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Oh, the stocking is stuffed by Santa as well. And when he gets a little older, Santa will be sneaking in and putting the stocking on the bed, ds will be allowed to open it as soon as he wakes up in his bed. A little tradition contrived by Mom to get a more sleep.
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All of DDS gifts are not really labled...she doesn't even like Santa
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Originally Posted by RiverSky View Post
As for us, we have always given the children 10-20 Santa gifts and we don't even bother with gifts from us.
20 gifts? For each child? Wow!

A fellow Canadian
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For anyone dealing with their kids being overwhelmed by presents by well-meaning grandparents or whatever, we do two things that have REALLY helped this situation (we have a HUGE family plus my kids are the first grandchildren so my kids do get lots of presents, something we are both grateful for and find challenging as being deluged by STUFF is definitely not consistent with our values)...

1. Prior to Christmas, the kids and I go through their toys and books and fill at least one good-sized box EACH with toys etc. they no longer play with regularly. We talk about giving to other families and what this means. Then they come with me to Goodwill to donate it.

2. The day after Christmas, I put away HALF of their presents in a big storage bin in the attic. The older ones help choose what goes in. Then we bring out a toy or book every few weeks or so, or if we go on a road trip or something. When one toy comes out, another one goes in. This really helps for those "rainy days" and also helps keep clutter down.
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In my house Santa is bringing the things I know my DD would love, but just can't bring myself to buy her -

The pink sparkle WEDGIES for a 3 yo are coming from Santa. She will absolutely adore those shoes, but mother can't bring herself to give her 3 yo high heeled shoes. Mom has bought her black sparkle shoes, black sparkle purse and matching headband. These can be worn with her christmas dress.

When my sibs were little santa brought and decorated the TREE as well. That tradition went out the year the trees sold out and my father had to buy two sad looking shrubs. He drilled holes in one and glued extra branches onto to fill it out. (You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried!). I think mom convinced Dad that Santa could decorate the tree, and that tradition had dried up by the time I came along!
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I haven't read all the replies, but my family was definitely on the poorer side when I was a child, and we always got several gifts from Santa, plus full stockings. We might only get one gift or maybe two (usually clothes) labeled as from the parents, but "Santa" brought several things (his were left around the tree unwrapped, and were toys and fun stuff).

I think my mom saved up and bought stuff whenever she could find it on sale through the year, and stored it at my grandparents house next door. One year we all (3 of us) got bikes, plus some other smaller toys. It was usually one "main" toy (like a Cabbage Patch Kid, Barbie house, bike, something like that) and a few other less expensive toys. I know Santa brought more than one toy each to her family when she was a child, too. One of my grandmothers said she only ever got one toy a year, but she's the only one I'd ever heard the one-toy thing from!

We never got much of anything through the rest of the year, anything we wanted had to wait until Christmas or birthdays. She might buy us a small inexpensive toy or book if we were sick and needed something quiet to occupy us, and maybe put a small book or toy in our Easter baskets, but that was it!
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For now, things are simple here. DS1 is not old enough to even "get" santa... all he will care about is the excitement and fun on Xmas morning. We bought a ton of toys, but at this age they are more for me than him. I get bored playing with the trains all the time... I like some variety in my play. And all he wants is someone to play with him, so my present to him really is toys I'll like playing with him with which will make it more fun all the way around.

I'm begining to think we won't "do" santa at all. Twice we were in positions where DS was given the opportunity to sit on "Santa's" lap, and twice we were proud that DS was not about to sit on some strangers lap.

I think I'll read him the Frank L Baum version of Santa and tell him that when he gets gifts from "santa" it is really just a gift from a person who is trying to be like Santa in spirit. That all Santa gifts come from the most generous part of people, the part that loves to see someone else smile and be happy. That way if the relatives or school wants to give Santa gifts, my boys won't be confused or disapointed.

But we'll see.

ETA: One year I was so "bad" I got a lump of coal in my stocking and no gifts. I was around five y o . They did give me gifts eventually but they hid them at first. All my brothers presents were still under the tree. My parents still think it was funny though. I guess at the time I didn't care as much as I think I did. I didn't even remember it until they told the story, but now I will always feel sorry for that little girl.
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In my family, Santa filled stockings, he didn't bring presents. I only heard a few years ago of the idea of Santa bringing wrapped presents, and I still find it bizarre! Oh, and we never actually believed in Santa, although it was always a mystery to us how our parents could fill the stockings without our noticing. One year I woke up too early and they were still empty when I checked. We got miscellaneous stuff ... candy, nuts, fruit, small toys, jewelry for me, basically anything small enough to fit. There was usually an apple or an orange from grandma's fridge in the toe, which went right back into the fridge and didn't get eaten because we didn't like fruit that much.

My husband's family apparently does wrapped gifts from Santa, though, so I don't know what we'll be doing with our kids. My son is only 21 mos. and doesn't really understand the concept of Christmas yet.
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We have 3 gifts that are from us - the rest are all from Santa. I dont get why its a problem.
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was what my mom did now i do is one main gift then a stuffed toy then a thing or two small then things in stocking cheep stuff bday packed stuff from dollar store
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When I was small, Santa brought everything, the presents, the stockings, even the tree. Then my grandparents would bring more! I don't remember when I stopped believing.

In my husband's family, Santa brought one big present and the parents supplied the rest. This is how we've chosen to proceed. We're not doing the concept of "Santa is watching you and knows if you've been good or bad" (blech), and I think one big present is enough to keep the magic of Santa while accounting for the fact that some kids do get more than others.
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The "big" presents (the one with the wow factor, ie. train set, doll with stroller and crib) along with the stockings come from Santa. Each child gets one "big" present (and accessories if they are appropriate.) Then mom and dad get them a few smaller presents like puzzles, books, stuffed animals or something else that suits them. We try not to go too crazy. They get one or two presentsfrom their grandmas on each side and they have a gillion aunts and uncles, so we really try to enforce the "keep it to a minimum, people!" rule. It works great and they have a chance to explore and really play with each gift.

I lovew Christmas.
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