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Growing up my parents gave us the "pratical" gifts.. clothes and things like that, Santa gave us toys.. not alot but there was always at least a few, mostly just something we really wanted.

I do the same with my kids.. well DH wont give the boys clothes but we buy them something special from us. and Santa brings the rest.

My oldest (8) doesnt believe in Santa, but he plays along for his younger brothers.
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Originally Posted by cheer mom View Post
but you are implying that there is something bad about more than 1 gift. And what about the families that don't do Santa at all? I guess they would now have to. There is nothing wrong with having Santa give one present, just like there is nothing wrong with Santa giving 10 presents, or however many the parents decide, but that's the thing--it's up to the parents to decide. It's not up to the neighbors, the teachers or the government to decide. I guess I see this as so ironic because many people at MDC are so concerned about individual rights and freedoms, yet here is someone saying that we should have a rule about 1 present. Irony?

And the other thing is that there are so many ways to "explain" the number of Santa gifts to your dd, I wouldn't tell my dd about Santa if that was my only reason. Also, as long as your dd got the thing that made her happy--then why worry about the number of presents?
I think you are taking her comment too seriously. She wasn't actually speaking of setting a Nation Wide Santa Gift Guideline.
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Do you think this comes down to geography, ancestory, religion, tv time?

Santa brings lots and lots of gifts to our house. He brought lots and lots of gifts to both my dh's house and my house when we were little. (early 70s) He also brought many gifts to my parent's houses when they were little. (1930s) We are from the Northeast, Catholic (some recovering), and of Irish descent. We did not have a tv growing up, my kids watch tv here and there.
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My kdis are 9, 8, 3 and 1 .

They ALL believe in Santa.

Santa brings all the presents to our house. The kids get presents from grandparents and from my brother and SIL. They get one from my dh and I.

My kids dont get anything but new clothes throughout the year, so I spoil them on Christmas. They make a list, and I try to stick to it within my means.
I dont buy guns or cell phones, and I try to get books and learning toys.
But i dont put a limit on how much they get.
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We have a similar tough situation. Our daughter has sisters who are fostered with my sister who goes WAY over the top IMO. and because all 3 girls were fostered by her at one time she tends to give them each the same thing. Like each a china doll and each a stuffed animal in different colours etc. S! I said we are keeping it simple as we always have and I called my sister to make a suggestion for a gift. She wanted to give her some sort of robotic pet that you have to respond to all the time and i said NO. My daughter would like one of course but we have cats and dogs and sheep and she is getting a bunny so NO. I don't belive in those kind of toys. DD also wants a game boy game so I asked my sister to give her that because she has a long bus ride everyday and likes to play her game on the bus in the morning. I haven't figured out how many from Santa. I have always given just one handmade gift to my nieces and nephews and they really appreciated it.

As for knowing about Santa, well she is 12! but she supervises the kindergarten class at her school at lunch time and she told us they are so excited that it makes her believe. In our family Santa still brings us presents but they are little things for our stockings. And I am 53! and I LOVE my stocking. Santa is alive in our family as a spirit and particularly likes to give a wonderful stocking. We all get stuff and secretly put it in the stockings and it is lots of fun. Tops and tiny puzzles and windups are particularly important and there is a formula. Mandarin orange in the toe, handful of nuts in the shell, hard candy that gets all hairy in the stocking and then the little gifts, some wrapped and some unwrapped. We don't question why! Terry's chocolate oranges are usually coveted too.
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Wow, I've never even heard of anyone getting just one gift from Santa, I admit. As a child, once we started to "count" gifts amongst friends, we already knew that there was no Santa. Prior to that, we didn't count. Well, by then, it was always obvious that my 5-10 gifts were far less than what any of my friends got (and cheaper, too). On Christmas Eve, we would go to my grandparents' house and get to open any gifts from aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, there.

As for us, we have always given the children 10-20 Santa gifts and we don't even bother with gifts from us. We take care of birthdays, Santa does Christmas. Actually, we do get each child one gift for opening on Christmas Eve, and those are always pajamas. We also, get family to come over on Christmas Eve and the children get to open any gifts from them, or gifts that have been sent in the mail from family or friends.

I'm Canadian...does that account for the difference?

No...because my American born DH always got huge, massive piles of gifts from Santa, as did his 7 siblings. All the gifts would fill a room, nothing would be wrapped, just stacked in 8 piles around the room with a name tag on each huge pile.

I do like the idea of one gift from Santa and the rest being from family, it makes sense, it's just too late for us to change our traditions now, since our children still strongly believe in Santa and are old enough to remember if we change anything. I always loved the magic of Santa when I was a child.
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The kiddos ask for one gift from Santa. Anything else they get is from us, and it's never much. This year it's about half a dozen items each, total. Most very small. We're completely broke, and the only way we are able to get them anything is that my ILs sent both DH and I $100 each, which we immediately spent half of on the girls. The other half will go towards paying bills, unfortunately. It would be nice to be able to take the family out to dinner with the other $100, but it's just not possible this year!
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Santa gives only one toy to each child in our house.

As children, my sister and I were given 8-10 gifts each from Santa, and I just think that is OVERLOAD. But our kids only get about 5-6 things each all together for Christmas.
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We've kind of solved this issue by telling the kids mom and dad have to help pay for what Santa brings them. After all, there are so many kids out there, Santa is not a bizillionaire, so we have to help him a bit.

Some kids get more because mom and dad can afford to spend more. Some kids get less rom Santa because they can't afford a lot or because they'd rather get the gifts for their kids rather than have Santa bring them.

My kids get one biggish gift from Santa, stockings and maybe some new books. The nicest gifts never come from Santa, always from mom and dad.

Not sure if this helps, but it's how we do it here.

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We always had tons of stuff from santa and mom and dad. Heck we sometimes had gifts from Santa Mouse or from our cats or dog too.

THEN Santa went to Grandma's house too....

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Originally Posted by alegna View Post
Heck we sometimes had gifts from Santa Mouse or from our cats or dog too.
Me too and I carry on the tradition. We give gifts to and from our 2 dogs. Santa also does stockings for the dogs. (as a kid our cats always got a can of tuna fish! ) As a kid my mom always received important gifts from "the phantom" and we received gifts from Rudolph. I think I need to do a Rudolph gift for my son this year. We bought too much and I can't break the 3 from Santa rule now...
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We're thinking that Santa will fill stockings (one per person in the household, including us), and the rest is tagged from family members. For example, the husband's stocking stuffer for this year is the Darth Tater toy he wanted badly for his Star Wars collection, and I had asked for some kitchen stuff (a new whisk being my #1 item). Abby's too little for small parts, so she doesn't get a stocking this year.
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So crazy to think that all this time I thought people did things the same way!
How...small of me?
Interesting to see how everyone does it!

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I'm here in BC too and Its one present and a stocking here. The kids each get one larger present from Santa and a stocking of fun little gifts and then one gift plus a pair of pajama and slippers from us. The other gifts come from family and friends.
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We do multiple Santa presents . . . I think here is the first place I heard of people doing only one. I actually sorted today and each kid is getting 5 from Santa and five from us . . . just worked out that way, as the little one is too young to care about them getting equal numbers.

I bought a lot this year . . . there was just a lot I wanted them to have.
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In our home, Santa fills the stockings. Presents are from family. Except sometimes my MIL sends presents and marks them from Santa. Usually the grandparents send something and sometimes aunts/uncles. Then DH and I give one or two small or moderate gifts to each child. This year we are planning on giving each of them a sleeping bag.

I haven't had any questions from dds. She seems to take it in stride that each family is different.

We really try to be careful at Christmas - one year the kids really got too many gifts and ended up in tears with overstimulation. Now we try to just enjoy the season and take it easy with gifts.
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This is the first time I've ever heard of Santa only giving one gift! No one I grew up with (and we were poor) got one Santa gift. Even if the presents were cheap and not that exciting, my parents always made "Santa's" visit look festive and rich. Having a bunch of things to unwrap was magical.

I wonder if this is a regional thing, the different ways of doing Santa?
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We don't do Santa here. But I have asked around to my friends how they decide which gifts are from Santa and which ones are form parents just because I was curious, and the majority of them said ALL were from Santa. A few said just the big ones, etc. but none of them said one. When I grew up almost all of my gifts were from Santa. My mom and dad got the boring stuff like clothes, etc. but Santa brought all the good stuff.
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I've honestly never considered counting Christmas gifts for my child. Actually, I remember my own parents emphasizing that the number of gifts wasn't important... I'm sure they tried to be generally equitable, but sometimes one of us wanted a big thing, and another wanted more, smaller gifts.

For Rain, the stocking gifts are "Santa gifts", but they're generally small things... nuts, hair stuff, chocolate, socks, stuff like that. For the rest, I've always just put my name on a few and Santa's on a few, and out mine out earlier and Santa's for Christmas morning. I'm pretty sure my parents did things the same way.

This year we sent my brother and sister a lot of smaller gifts - my brother in in Kuwait and needed small and/or edible things - and they each sent us one gift each... and that's okay.

I'm not comfortable with legislating or judging how people give or don't give, as long as the giving is out of love...

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This will be ds' third Christmas. Last year I decided it would be one Santa gift, and it will always be wooden or handcrafted Well, in my perfect vision at least; we'll see how long I can get away with that. When I was little I was very suspicious that the elves were making the same darn plastic thing that could be bought in stores.

I'm with ya, one gift from Santa. But, it will probably always the "big" gift. Santa is far too busy to to do more than one per child.
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