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Ann, I'm so sorry and I've been thinking about you. I know you are taking good care of yourself.

See, I told you ladies I'd keep coming back to say hi.

Laurie, CONGRATS!!!!

Good luck to all!

I'm off to eat...again!
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Chrissy!!! How freaking awsome! I am sooo happy for you. And you had a 14+ day luteal phase! I'm actually jealous. Well, okay, not really. Doesn't it feel great to know you can actually start trying for real?

You know, my first ppaf had a yeast infection prelude as well. My first since before I was pg. Crazy, huh?

Claire, I so can't stand doctors who can't see the evidence, or lack thereof, right in front of their faces. I especially wonder about women docs who are so hostile. Does she have kids? Is she threatened that you've done right by your boy? Anyway, you got good news in spite of her!

Robin, I wonder if that system is just not programmed to expect multiple attempts that bf'ing bodies sometimes make in one cycle to work up enough hormones to jump through the O hoop. For as fancy as it sounds you'd think it'd have some answers for you. Though, I guess I should be fair...no one else seems to have all the answers for our little outlaw group!

Well, I'm 5dpo and holding strong. I've been trying to prepare myself for a short luteal phase again, while hoping for a longer one (last cycle's was 8 days). Maybe it'll keep my "maybe I'm pg!" obsessions down to a minimum if I remember that even if I am, I could easily not make it the requisite 10+ days.

Gotta go...baby stirring!

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Yeah, Tracy, IKWYM. It does have info about long cycles and the fact that there are usually a couple of cue peaks as the body tries to O, but no info about the vaginal low that is supposed to verify O. Before I bought it, I'd emailed their CS for some info about long cycles and nursing and got a great reply from the CEO that his wife was in similar circumstances and that she uses is, so I might contact him agian for more particulars about it. If I;m not preggers, that is! There also isn't any info about a possible implantation dip, like you can get with temps, so it's possible that's what this weekend's reading were about. That would be kinda cool, to not only see when you O but when implantation occurs. Most of the symptoms did start around when that reading got low again on saturday, about 6 days after the first O reading, so it could be that.

OK, I'm getting myself excited about mystery symptoms and possible dates, so I'd better get back to work :

Long luteal phase dust to you Tracy!!

Night all!
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Chrissy -- My thoery, You o'd on CD14, not FF's CD10. Ok, So I looked at your chart again and buffed up on "Implantation Signs." My theory of you Oing on CD14 could be accurate. That would mean you had spotting on day DPO10. FF says that implantation signs would happen 7-12 days past O. It would make a lot more sense. Either way, YEAH! You O'd! But, my way you can go insane a bit more taking pregnancy tests. YEAH! Insane! That's what the neurotic monkey on my shoulder says anyway.

Ok, Tracy, you nailed my Doc just right. She has one son who is 2 weeks older than Jude. Her son was weaned after 3 months?!?!?! He went to day care at 6 weeks for 12 hours days 4 days a week. Also, she says that she can't control her son & DOES NOT want to get pregnant herself.

So why do I go to her? She's fine for ski accidents, Pap Smears, strange projectile snot. And, I was glad to have my hormone levels tested. Truly, I don't give an ounce of Neurotic monkey crap about what she says about TTC. That's what my midwife is for.

Tracy, best wishes waiting it out.
Rube, what mystery symptoms are you having now?
Vanessa, thanks for checking in! I'm so glad to see you with your new sig file!
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Hi all!! Every time I visit this group and see a bunch of new messages, it's like walking into a coffee shop and finding all my favorite people there! So nice to have met you all and to be experiencing this strange journey with you!

Chrissy, Glad that you've got some signs!!! It's always nice when our body lets us know what's going on...I can't imagine sometimes how confusing life must be for creatures that live more in the moment...like animals and toddlers ...although maybe they live without that crazy monkey on their shoulder (thanks for the image, Claire!)

Oceanone, enjoy that break!! Glad that your still here to support all us crazy ttc-aholics who can't seem to manage vacations very often!

Claire, Yea!! that all your hormones are in line!! Your body seems to know what it's doing, at least, even if it doesn't make much sense to the rest of us, hehe! And I think it sounds like you've got a good plan of waiting and potentially night-weaning, don't know if you saw my posts but night-weaning went so well for us at 22 months, and I know it's because Peri can understand and remember so much! But here's hoping you test on a whim someday and find yourself 2 months pregnant

Robin, sorry that the machine seems to be confused. It probably doesn't know what to heck to think either...does that make you feel any better?!?! But at least the customer service might be helpful...and any company with a pro-family pro-extended breastfeeding corporate head is a company I support

Tracy, wow, how exciting!! I'm hoping you get a nice long lp too...like 9 months... Even if nothing else has changed, you are still one month further pp, and that seems to make a big difference, so good luck to you!

Vanessa, thanks for stopping by with your Can you spare some, o pregnant lady??

AS for me...I o'd two days early!! I think I o'd this morning, I got a positive opk yesterday and a totally negative one today...so our bd-fest may continue, but it'll be just for fun at this point I'm really getting hopeful again, but I kinda always am at this point...until spot shows up or my temps dip, that is...so wish me luck, friends!! Oh, here's my chart in case anyone wants to see...
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I so agree with Jster about our "coffee shop!" Thank goodness for this unique way of meeting new friends!

Well, I've cried a few more tears and hugged my babies a lot! I'm really not sure when we're going to TTC again- I can't believe it didn't happen (stick) in 5+ mos time. I really should wait at least a month before TTC again to give my body a chance to get back in sync-such as it was! I'm 34 and not getting any younger but we really wanted a fall/winter baby (like previous 2) and I think we may just wait until around Christmas to "officially" try again. We won't use BC now but I won't chart, etc either. We'll just see what happens.

One of my big reasons for wanting a baby now was so there wasn't such a big age gap between my oldest (4.5 yrs now) and the new one. But maybe a new one, 3 yrs and 6 yrs won't be so bad-at least my oldest will be in school then and there's definitely something to be said about that! And then my now 20 mos old will be a bit older and able to understand more and probably weaned by then.

I'm a firm believer in fate and the "right" baby finding us when it's time so we'll just take it as it comes.

I'll check in periodically... Good luck to all! Thanks for your support!

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Yes, I'll have a carmel macciato, decaf, skim milk, on ice, add EWCM, too. Thanks. Ahh, I love this coffee shop, too. Jster you nailed that one on the head.

I can't believe a whole month has gone by since starting this new thread. And, Sunday we'll be starting another new one. And, I haven't tested at all this month. And, I'm not going to etiher. So, I think my plan for June is that I won't really chart unless I see AF. I think the combination of charting and getting my hopes up that I Od is just too much for me. Because twice now, I've had 18 days of high temps. And, once a full fledge everyone saw it temp shift with that 18 days high temps. I figure, we BD quite a bit, we're sure to find ourselves close to the Peak Day whether I'm temping or not.

Ann, thank you for checking in. You are so much in my thoughts these days. You sound secure in your decision of taking time off from actively ttc. You've got to do what works best for your family. 4, 1, new baby would be a lot to take care of. Maybe 6, 3, and new baby would work best for your family dynamics. Please, don't worry about your age. You're a healthy woman. You shouldn't feel pressure by your age. I type this as my friend's daughter is over. My friend was 44 when she gave birth to her.

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Duplicate post.
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I guess PPAF will show up now!

I had a box of light day pads left over from PP bleeding. I found ds this morning had carefully put each one in the toilet, and was retreiving each one and putting them back in the box. Then he put the box back in the cupboard.

Sneaky devil! Now that I don't have any "back up" so to speak, maybe AF will spring herself on me!

-- I accidentally went into the May 2WW thread instead of here, I was so confused!!!
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Hi Everyone,

A small latte for me with lots of caffeine, because as you know, BREAK for me this month.

I went to the docs this morning and she is very nice but it is as I feared, advice about weaning etc, after the early miscarriage, blah blah. She looked kind of surprised I was still nursing but didn't say anything negative about it. Just that some women are very sensitive to any nursing at all and it could take longer, be more stressful etc. Nothing I didn't know I guess. I did get some blood drawn for a work-up though. I am still feeling nauseous off and on after last month.

Ann, thanks so much for checking in with us. I have been thinking about you too. I thought all your ideas about child-spacing for your family made perfect sense. I wish you all the best, and yes, please do check in now and then.

Owensmom, :LOL , absolutely PPAF has to show now!

I have been charting on FF. To my surprise it's actually quite helpful despite my nutso sleep routine.

Here is a link. Hope it works this time

Oceanone's chart

I am pretty sure it is giving me an O a day early. I think I o'd on the Wednesday night. All the other signs point to it, I had ovulation pain that night and my temp jumped the next morning 3 points higher than all month. The jump they are using is only on a par with the highest temp of the month (that I took). Of course my temps are a little wacky because of different waking times etc. However, that scenario makes the most sense to me.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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New to charting

Can someone tell me the difference between a basal thermometer and regular one? Can I chart with a regular digital thermometer? TIA.

BTW I posted a lil while ago....I was really late....well at 20 days late I started so as suggested I'm going to start charting! Wish me luck...
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Sky--A basal thermometer has better accuracy for detecting smaller changes in temperature. When you're charting, small changes (98.0 to 98.2 for example) make a difference. Also, it's important to take your temp with the same thermometer each time too. Good luck!!

Oceanone--I hope the blood tests go well. It seems like doctors might not see too many nursing mamas TTC, which unfortunately doesn't help when we're trying to seek advice. Let us know how it goes!

Ann--Good luck, and please do check in!
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I've taken up yoga again after a long hiatus and decided to go ahead and try to get in better shape for the summer and just for myself. I kept telling myself I didn't need to lose my tummy if I was going to get preg again but now I realize that regardless if I get preg or not I need to feel better about myself!
Even after stretching today for the first time in a long time I felt such release-it was nice for a change with all this stress-other than just the m/c.
Isn't it funny how it always takes some type of climax to a situation (usually bad) to refocus and take care of yourself better?:
So hopefully taking my own advice will turn some things around and we'll have some good news later this summer or fall.
Have a great weekend everyone!
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Well, girls, I'm out of the so-called "2ww". The bad news is that I still an 8 day LP, the good news is my cycle was only 27 days, not 6 weeks like the last one! So maybe I'll O yet earlier again this month. At least that part is getting closer to normal. Though that's cold comfort, as "when" I O doesn't actually affect pgy, whereas a short LP does. <sigh>

Plus, I'm not feeling well (whine, whine, whine). I got up this morning and was so dizzy I fell getting off the bed and bruised my knee. I went to answer the ringing phone and moments later felt like I was going to vomit. I didn't, but I did break out in a cold sweat all over my body. ell, that part passed quickly enough, but I am still feeling quite woozy/dizzy. And all this on top of cramps worse than the last two months. Boo hoo, poor me. Well I guess I'll live.

Here's a ray of sunshine. All our plans that would have added up to a very busy day today fell through. Guess what's on the agenda now? Dh is going to go to the video store and then to the grocery store. He's going to get some nice crusty bread so we can make sandwiches out of leftover pork loin (yummmm!!) and sour cream so that if I feel better later (and maybe even if I don't!) I can make a Chocalate Sour Cream Pound Cake. <swoon>

Okay, I guess things aren't that bad!

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.

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Ann, it's good to hear that you are taking care of yourself. I too just decided that I need to take care of myself and did some yoga a couple of days ago. I still feel great from it. I can feel some healing happening.

Tracy, Sorry AF caught you. Old Hag!!! And to be sick on top of it. Well, that's just wrong!!!! Hope you are back on your feet soon!

Me, well I just found out that my suspected bacterial infection is actually GroupB strep. The only big problem it causes is when I give birth (someday, cross fingers), I need to be treated with antibiotics because the baby could contract the virus and get pneumonia or some sort of infection. I should take antibiotics anyway fot another condition of mine. I had it with dd and it did interfere with nursing (automatic thrush). But it has to be done. Anyone know anything about it related to me? I can't find much.

My midwife looked at my charts and thinks I may not be o-ing or o-ing later than FF says which means my LP is even shorter than I thought. It's going to be a long haul!

Sorry to be a bummer. I think it's the weather. We are getting a Nor'Easter today/tomorrow. Batten down the hatches!!!
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Hi Everyone!! Just wanted to send out a note inviting you all to the new thread for June! Please come by and post your current info...name, children's names/ages, where you are in ttc and your chart, if you have one and want it linked on the first message. Happy Summer Months!

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