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XP - handmade gift ideas for 8 year old?

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Here's the story (from the TAO forum) to give you some background:

My step-daughter is approaching her 8th birthday...
Long story short, we rarely see her - maybe 15 times a year, at best. Never on Holidays. (Her/her mom's choice)

However, we're having a birthday "party" for her (very small - just DH's sibs and Mom) and I plan to make a homemade cake and some yummy (HEALTHY - VEGETARIAN) snacks.

Since last year, we've started paying for her to go to Gymnastics. They're kind of pricey ($120 a 10 week session - for one hour a week!) but that was what she really wanted, and we encourage the idea of her getting *some* physical activity.

We said we pay again this year - for the Summer session - for her birthday.

But, I feel bad - like she should have *something* to open at her birthday party, kwim? I just don't want to feed into the commercialism and materialism that already exists in her "home" life.

Any ideas?????? I know she wouldn't want a Waldorf doll. (As much as I'd love to make one for her). I'd like the gift to be lovely - meaningful, perhaps. But, not pricey or "brand name" because that's not what I support in this house.

What can I make her?
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What about putting together kit for her of a project to do? A knitting bag, or a sewing kit, needlework, or even woodworking? That way she had a gift that will not only be a "thing", but something that will allow her to creat and maybe give her a new skill or hobby.
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a cute bag with some pens, erasers, stickers? I have some nieces that age and they seem to like this kind of stuff.

A plain notebook that you can cover with fabric will make a nice journal. Include some colorful pens.

A scrapbooking kit: album, stickers, colored paper and a disposable camera.

If she's in to Gymnastics, maybe you can do a bag with hair accessories. You can make scrunchies out of fabric scraps and elastic.
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I second the kit idea, if she's a crafty kid
Beading kits
soapmaking kits
fairy doll kits
hair thingy kits
home spa kits

Something you put together yourself won't be so commercial. I saw a cute idea for making a fairy doll kit for this age, the ones made with pipe cleaners and silk flowers.
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I don't know about what to make for her, it depends on what she likes.

But she might like it if you got her something, a kit, of something you and she can make together.

Beading kits are great. My stepdaughter is 9 and she loves doing beaded bracelets. They have great kits at Hearthsong.com. She loves when I sit and do them with her.

Or she might like doing some tye-dying. A t-shirt or pillowcase for example. Dharma trading company is a great resource for this.

My stepdaughter loves soaps and shampoos, etc. Putting together a natural "beauty" kit might be nice for her.
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I know that it's not handmade but what about a book about gymnastics that can be personally inscribed as a keepsake and also serves as a token for her gift of gymnastic lessons?

"I Am A Gymnast (Young Dreamers)" is perfect for her age and you can find it at Amazon for $10.49.
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