan Amenorrhea)

I will now have "Let's hear it for the egg white" stuck in my head all day, thank you very much. But everytime I think of it I'll send +++ thoughts to you guys!!!!


edited because the positive test stick smiley doesn't work??!!??!!:
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I accidentally posted a new thread instead of replying. guess my mind is elsewhere -- like still on the positive test result I got this am at 11dpiui!!!! see "i'm in shock" good luck all
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yay for musikat!!

I'm now in the 2ww. I'm 2dpo BUT I had a nasty yeast infection during ovulation so I'm not too hopeful. We bd'd 2 days before ovulation which isn't bad but once I got the yeast infection, that was the end of it, I just couldn't!

I will be getting my progesterone level checked and have an endometrial biopsy (sp?) to check my suspected luteal phase defect. What's the dose of B6 that those of you who've used it for LPD have been on? Maybe I'll give that a try!
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Thanks Jennifer for the status report looks good

Congrats musikat, that's awesome.. a grad I sent you an email re your IUI cycle.

Anyway not much here I'm just waiting to start meds on Tuesday. I'll post more later, I'm swamped right now..toodles
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I did not get an e-mail. Try again. It's kmusikjh@aol.com.
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sent you another email hope this one gets through
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Musikat, HUGE congratulations to you and your family. That is just perfect news this Sunday morning. 11 DPO hmmm? My wheels are turning. I am 11 DPO today (at least ) and there are 3 tests in my closet. Aaarggh, arrrgh, no I musn't test. I get way more upset at the neg tests than at the AF. It's like, "I'm not pregnant and I have to pay for you to tell me that!".

JC cat, you chart looks good so far.

Jster Jennifer, I love how you wrote everyone in at the top. This is getting to be big group and I have trouble keeping track. Thanks so much!

Claire, you are hilarious with your songs! How is the view from "DPO 1000". You have to get your answer soon. It's just not right. Try to hang in there.

Ann, hope you do catch that egg and don't succumb to hubbies exhaustion. We wait all month for this to come along, gotta take advantage of it.

It is great to see so many nursing mamas here. Some people think I'm nuts to still be nursing ds, let alone trying to have a little one at the same time. It means a lot to me to know that it's pretty pedestrian really.

I don't think I can wait till next Saturday. I'm going to have to cave and test. But oh, that lonely little empty window, I don't know if I can bear it......
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Hello! I'm finally back! We've got the borrowed iMac up and running and have smoothed out most of the glitches.

I'm Tracy and I'm 32 and ttc #2. Ds, Aidan, is 2y and 2.5w old. He has a very irregular nursing pattern. Some days we nurse almost not at all, some days all the time, but most days about 3-5x during the day. We are semi-nightweaned, unless he is teething or sick or we're attending a funeral out of town for a few days or if he's burned his little fingers on a hot pot lid or if we're camping or if he has a nightmare about a carpenter bee drilling into his ear or if...

I got my first ppaf 6 wks ago. I thought I might have o'd at cd16, but tested neg. 2 weeks ago. Then thought I might be o'ing last week ending on Sat. But...I got af this afternoon: So I am thinking that I maybe had a short LP this first erratic cycle??? What do you guys think? I don't have anything to go by except what you guys experience, cause, let's face it, aint a whole lota info out there for those of us in this situation.

Well, at least a 6w cycle is better than my friend who went 2 m between af's for the first 3 cycles.

BTW, here is a link to some pics we had made in March. I am not sure if it will work. I just went there and I am not getting the pictures to come up, so I don't know if its the computer or the website, though I suspect the computer.


Glad to be back, girls!

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Tracy, those pictures are gorgeous! I love love love the nursing ones and the one with him asleep. He is gorgeous, you are gorgeous, and your dh is pretty darn cute too!

Oceanone, 11dpo- woo hoo!

Claire, love the songs. Hope you are hanging in there is "who the heck knows what's going on with my body" land.

Musikat, HOORAY for you!!! Yahooooooooooooo!

Must go attempt dinner,
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I forgot, Jster, thanks for doing that intro post with everybody's info. That is really really helpful. If my chart ever gets interesting I'll post a link to it again.

Night night. Eggwhite, egg, fertilization, bfp, and ultimately a little baby dreams to all....
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Musikat -- Congrats! Wow, on the first IUI try! That's wonderful. Have fun over on the "I'm Pregnant" boards. And, check in with us every now and then. I'm so happy for you. You must have been shocked at 11DPO! Wow.

Jster -- I'll second, third and fourth the thanks for posting who we all are on the first page. You can post my link to my chart if you feel the urge -- http://www.FertilityFriend.com/home/20edf It's a good looking chart, except for all the BFN! Tomorrow will be DPO18 for me. I'm wondering if I'll have a high temp. According to TCOYF that means a definite pregnancy. I don't think I'm going to trust that though. I'll wait for my BFP...if that's what I have in store. If I have high temps through DPO19, I'm going to test again. Otherwise, I'll just wait and see. I am armed only with only one more test. I don't want to waste it.

Tracy, I couldn't get the pics to work either. I'm so glad you're back though. It'll be fun having you around again! B-6 seems to be the most popular LP lengthener around these boards. 50mg-100mg a day.

Milkfacemama-- did you catch that too -- 50-100mg a day of B-6 for LP lengthening. Sorry about the yeast. That's just not fun. Best to clear it all up before any pregnancy. I hope your 2 days before was successful!

Chrissy, I promise, your chart will get interesting! It will. I know it! May your temps go low, may your ovaries release a wonderful egg, may your cervical fluid be eggy and your partner be willing!

Oceanone -- I hear you on the not being able to wait. My triphasic temps and three negatives have me feeling jilted. I hope you have much better results than I did... and not such a long wait to find out the results!

Alright, I'm off to bed, too. I have a busy day tomorrow, but I'll post my temp on my chart. I wonder if it'll be high again. I hope it's only high if I'm actuall pregnant. I hope I don't get too excited if it's high and I'm not really pregnant. How odd. I need Toni Weschler to personally guide me! Toni, show me the way!
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I'm Heather and we are ttc #3. My 13 month old still nurses about 5 times a day. My cycles are pretty screwed up right now. My first ppaf was in January. My second one was April 2nd. I'm still waiting for #3. I was so sure I O'd, but so far I guess I was wrong. I took a test yesterday and it was neg. Oh well I guess it's not the month for us.

Good Luck to everyone this month!
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Musikat, Congratulations!!!
Be sure to come back and spread around some
(OK, can you tell I like all the fun smilies?)

Welcome Heather and Tracy!! I hope you both get your cycles straightened out soon! You both have beautiful families!

Claire, I've already got your chart up, I'll refresh it until I see the temp for today...positive, peacefully waiting thoughts are coming your way!

Oceonone, 11dpo is wonderful, and it is hard to wait...but best if you can do so! But keep us updated!

Ann, hehe on getting that man into shape! My DH is really loving the whole TTC thing cause I make such an effort to make time for BD...

BTW, to all, a woman on another list I'm on just got a pos. hpt at 12dpo, but she got pos. opks a couple of days earlier. For all you manic early testers, I would suggest http://www.saveontests.com
They have really cheap opks and hpts, and I've found the opks really great! So far, haven't even had a chance to use the hpts until my lp lengthens, but hopefully soon!

Once again, good luck all!
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Wierd??: I thought for sure my temp would climb today since I've had ecm for a few days and I thought yesterday was last day of it (cd16) and I was crampy too. I thought O was imminent (sp?)
But my temp has been 96.89 for 3 days in a row. That is so strange to me-I never have EXACTLY the same temp so many times. Has this happended to anyone else?
So I guess one more day of BD and we'll be sure our bases are covered I Od on day 17 last month so I guess we must be consistant.

Good luck everyone, crossing my fingers for you Claire!

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Congrats Musikat!!

For those of you who like to take lots of tests , check out http://www.babywishes.homestead.com/index.html . It's a non-profit site that has very very good prices on ovulation and pregnancy tests and free shipping. The package deals are great--100 tests for $30 (stick tests--very easy to use and much cheaper), and they're much more sensitive than the ones you can buy at the store. I used these the last time we were TTCing and got my +++. Hopefully my ppaf will show up so I can start testing! :LOL
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