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Thanks ladies for all your congrats!

I love what dctexan did with explaining what they did that month that may help other women with conceiving, including symptoms, so here goes:


- First month using OPK's. I swear these are Godsent. Turns out I ovulated on the last, if the not the day after the last wind of my EWCM. We BDed the day the OPK said I was getting my surge as well as the day after b/c sometimes your egg may not be released for another 12-36 hours.

- Drank Green Tea and took Evening Primrose Oil for the first 14 days of my cycle and cut out all caffeine in order to boost EWCM.

- If you don't chart your cervix, I highly recommend it. The difference on the day you O when you get used to it is really noticeable and may help you pinpoint your most fertile time with all the other things.

- Fertility Friend put my O date on the day before my OPK predicted I would. This is b/c of miscalculated/poor temps that I took on the day before at an earlier hour. That being said, TRUST your own body. I looked at the calendar for a week thinking "that's not right" and it wasn't till I dropped the temps that were erratic that I got my solid crosshairs.

- I actually had 3 drinks the night I believe we conceived at our staff Christmas party, so the whole body shot theory may not be a bad idea. Get drunk, have sex. Or even have sex, then get drunk.


In terms of supplements this is what I take everyday before I go to bed:

- 1 Generic Pre-natals
- 2 extra mg of Folic Acid
- 3, 500mg Evening Primrose Oil till O
- 1 Garlic tablet
- 1, 650 mg Calcium
- 1, 1000 mcg of B12
- 1, 100 mg of B6
- 1 Baby Aspirin (81mg)


In terms of symptoms I barely had any which should have been one on it's own b/c I get brutal PMS symptoms. But this is what they were:

- Literally since 2DPO I've had cramps. On and off non-stop. At first they weren't that bad. Then by the time 7DPO I was woken up with a pain in my right area with what felt like my appendix hurting. Thereafter they slowly got worse, again on and off. Yesterday when I got my faint line, I could have sworn I was getting AF b/c the cramps felt identical to what I normally get for AF except they felt hotter. Today with the BFP confirmation they're a lot lighter. Maybe it's part of the implantation process?

- My breasts didn't start to hurt til 9DPO but when they did, holy mother of God. I have never seen inflation like this. I cannot button up one of my fav jackets and the other one has gaping holes in it when I do close it now. And they hurt like hell.

- Bloating started at around 9DPO. I feel like jello.

- Sense of smell has started to pick up. I tend to smell good things better than bad things so that's good.

Other than that, nothing else so far.

I hope this helps anyone!

I just went to a medical clinic b/c my doctor is on vacation for the next 2 weeks and get confirmation via blood work by tomorrow. :
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Thanks greengrey and dctexan for sharing what you did differently!
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I already congratulated you, greengrey, but I'll say it again: CONGRATS!!

Welcome, sunflwrmoonbeam! I'm sorry about your recent loss, but glad to hear your fertility came right back like clockwork! Good luck!

I'm still waiting to test... had a BFN this morning, but at 10DPO I suppose I should've known. The insane thirst started last night -- that was my biggest pregnancy symptom back in September...
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Writing this kind of has the feel of, "Let me tell you how to do it," so I apologize, but know that I would have liked this kind of info. Heck, some of it I got from you ladies (ie robitussin).

What I did differently this cycle: took robitussin and green tea from about cd6-2dpo. did cardio exercise every other day. took vitex and b6 for short luteal phase.

What dh did differently this cyle: drank an asian ginseng tea and took an argenine supp. I think think this made a big difference: if you get more sperm in there, there's a better chance that one will find the egg.

We dtd every other day from about cd6-2dpo. Of course a lot of it is luck, I know, but its nice to feel like we make it happen easier. Good luck.

Symptoms: Cramping from about 4dpo on and off and pointy nipples (which are very sensitive now). I also noticed yesterday that my boobs didn't quite fit in my bra right. As of yesterday, pretty much constant, light nausea.

Oh and I was talking to a co-worker on Monday and said that my skin seems to be healthier than usual; I thought it was b/c I had been eating tons of fruits and veggies last week.:
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Oh can I guess Due Dates?

Sabo Aug 27th

GreenGrey Aug 27th

DCTexan Aug 29th

Artgirl I can't do one for you, no chart to stalk.

Ah, sorry I did this, just kinda wanting to know if I'm right according to your docs or M/W
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Originally Posted by Tenk View Post
Oh can I guess Due Dates?

Sabo Aug 27th

GreenGrey Aug 27th

DCTexan Aug 29th
Close, but no. August 29 (possibly Aug 31 if I o'd on cd19).
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Ah, when I got my positive in Oct the doc didn't even care when I O'd just the first day of my last period. Just a guess....so much congrats tho!!!
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I second the cutting out caffeine. I'm working on weening myself from coffee, and have been mostly successful. THis month, I have more EWCM than ever before. I think I O'd yesterday, so hopefully I got lucky!
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you are all so flippin lucky to have ew!!! I never get ew !!! wahhhhhh!
JeeZ, I never get mucous. WTF?! None in and none out. :

I'm jealous of all who get cervical mucous.:
Wouldn't that make a great bumpersticker.....
"Mine's egg-white, what's yours?" >>> hey we could totally pick eachother out of the crowd

I know... I'm a freak.:
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changes will be made to here (right after I post)

mamabearsoblessed - Just wanted to let you know that I actually did NOT have EWCM this cycle at all! That is part of the reason I really wanted to DTD after the positive OPK (because I wanted the egg there waiting and ready, I felt like my CM was NOT going to support DHs sperm)

Tenk - Pretty close with my EDD. I haven't conformed with the midwife (I see her tomorrow) but I *think* it is Aug 30. Still, my mom has me about a week before her EDD so who knows

For those of you not having good luck with OPKs, you *might* want to try testing 2x day around your peak time (say 11AM and 8PM or whatever works for you). Pricy, I know. But, if you LH surge happens during the night, you might miss it if you aren't tsting twice a day. Also, some OPKs are more sensitive than others. I think (like HPTs) different brands of OPK measure different levels of LH. If you are below your tests threshold, you will not get a positive. Also, I also got lines 2 lines on my OPK from the first day I started testing (CD11), but didn't test positive until CD 15. CD16-18 I still had two lines, they just were not positive. However, by 8dpo (the next time I used an OPK) I only got a control line.
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sunflwrmoonbeam. So sorry for your loss
Welcome to the One Thread. I hope your stay here is short and sweet.
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mommy-X-2 - I was dealing with the same thing, I even though it was the right time, but last night I got a real + OPK almost a week after my fertile signs started. But this is only my 2nd PP cycle so that can't help, boy do things change after you have a baby.

jillybeans - hugs, fwiw, vitex didn't work for me either. For me, nursing is preventing my cycles from being normal and I need a little bit of medical help to give me what the nursing is suppressing in my own body. I don't want to wean either, I cannot sacrifice the relationship with my current nursling just to make another, kwim!
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Thanks everyone for the advice. Another neg. opk today but now I have EWCM. We are going to keep to the every other day thing and that makes tonight BD time!!!

dctexan yes last cycle was very odd for me. I had a m/c the end of Oct. so this is my first normal cycle since. I tend to O early to mid cycle. When I got pg with my dd I Od between cd4 and cd11. And they last time I was pg I Od on cd17.

sunflwrmoonbeam Welcome to the group and sorry about your loss. I have found alot of support form the women in this group.
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Hi everyone, I'm new here this week and really happy to be with you all for support. Congrats to everyone with BFPs! It looks like it has been an exciting week.

Can I get you to add my chart link to my name so that it is in there next week? http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/17c22f

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ourdomicile Welcome to the group. Sorry about your recent loss. Hope that your stay here is short but sweet!
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changes to here

ourdomicile - your chart is added
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Hello, can I join the One Thread too? Let me introduce myself.

My name is Sara and I am a 30 year old mother of two wonderful boys.

Luke is 11 and Logan is 18 months. Luke was the result of a short relationship when I was 18 and has since been adopted by my husband.

It took us 16 cycles to conceive Logan and during that time we miscarried twice (5 weeks and 6 weeks).

I am currently on CD9 of our first cycle trying to conceive baby #3. We are hoping and praying for a much quicker conception this time and no more angel babies.
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Welcome Sara. Where are you in your cycle (or more specifically, which list do you want to be added to...see the first page for choices)? Let me know and I will add you. Good luck with #3
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I have a chart! Can you please add it on the list? Thanks so much! The link is here.

Not that there's much on it this point, and as I'm on the pill for a short time longer it doesn't matter much, but I wanted to go ahead and get the hang of it.
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Originally Posted by dctexan View Post
Welcome Sara. Where are you in your cycle
Thank you, I am Waiting to O
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