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Think you might be having twins? (spinoff)

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Looks like there are several of us on the UC board who think they *might* be having twins. ME TOO!!! So I wanna hear all about why you think so, how far along you are, what this preg is like for you so far, stories on getting over UC fears related to twins, dreams, visions, appetites, the whole shebang. Lets chat.

I'll start because I have so many things to say and no one to say them to.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like it's MORE important to UC with twins. Seems like even the "crunchiest" docs wanna micromanage multiple births. All the horror stories I hear are about the doc reaching his whole arm up inside to pull out the 2nd baby, or, oh I can't even go on. I think twin mama's are treated pretty horrifically by a lot of care providers, and I would be happy to go through the torture, if I saw some substantial benefit for the babies, but I don't.

I hate feeling like I can't mention the possibility of twins because I haven't had an ultrasound to prove it. I have told several people though, and they tend to be as excited as I am, or even more so. Now I've got a handful of people telling others that I am having twins, as if it is proven fact, and another handful rolling their eyes and making disgusted sounds every time I slip and say "babies" instead of "baby" : I feel like I'm going to be the butt of a lot of jokes though, if my suspicions turn out to be wrong.: Oh well, I'm used to being the weird one.

I am measuring about 7cm ahead, and I can't gain weight no matter how much I eat.

My daily intake looks something like this:

Breakfast - 3 eggs, 4 strips turkey bacon, buckwheat pancakes, fruit/yogurt smoothie with a green nutritional powder, and if I'm still hungry, a bowl of grits.

Snack - 2 bananas w/pb

Lunch - 2 home cooked roast beef sandwiches, big salad with kale and spinach, 1-4 bowls of soup

Snack - granola, fruit and yogurt; or brazil nuts with dried fruit.

Snack 2 - Pbj or more roast beef, and some cut veggies with dip.

Dinner - whatever I would normally eat, but 2 or 3 times the amount.

Snack - whatever is left in the fridge at the end of the day :

I can't figure out where it's going. I've only gained 25 -30 pounds. (I gained almost 60 pounds with ds, and I ate nowhere near this much food.) We're spending a small fortune on groceries, and I'm so glad I'm not seeing a provider, 'cause if I had confirmed twins, I would be reemed out everytime I went to see them for not gaining properly. By the way, I'm 36 weeks, and I have only sporadic BH contrax, so I'm clearly eating enough to keep my baby/babies in.

Ive been having twin dreams since before I conceived. I am not as uncomfortable as I expected to be. It is hard to sleep, but I'm surpised at how well I'm hanging in here.

Maybe I'm just growing one enormous baby or something, but I personally doubt it.

Ok, who's next? I know you suspected twin UCers are out there.
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i totally dream of having UC twins. am i crazy? i think it would be so awesome.
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Count me in.

I started having twin dreams right away.

In maternity clothes by 8w. In fact, I knew I was PG when my fave pants didnt fit...and I was only 4w.

Grew out of nearly all my mat. pants from pg #1 by 15-20weeks.

Measuring ahead (18 at 9w and consistently 3+, and I was spot on w/ DS)

I feel like I have an octopus in my belly. DS had very predictable times of day and spots that I would feel movement, but this time movement is anytime anywhere...and EVERYWHERE!!

oh yeah, and HUNGRY, its like I cant eat enough some days!

Guess I'll know soon.

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I have twins everytime I'm pregnant! But, then they're born or I get an U/S and there's only one. I've felt really disapointed when it's only one. Then, I feel badly that I'm "disapointed" with only one. But, there you have it. I was. I wanted twins. Now, my good friend in town has twins. I live vicariously through her.

I'd definitely choose birth at home for my twins, even though mine are imaginary! There's a whole lot to research about twin birth. I think my nose would never make it out books! And, I don't think I'd tell anyone there were two. I wouldn't want a lot of fear/anger about my choice in how to birth them. I'd prefer to just have a OH WOW! TWINS!??! when friends peeked in my sling.
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mimne are so imaginary since i've never been pregnant (beyond a few weeks--miscarriage) and i'm not TTCing for at least a year (or more).
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I've never really suspected twins beyond the very beginning of pregnancy.

So if you are THAT far along and still thinking twins, I'd say there is a super good chance! Can you feel body parts?

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Well, no, I can't feel body parts. I've never been good at figuring out what's what in there. It just feels like a mess of lumps and bumps to me.
I had a midwife feel, and she said that if I've got two, one is completely behind the other one. So, guess we'll find out soon enough.

I actually have been thinking about getting an u/s, but now that I want care I can't get it! I've called around and can't even get an appointment to get an appointment. :
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Ok..so I am totally convinced I am having twins.

1. I started obsessing about twins from the beginning. I felt more of an awareness of alot going on in ther efrom about 7 weeks.

2. When I was thinking aobut what birth supplies I wanted I thought I should have two cord ties.

3.18 weeks measured 23 and now at 23 weeks I am measureing 30.

4.Think I found two hb's one at pubic bone and one up by navel. No idea how it couldnt be twins with that one as its so far away. But I guess its still possible.

5. I was sicker this time. I started with nausea right at 4 weeks and it stayed until 12 weeks. For previous pregnancies I was sick for 2-3 weeks.

6. I definately feel more intense bh ctx this time which I'm not sure if thats related to twins or not. My cervix is also much much softer and I am losing mucus occasionally. Which is a bit scary being I am just 23 weeks. I am taking the calcium magnesium and keeping an eye on it. If I start to feel like its getting to be too much I lay down and rest for a while. It seems like my cervix is higher after I rest so I figure thats a good thing.

7. I have started having swollen feet and ankles already...I didnt think this was supposed to happen this early.

I am having an u/s. THis is something I feel strongly enough that its true that I want to check. I have thought there might be two in other pregnancies but that for me always went away. Or it wasnt as intense as it was this time. I have been totally UP up to this point. I went to a Dr today that said he would refer me for u/s. He didnt do anything we just talked about him mostly. He wanted me to see what he was like I guess. He is very nice and good as far as Dr's go he said one year his c/s rate was 1.7. But mostly averaged out it is about 5%. He does twin and breech births. Nice guy. BUt I am so not there. Alot of things irked me even though for a Dr its great. kwim. If I had to be in the hospital I'd want to be there with him other than that I dont want to be near there. I get a bit worried about twins at home alone and In the end I may end up with a midwife in another room. But I am not quite ready to make that decision.
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Oh, I forgot to add that i have *regularly* been feeling fetal movement since about 10 weeks. I FELT movement w/ DS at 10w 1 or 2 times, then not again until around 18w.

I also am fairly certain I can feel 2 bodies one lower and vertex, and one higher sorta diagnal.

My intuition also rarely fails me. I knew DS was a DS from the beginning. When people would ask I'd say "boy". This time, I just say I'm not sure, even though what I REALLY feel is that I'm having b/g twins.

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I'll be 9 weeks in a couple of days and I'm fairly certain I'm having twins. I just posted about this in my DDC, so I'll repost here what I wrote there.

Panthira asked why I thought I might be having twins, so here's what I said:

Let's see... I ovulated from each ovary on this cycle (for the first time in my life, as far as I'm concerned). My mittelschmertz is pretty obvious, so I could tell very easily what was going on.

When I felt what I can only determine to have been implantation pains (much more pronounced pain than the daily twinges I'd been feeling since ovulation) on the morning of 10DPO, I felt that on both sides of my uterus. I tested positive on a pregnancy test only 2 days later.

I'll be starting week 9 in two days and I've already put on approx. 3.5 lbs. I typically have the sort of metabolism that makes putting on weight nigh impossible.

My sister has been pregnant twice with twins, and she took no fertility drugs to achieve this.

And on a purely spiritual level, I know that there were two souls waiting for this. Because of this, if I end up with only one, I will be keenly disappointed, as I am already familiar with these souls and am really looking forward to having them on this side of the corporeal fence, so to speak. Writing that makes me feel like a flakey crackpot, but I don't care. I call it how I see it.

It's all kinda crazy to me, really, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless.
I'm also wearing maternity clothes already.

It's still kinda early for me, I know, but I think there are enough arrows pointing to twins to make it a distinct possibility for me. We'll see how things progress.
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Well, I'm definitely pregnant with twins! I'm not planning a UC (I have a great non-medically oriented CNM who has tons of twin experience), but I check in these forums to get info since she lives so far away and I'm doing a lot of my own prenatal.

Anyway, for anyone who is interested, the two twin pregnancy and childbirth books that have been recommended to me by homebirthin' twin mamas is Having Twins and More by Elizabeth Noble, and When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads by Dr. Barbara Luke. The Elizabeth Noble book is a fun read so far-- lots of history on twins, twin birth, and very, VERY natural childbirth friendly. The Dr. Luke book is bigtime on diet. Apparently, diet can be the #1 factor in getting multiple pregnancies to term at a good size. PROTEIN (175 grams a day), and drinking tons of water seem to be big things. Qalliope--I'm envious of your awesome protein intake! I'm having trouble choking mine down!

I'll be excited to see some stories after the births!
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Well, my DD is now 9 months old and I have not started to cycle yet, thankfully. Ever since she was born, i've been having these dreams of birthing quadruplets *gulp* Fraternal twins each with an identical twin.. so 2 girls and 2 boys... Very lucid and vivid and detailed.

I am not sure what to make of it. I have had this dream 6 times now. So I am excitedly watching ya'll and hoping for the best!

We are not planning to TTC until fall 2008. I know instinctively that I need to be stronger, more fit, and have finances figured out and under way before we get pregnant again.
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my husband says that we should do everything in our power (herbally, nutritionally) to get twins. he's 'set' on the idea. lol!
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Qalliope--I'm envious of your awesome protein intake! I'm having trouble choking mine down!
I couldn't do less if I tried! The meat cravings have been incredibly intense. BTW, I was totally vegetarian, nearly vegan, for 8 years, until Easter this year. There was a roast in the kitchen at my in-laws, and I picked at my veggies until most of the people were done eating, and then attacked what was left while dh stood guard.

Surprisingly it never caused me any digestive difficulties, but man, eating grocery store meat has thoroughly trashed my immune system. I am so going back to veg once done with the pregnancy. I was sick thru most of Oct and Nov, including a nasty case of the mumps.

Are you still early in your pregnancy, christyc? The early weeks were awful for me, I had terrible morning sickness but I was starving at the same time. I lost a lot of weight during the first couple months.

This is fantastic. I love hearing about the different stages everyone's at, whether not even TTC and thinking twins, or halfway or more thru the pregnancy. It's such a different frame of mind to be in than when you are just having one. I have to admit, the biggest challenge is getting ready for maybe twins of indeterminate gender. My folks keep asking what we need and I have no idea. More diapers, definitely. Otherwise, .
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Oh my gosh Lisser, I just realized you're due, like NOW! Oooooh I'm excited, I can't wait to see if your twin dreams come true. Congrats on making it all the way to 40 wks! Looking forward to hearing a beautiful twin UC story soon.
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I'm 17 weeks now, and the nausea still hasn't gone away yet. I REALLY hope that it will pass by 20 weeks, because I need TONS of protein, and I've never been much of a meat eater, and it's just tough to try to eat it all.
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There is a vegan rice protein powder that is pretty good, I think its by nutribiotics? It tastes WAAAY better than soy or whey powders.

Yeah...I was due yesterday!! I'm sooooooooooo ready for the bab(ies) to get here. And I *am* prepared for 2. I have 2 umbi ties, etc.

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just subscribing, cause I love these 'maybe twins' threads
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Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
my husband says that we should do everything in our power (herbally, nutritionally) to get twins. he's 'set' on the idea. lol!

An internet search I was doing recently said dairy drinkers were 5 times more likely to concieve twins. I think that was it. At any rate it was more likely.
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Women over 30, and women taking folic acid before TTC also are more likely to conceive twins. Of course nobody told me this before we got pregnant! (Not that it would have changed anything, but... )

Rice protein powder? I'll have to check into that. I've been getting 150 grams a day, but (according to Dr. Luke) really should be getting 175.
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