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Ok, I am officially feeling a little silly today. I caved and took one of my three tests.
of course. How dumb is that, know I feel bummed, but still don't know for sure. On the other hand, how great would a positive have been?

The precipitator was that my Dad was wanting to know about dates to book his flight at Christmas and he was planning to leave just a few days of the baby being due, if I was pregnant. So, what with some symptoms, lots of high hopes, Dad, and just wanting to, I tested.

DH found it silly that I was upset. I do too, but can't he just see, gosh darn it that it's not always logical. He said these things take time and you can't just put in an order for a baby and expect one and other very sensible things.

Anyway, so I am only DPO 12 and not out of the game yet, but I feel very pessimistic about my chances now, whereas before I loved the idea that I might be pregnant.

I know, I know, I shouldn't take the tests early. I always feel this way afterwards.

Anyway, enough about me.

Ann, sounds like you are having excellent timing this month Good luck.

Tracy, I couldn't get your photos to work!

Claire, Kudos to you on your patience (not that you have a choice, but you are handling it so well).

I should say my toddler is cheering me up no end. His new trick this morning is to look upside down between his legs and then laugh and laugh. He falls over he laughs so hard. He cracks himelf up!

Thanks for the support everyone and and fertile thoughts to all the nursing mamas.
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Claire - I'm dying to know what's up with your temps - I see that you've now got 18 high ones in a row!! Are you waiting to test until tomorrow? You're so patient and good

Oceanone - sorry to hear about your BFN. The delicious part of the 2ww is thinking that you could be pg...
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Oceanone, I'm sending you lots of +++ vibes.
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Ok, this is my third attempt at posting. If it doesn't work I'm giving up.

I am back from vacation and ready to try and keep up with posts. For those who don't remember me:
I'm 27 and DS is 28 months old. My first PPAF was two weeks after he turned 2. This is my 4th cycle and I'm on cd18. I'm expecting O around cd20. Any day now I hope! It took 10 months to conceive DS. I don't want to have to wait that long again.

Baby vibes to all in the 2ww, the hardest wait in the world.
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((Oceanone)) I'm sorry it was neg! Why does testing early never teach us NOT to test early?? : May an eggie be quietly burrowing right now

Sparklin! You have the BEST willpower of anyone! How can you stand it?!?! I'm still all crossed up for you, you'd better test soon, I'm cramping, lol!

Hi Vanessa, welcome back from vacation! The boards were weird earlier, I couldn't get on for anything. May your stay here be short and very sweet!

OK, gotta go to bed! Happy baby dreams everyone
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Hi, everyone. Well, I tested this morning. It was negative. I just don't know what's going on! Please read the new thread I posted about my chart. Yikes! It's just so strange.

Oceanone -- I hear you! There is still much time and someone has to get pregnant! I vote for you! Check out Fertility Friend preganancy charts, there are many that tested and tested only to get a positive on DPO15,16,17,18...

NWmama-- Thanks for the test info. Looks good.

Thank you all for your support. It's been such an odd chart.
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I'm so sorry about the trouble with your chart and all the confusion of being pp w/o AF or any way of knowing what's really going on with your body!! I'm pouting right now, out of sympathy and support for this frustrating situation!!

I was looking at your chart this morning...and I was noticing how your temperatures in the earlier chart were about the same "highs" that this "post-o" chart has...Though it's not exactly what any of us want to think about, perhaps those intervening low temperatures didn't really indicate a pre-o time period? In other words, maybe you haven't ovulated yet...If this is the case, I've got an idea for you. I'm thinking that, since there is still all this confusion and all these hpts are expensive, maybe you could try this...get a cheap bulk pack of opks (100 for $35, someone posted earlier) and take one every day or every other day until you start to see your lh surge...and then stop temping and sleep in until you do It's a really hard thing to think about doing, especially because you've gotton so good at it and our bodies are supposed to be able to tell us what's going on...but the thing that we hate to admit is that BBT charting is meant to be a retroactive indicator...that is we can look at it after a full cycle and see what happened, but we can't always use it to tell us what will happen or even figure out what the heck is going on while it happens. Trust me, I'm a big nfp advocated and bought TCOYF many months before PPAF, and even talked a friend and my sister into using it...but I found that this whole PP land is so much different than the normal ttc or tta experience that it doesn't always fit. Please take this all with a grain of salt, and I don't mean to be pessimistic at all...I'm just trying to come up with an explanation/plan for you... Monstrous hugs for you, dear, and some cyber chocolate as well....How's DH been handling things, BTW? Are you getting enough support? Remember that we're all here for you!

Sigh...I don't really have much to report here...I had my Dr. appt yesterday, and when I handed her my charts she counted backwards from the end 14 days and said..."This is when you ovulated." HUH??? So I tried to gently it into her head that no, all my indicators say I ovulated much later. She said she doesn't really know much about lpd but she feels it can only be diagnosed with two negative endometrial biopsies (a day or two before AF, they sample the lining of the uterus to see if it's thick enough...) She said basically come back in 6 more months, feel free to try b6/vit C, anything like that, but that prog. suppositories probably aren't useful. She also didn't think I should test my prog. or prolactin...and upon reflection I agree. It's not like I'd decrease :bf and prog. levels vary throughout the day so it's not a real easy thing to test. She did say that since I'm clearly ovulating that's a good thing, and I agree I feel like the whole visit was useful, though, to expose her a little more to fertility awareness and bf'ing fertility...She was ready to discount my late opk as a false positive, but I explained to her how they work, with a surge coming over a few days, etc, and I think that info will help her trust them more in the future.

One piece of good news, I think I o'd a day or two early, I'm thinking it was late Saturday (cd18) but FF will probably say it was Sunday. So maybe I'll get a long enough LP to get my eggie, after all!

Oceonone, I am sorry to hear about your negative as well...it's not a fun thing to go from hopeful to limbo-land...but remember that you were taking the test early, perhaps even earlier than the manufacturer would suggest...so don't lose hope I've read somewhere that the nice way to deal with the 2ww is to consider yourself pregnant until proven otherwise, and while it can lead to a lot of false hopes at least it helps you wait it out in good spirits. And, a whole lotta people end that 2ww with a much longer wait till their healthy baby is born, sooo....

Vanessa, welcome! I got you entered in the board, let us know when you o and we'll move ya on over! If you have a chart, please post it as well!

Ann, you could have a slow rise, perhaps...don't give up even though you didn't get a coverline yet!! If all other indicators say you o'd it might just take a couple of extra days to get your temperature up! Good luck!

Good luck to everyone in the 2ww! I'll consider myself with you after tomorrow, when FF will give me my coverline...
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Hey Claire, so sorry that things aren't working out! Hang in there! I know it doesn't help now.... but I guess that little baby just isn't ready yet....Take care!!

Jennifer, I think you're right about the slow rise. I did climb today but only by .3 degrees. But that means I O'ed on day 17 again so at least there's something I can kind of count on (provided my temps keep climbing). My LP was only 7 days last cycle so I got the progesterone supp that I'm supposed to start 3 days after O-anyone else done this?
I have a dr appt today to review my chart and see if she can pinpoint anything else-I doubt it. I was going to ask her about B-6 too.

So now we're in the 2 ww-hate this part! BUT I only have 1 preg test left so I MUST have willpower and wait until I'm late.

Take care!
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Guys, I just wrote a huge long answer to everybody and whoosh, it disappeared into cyberspace. So, here's an abbreviated version.

Claire, I'm sorry about your neggie this morning. I don't know what's going on either, although I thought Jennifer's insights and suggestions were great. So, big to you and I hope you find out soon.

Ann, welcome to the 2ww. I've never used the prog. supplement, but if it indeed is the problem for you then this cycle is a very hopeful one. I have my fingers crossed for you.

Jennifer, it sounds like your doc is really open to all you info on charting, opk's etc. What would be even better is a doc who had taken that as a given and worked from there. However, it sounds like you did get what you needed from the visit. I too thought my luteal phase might be a little short. Last month it was only 10 days. Now, here I am on DPO 13. Hurrah on O'ing early and wishing your eggie a successful journey.

Rube & NW mama, thanks for the vibes. I hope I can use them!

Welcome back Vanessa!

I am still considering myself possibly pregnant. I really expected AF today because yesterday afternoon I got some sticky cm with some blood in it, some darker and some bright red. But it's gone now and still no AF. So, no carousing or sushi for me just yet.....
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duplicate post
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Ann R, I used progesterone supplements with my last pregnancy. The reason was the cycle they tested me (after a MC) was "borderline" so I took it just in case. I don't know whether I actually needed it, but it was a successful pregnancy. Now with this one I had them test me last cycle and my progesterone was fine, so I'm trying witout. One minor word of caution: if you DO get pregnant (and I hope you do soon), you MAY have spotting/bleeding episodes throughout the first trimester. I did, and everytime I panicked and thought "this is it." I later found out that the progesterone can cause that. Once I stopped it I never bled again. So just be aware and don't necessarily panic if you do see that. Good luck!
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Oceanone, I'm excited for you. I hope AF stays away and BFP are coming soon!

Musikat -- Thanks for visiting. It's always nice to hear from a graduate!

Thank you all for your support. I really appreciate it.

Jen, thanks for your suggestions. I'm not sure what my course of action should be. But, I don't think I actually Oed.

I am thinking that I'll make an appt with my Dr. Fertility Friend said that I should. And, I don't think I'm going to temp until I get PPAF. I think we'll just play it cool until then. I don't know if I want to keep visiting TTC boards though. But, I like you all so much. You're such a great group of women. I just don't think I have much of a shot of conceiving right now. I don't want to harbor on it. Although as someone else pointed out, I'm having enough BD to hit any O anyway.

I'm sad that I didn't O at all. I feel disapointed. But, I also feel faithful. I know that we will have another child only when it is for the highest good. Now just isn't the time for me.
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Oh, Claire... I am so sorry you are going through this confusing time. I understand your need to give it all a break for a while too. I think this past cycle, whether it was a real O or not has precipitated the next step for you. What I mean is, I was thinking about you while making dinner and I was about to come back and say, why not, go ahead and see a doctor about it. Get some medical help if need be. Even just to find out where you are at. Whereas before you seemed happy to wait for your PPAF.

Just stopping the temping will take some of the pressure off I think, and it seems to have confused matters right now. I totally understand you not coming around the ttc boards anymore.

We will miss you heaps of course. All my good wishes go with you and I hope your continuing journey brings you a lot of joy.
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UGH!!! I am so frustrated! Last night I felt the twinges and was hoping it was implantation. My temps dipped this morning, but I really think it's AF comin' a callin'. That old hag!

Now I am wondering if FF was right that I o'd 3 dys before because it would be inline with what my LP was last cycle. Could I have very stretchy ewcm and wcm after I o'd?

If I o'd when I think I did, could my LP have decreased by 3 days?

My only other theory, and this just occured to me last night, that I was pg last cycle and I mc. I only think that because of that spike, which I discarded because I dealt with dd more than usual before I temped, and that I never had AF symptoms and that AF was different last month than it usually is.

I only harp on it to figure out how long my LP is. I guess it doesn't really matter because regardless, it's too short.

I am also a math major, so I crave answers to EVERYTHING - a real problem as you can see.

Maybe I need to join you, Sparklin in taking some time off from this. I can understand why you need to. You will be missed, but hopefully you will return soon after talking to the doc. Best of luck!

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I'm Theresa, mama to AJ (almost 4) and nursling Ethan (26 months) and this is our first month ttc a noew hatchling. AF reared her had ages ago, so I know exactly what's going on with my cycle. I'm waiting to O, AF was on the 28th, so SOON we'll be BDing

I'm kinda nervous, this is our first *planned* ttc, the others wee happy *accidents*
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Ah crap, it wiped out my previous message, lets see...

Welcome to Knittin in the Shade!

Sparklin I'm so sorry, how confusing. Your situation has me worried, I've started temping before getting PPAF just so I don't test every time I feel nauseous. Well, whatever you decide to do, we support you.

Oceanone, fingers crossed for you!!!

and I'm just here in the land of wonderin'.... wonderin' why I was a raving b!tch for 3 days last week, wonderin' what that pain on my right side was on sunday, wonderin' why I always feel nauseous, wonderin' when PPAF will show.... All this wonderin' is making me hungry!
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Coleslaw - I'm thinking you o'ed on Wednesday, not Thursday. That would make more sense with your temps and your cm
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hi all! can I join? I'm 26 and still nursing my almost 17 mo old ds. He nurses anywhere between 2 and 4 times a day but I've seen af every month since last november. We are just starting to TTC and I'm a little nervous 'cause I don't want it to take 7 mo or more like it did with ds. anyway, hopefully we got lucky this month. I won't be testing until may 20-25th. good luck to all!
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Can I join, too? I have one dd who is almost 19 months, still nursing quite a bit (anywhere from 5-10 times a day, including night-time). This is our first month TTC. I haven't started keeping track of my cycles yet. I had my first PPAF last October, but they're pretty irregular. I'm planning to start charting when/if AF finds me again.
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I'm out

and boy am I mad!!!

Now my LP is going down (8 days vs. 10 for last cycle). I wanted to avoid taking B-6, but now I think I should. I hate taking pills, but I hate getting all of these disappointments more.

But on a good note, my cycle wasn't nearly as long as it once was (29 days - I was on a 35-36 day cycle for awhile).

Good luck to all the testers! I am hoping to take a break from these TTC boards while AF is in town, but I will check in to see all those BFP!!! Happy Mother's Day to all!

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