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I just want to say kudos to you for having the courage to post these! And your progress so far is AWESOME!!

I knew two families with houses like this when I was growing up. You are not alone.

Good work for getting it straightened up!!
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hugs to you mama, my house looks like pretty much all the time. in fact, right now i am having a 10 min break from cleaning. i am having christmas eve dinner at my house this year (which is tomorrow for me as i live in australia) and i am on a freakin' rampage tonight cleaning up the place. i want to sleep though.. my newborn will be up soon and my tornado toddler has driven me crazy all day. it's 12am. ok back to work now.

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Hugs mamas!

After my diarhea fest on thursday- I was blessed friday morning with a sore throat. Since DH just got over Strep throat- I decided to go to the doctor and guess what! Me too! Just in time for the holidays!

I still have to clean- dont give up on me! I NEED to post my clean house pictures! Dont stop pushing me!
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To heck with the cleaning you need to rest and get better. You can now use that for a true reason not to have a perfect house. Do what you can...bathrooms and kitchen counters and dirty clothes and forget it til you're better.
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I agree with the pp.. you need to rest & take it easy, mama. Your progress so far has been amazing, but you need to take care of yourself!
You can get back to it when you're feeling better
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have you read clearing your clutter with feng shui by karen kingston? its so great nad puts clutter in perspective from an emotional/spiritual point of view. good luck! your brave!
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Amazing transformation- great job!

Are you feeling better? How was your party? Did the house feel great?

Your house is super cute, btw.
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yes totally amazing transformation - so impressive!
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Your post cracked me up!!!!! Oh it's good to know other peoples houses get as messy as mine so a big THANK YOU to you.
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The kid's room looks wonderful! You are doing great!
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You are so brave for posting befores.
Your after pictures look great. Great job!!
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Thanks for your honesty! That has worked at motivating me too. Do you have the after pics yet?
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I'll post more after shots tommorow!
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How's it going? Keep up the good work! I need the inspiration!
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Originally Posted by bri276 View Post
cdmaze my mom was the opposite of yours, would leave long lists taped to my bedroom doorway so I'd wake up just to see "empty dishwasher, clean bathroom sink, clothes off floor OR THEY'RE GETTING THROWN OUT!!!!!"

every day. it made me internalize chores=punishment. the craziest part is, once I get going, I actually enjoy cleaning!! my house is not quite as bad as yours, but we do have the crap on the stairs sometimes and we have one junk room that's half stuffed with clothing and papers. but I don't think I'd be brave enough like you to post pics!!! good luck!
My dad would do this and at first I thought he was fool of crap, and then one day my stuff was literally in the trash. Taught me a good lesson about taking care of my things better.
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Just found this thread, suddenly thinking my house is not as bad as I previously thought My kids room looks like that though, takes them about 15 minutes to have it looking like that and I seem to spend all day in there trying to get them to tidy it up! I feel stressed out just looking at those before pics though.

Congrats on the amazing job you have done so far on the tidying. The place looks SOOOO much better! Rest up while you are sick and get better then you can worry about getting back to the tidying up You are one brave person to share those photo's! I don't even like people standing at my front door when my house isn't clean-lol.
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Heres some recent pix-

remember my scary stairwell?

This is today:

Remember my yucky bedroom?
Here it is now:

(excuse the big cardboard play house- we were having a play day and I kinda set up our room as another playspace)

So- I'm getting there- my laundry room is WORSE now- but everything in general is getting under control. DH and I started a blog about simplifying- I plan to keep my messy house as a common theme and will post pictures of my random messy disasters there in the future! If you are nosey- this blog is for you!
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Wow, what an amazing transformation!! Congrats on making it that far with the cleaning up, it looks like a different place!!! Going to check your blog, as a mum of 3 I have days where it all gets on top of me too, sigh.
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Keep it up mama!

You are such an inspiration!
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Wow, the bedroom is looking amazing! Play box and all. Awesome job, mama!
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