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Both of my ds's have a horrible diaper rash. Bleeding, sore, the works. Ds2 started this junk off and on over a month ago. Nothing has changed in diet. They are wearing the same diapers- currently disposibles, etc. They don't have 'diarrhea' but they are going frequently and it STINKS. I thought ds2 just had overly sensitive skin, but even changing every hour isn't helping. We're using A&D. We've seen the doc and they thought it was yeast. I didn't and don't think it's yeast, but we've done an oral course of nystantin as well as nystantin cream.

In the past couple of days, ds1 has started this rash also. He ran a fever last Friday, rash started MOnday or Tuesday.

I'm at a total loss. Nothing I'm doing is working. The baths hurt their little butts. I can't let them go diaperless b/c they're pooping too frequently.

Any idea of what could be causing this or what could help it. I'm thinking it's some sort of bug, but not sure if it's bacterial or viral. I t hought it might be bacterial b/c ds2 was on a couple courses of antibiotics a few weeks ago and that was the only time the rash was almsot completely gone. Once the antibiotics stopped, the rash came back, which is completely opposite of what 'usually' happens.

HELP, please!!!