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Male Fertility Herbs

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Which herbs boost male fertility and mobility?
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I have my dh taking an amino acid supp, Argenine. He is also drinking Asian Ginseng tea (I think it tastes horrible, but he likes it). They are supposed to boost sperm production and motility. Vitamin C and Zinc are also supposed to be good, so he takes a men's multivit as well.
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i have been reading about maca and it says that it increases sperm numbers and mobility.
it also help sex drive for man and the ladies.

for women it can balance hormones, increase the good cm, and help energy levels

i just started taking it and although it is too soon i think i feel a difference in my energy and cm
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there are lots of herbs that can help, as well as vitamins and minerals that can improve quality. as a general rule of thumb, the "male vitality" and "libido enhancement" section of the natural foods store will often have a great many of those herbs and whatnot in their formulas A really good quality men's multivitamin will also have things like saw palmetto, green tea extract, and ginseng (to name a few) that can enhance sperm quality.

p.s. I had DH on a bunch of stuff for 4 months (because it took a while to conceive DS, probably due to male factors) prior to TTCing, and I got pregnant on our first try!
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For him the most important things to take are:

Zinc 50-75mg - Very important

Vi C 200-1000mg a day to protect sperm from mutation and free radical damage. Insufficient Vi C. causes clumping of sperm.

Vi E 400 - low Vi E. stops the formation of sperm and sex hormones.

Seleniumn 70mcg - study from Journal Science states, selenium prevents oxidation of sperm cell, so it keeps the sperm from mutation.

Folic acid 800mcg

Maca 1500-3000mg day- Study shows increased libido and improves sperm production.

Ginseng - improves sperm production and mobility, raises testosterone.

Saw Palmetto - Tonic for the male reproductive system

*2002 study published in Fertility and Sterlity showed men who took Folic Acid and zinc together had a 74% increase in sperm count.*

B12 also helps men with low sperm count

L-Carnitine 500-3000mg boosts sperm quality and vitality.

Stay away from cell phones in the pocket and laptops on the lap. Study from Stony Brook Univ. showed risk to sperm due to the high temp. and EMF's.

One of the most important things would be a very healthy diet, including organic greans, fruits, grains, grass fed meats and raw dairy.

Alot of the vitamins mentioned above are supplied from a nutrient dense diet.

Hope that helps,
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Taking note.
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Sending this to my husband right away!

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My DH is taking a multivitamin with all of these ingredients, except saw palmetto. He's taking a separate supplement for that.

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