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Help! Hospital Bedrest at 31 Weeks...

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Yesterday I went in for a routine exam with my OB. One look at my cervix and he tells me it's funneling, and it's longest closed part is 1.2cm. This is a huge shock to me, since last week we were sittin pretty at 4 cm. Up to this point I've had mild contractions, but only when I'm getting up and walking around alot. They say it's just a case of the uterus getting too big too fast. The babes are weighing in at a healthy 4.6 and 4.8, which seems pretty big for 31 weeks. But maybe too big if they are causing this to happen!?
Now they tell me they want me to stay here until the babies come...hopefully at least another 6 or 7 weeks. Is that too much to hope for?
I'm just a little confused, and frustrated, and pissed off right now and wonder if anyone has some encouragement or advice for me. I'm not about to boo-hoo about bedrest, since I know so many momma's of twins go through it, but I just didn't see it coming...at least not hospital bedrest, and not over christmas!!

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I don't know. My cervix was 4 something at my 30 wk US and then at my 34 they said they can't even get a good measurment on it at that point. Mine weighed 3lbs12oz and 3lbs9oz at the 30 week and 5lbs9oz and 5lbs7oz at the 34wk apt.
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Well, it really could mean nothing at all, but of course doctors are going to err on the side of caution. I really don't believe that large babies are what is causing your cervix to funnel. You never know, those babies could stay put til 40 weeks-it's hard to say. I don't have any bedrest experience but my advice is to stay positive and speak to your body and your babies. Tell the babies to stay put and tell your cervix to stay closed!
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Well I was on home bedrest for my entire twin pregnancy -- from the time I found out I was having twins (with TTTS) til the day I birthed them. I remember getting my cervix numbers and concern about "funneling" but I don't remember the specifics (it's been almost 4 years now). Hang in there. I always refused hospital bedrest, on account of it being more stressful to me -- and therefore the babies -- than home bedrest.

At 34w2d I was given Cervidil, a prostaglandin placed on the cervix to ripen it. It was supposed to stay there for 12 hours, and then I'd get pitocin. Rather than just "ripen" my cervix, I went into full labor and birthed my boys 8 hours after it was inserted.

So... I really have nothing to tell you except that you CAN say no. Or come to an agreement with your doc about home bedrest.

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I'm so sorry, the same happened to me at 31 weeks and I was devastated and cried because I missed my daughters b-day. The nurses and doc also told me oh your not going home, once you start dialating you'll stay in the hospital. Well I was their for 5 days given Mag and muscle relaxers. I beggged the doctor I would go home and go on bed rest and that my family would take care of me (I was living with my in-laws at the time and my parents lived 4 blocks away). After begging and begging even crying to them they decided I could go home but was not even allowed to get up to take a shower! (If they didn't say it was okay, I was prepared to sign myself out) So I did and did very well. They wanted me to make it to 36 weeks and then I could do everything again. In fact I wasn't even going into labor any more and had to be induced because of HBP at 38 weeks. Don't know if you can persuade your docs, depending on your situation or even insist. I have to say my intuition told me when this happened that I was not in "labor" but only my body was getting ready, obvious a little earlier because of twins ( my previous single pregnancy I always dialated early and by the time I 40 weeks I was alway about 4 cm) If I listent to my intuition I would have refused Mag and muscle relaxers I think) Try not to worry too much I am positive you will be okay.
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I heard all kinds of things from the docs this pregnancy about my cervix.
First they told me it was 2.5 at 26wks, then they told me it was 2 at 38Wwks.
Then the peri told me it was actually over 3cmm. A week later I was told it was less than 1cm.
So personally, I am just not convinced by their capacity to really see what is going on. Plus my peri told me that if you have had another child before the cervical length becomes a much less significant predictor of preterm birth. I am 37wks 4days and while I have taken it easy since 34wks i am not by any means on bedrest.
If I were you I would refuse the hospital bedrest, and just do it at home if at all possible. I just think it would be awful being in the hospital for that long. Good luck! Keep us posted.
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I don't have multiples, but I did spend around 60 days in the hospital for pre-term labour/dilation(7cm at 32 weeks)while pregnant with #2. Bedrest (once they stopped the contractions) worked very well for me and I was able to come home at 34 weeks and ended up not having DS till 39 weeks.
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Originally Posted by cpop View Post
If I were you I would refuse the hospital bedrest, and just do it at home if at all possible. I just think it would be awful being in the hospital for that long.
: And for Christmas! Ugh.

I would at least ask for a pass for a few days around Christmas.
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I've seen half a dozen studies at least showing that hospital bedrest is not effective in preventing preterm birth in multiple pregnancy, and may actually increase the incidence of preterm birth. Something to think about.
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A big problem about hospital bedrest. . . it isn't restful and you just don't get enough to eat. SOmetimes it is necessary, but sometimes it isn't.

Talk to your family and your doc. There are home monitors to watch for contractions and terb. pump's.
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I would also like to chime in. A 'normal' cervix length is 2.5 cm by the time you're at 20-30 weeks. By 30 weeks, 1.5 is normal for multiples. You are a titch away from normal. But how likely is it that your doc has any idea about the stat i listed?
I got that info from a mainstream twin forum during a long thread about cervical lengths. More than one of the moms had their docs state that 1.5 is nothing to worry about. I guess you can take it with a grain of salt, since I can;t link to a study. In the end, I often feel like there are few docs that really understand multiple preganancies and we often get oversheltered.

Case in point, a lady just was told her babies probably have Down's because of some test results and now she's being pushed for more invasive testing. Her doc obviously doesn;t know how much a twin pregnancy squews the results. he also doean;t know there have only been 17 reported Down's twin babies in the U.S. ever. Makes ya go hmmmmm.........
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Originally Posted by Llyra View Post

I've seen half a dozen studies at least showing that hospital bedrest is not effective in preventing preterm birth in multiple pregnancy, and may actually increase the incidence of preterm birth. Something to think about.
I agree..the 5 days I was in the hospital for pre-term labor, I was never so unfortable and in pain, the bed was horrible, so much noise and interruptions I did not get any rest, the monitors killed, I could not go to the bathroom on a bed pan. I felt stress, fatique, anxiety. When I went home in my own bed it was heaven (and I got up to go to the bathroom as many time as I wanted)
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While admitted at 29W, I did not sleep for almost 5 days, I ate like crap because I am picky and lost 5 pounds, and I was beyond depressed about being away from my (then) 15 month-old and husband.

I had cervical funneling too, I was at less than 1 cm. I was dilated to 2 centimeters and having contractions regularly. My fFN came back positive. I was told I would be in the hospital until I delivered my girls, on strict bedrest, and I was livid. I knew it wasn't best for ME to be there unless the contractions were going to continue.

After the first two days, the contractions were stopped. I refused to stay on Procardia because of how it bottomed out my blood pressure. I refused a catheter and insisted on shower and bathroom allowances.

After 5 days, my cervical funneling was improved and I had no further dilation. I was sent home, mostly on my own insistence, on Ibuprofen and Progesterone injections weekly.

The babies stayed put until they were electively delivered and I had no more issue with contracting.

I feel like the day that I went into PTL, I did too much and didn't stay hydrated. I will always be thankful for my labor stopping, although I don't agree with all the interventions that were used. I think my body kick started the process and I was never given the chance to rehydrate and rest.

I researched the bedrest studies too, and although I was released from the hospital on modified bedrest (sitting or laying with bathroom breaks only) I did not adhere to it. I stopped hauling around my 25 pound toddler, took in more fluids, and rested a ton more.

Sending you lots of stay in the belly vibes! Good luck with whatever choice you make.
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Just wanted to chime in. I was in the ER 4 times, on bedrest at home from 22 weeks on, and the hospitalized at 28 weeks for 2 days and then at 30 wks for good. I know that pp said that they dont think cervical measurements are very accurate b/c hers changed. The cervix can fluctuate as a result of contrax and yes, even get longer. mine did this. BUt another factor is having different people do the measurements. I had cervical length taken 1 to 2 times per week from 20 weeks on, so roughly 25+ times. I got to know my techs, and then newer ones tended to be less conservative and have higher mesasures. the older ones gave me more conservative figures. SO-while it isnt an exact science, I think they are pretty good.

Hospital bedrest is no fun, but it is survivable. get yiour dh to bring magazines, and videos, and try to stay busy resting. dont beg to go home. you dont want to spend time in the NICU, trust me.

Your babies weights look really good! hang in there!
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