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Originally Posted by TinyBabyBean View Post
Well, with more wisdom from my 11 year old. She says sometimes the other spirit will stay with that certain baby and helping reassure and etc till birth. So, maybe that could "feel" like twins from a spiritual intuitive perspective. Also, what about disappearing twin syndrome. My take on that is sometimes they do come together in physical form and then the one feels okay to go on alone so the other's body is reabsorbed. Just some of my thoughts on it.
I have had the feeling like something like this is going on with me during this pregnancy. I have measured at least 6 cm ahead then entire time, felt more movement earlier, etc. I was even muscle-tested by both my ND and her assistant--they both said 2 babies. I had an u/s a couple of wks ago, and there is just 1 baby in there. I feel like the movement has changed over the past few wks, and I am really feeling that "2 babies" feeling a lot less. I will for sure be looking for signs of a disappearing twin in my placenta (I have seen several twins that have been absorbed into the other baby's placenta), and I think that I will have to come up with some special way to honor that other little "guardian spirit" after the birth.
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The absorbed twins is usually early on isn't it. i have never heard of it happening this late in pregnancy.
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Right, but TinyBabyBean was talking about a twin who has stayed in spirit form. Might not make sense to some, but what she said totally hit home with me and some of the feelings I have experienced with this prengnancy.
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Oh, sorry.
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I thought a few times I might be having twins...and still sometimes entertain the thought (as I did just now, feeling movements in strange places, wondering what if??). But I'm convinced it's just one baby, and that my mind is deceiving me. The only real "signs" I have are measuring ahead (which could be explained by my third pregnancy, baby's position, etc.) on average 4-5 cm since 22 weeks, and movement that seems all over. If there were two babies in there, they are stacked up on top of each other, with one mostly moving against my inside but with regular pressure against my right hipbone, and the other moving a lot out front. I actually felt movement late with this pregnancy, at 17 weeks v. 15 (1st) and 12 (2nd). And my appetite isn't larger than normal...although my hormones have been wacky.

I do think there's a lot of fun in the "wait and see" attitude...though DH and I have discussed it at length, and both HOPE there's only one baby in there, we still entertain the possibility that a second might come out. If so, we'll just keep catching . I like being away from the medical model which has to know an answer...even if we had a midwife, I would certainly have expressed my wondering to her, and with that and my measuring ahead, we'd be pressured to find out. Or she'd try and feel and decide, or listen and decide...and it's nice to just leave the baby(ies) in peace.

People do give us funny looks when they say I look huge and am I sure there's only one in there, and I say, no, not sure, but I hope it's just one!

TinyBabyBean, when are you due, and will you let the mystery continue until birth?
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