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Aww, Asher was my choice for a boy name but this baby is a girl so I won't be using it.
Welcome baby Asher, hope he gets to come home soon!
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Oh my gosh !
I am sending strong healing vibes and love to you.
You know, my younger sister was was born 3 MONTHS premature, that's right, she never even entered the 3rd trimester! And this was over 20 years ago. Today she is a very hearty, healthy athletic, tall and beautiful girl.

Welcome Asher!
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Welcome, baby Asher! We'll keep him in our thoughts for a quick homecoming!
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Congratulations!! Hope you and your family are holding up!

And, I LOVE the name!
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Congrats! I love the name to pieces! He sounds like a cutie. :
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*HUGS* to mama and baby Asher!! So wonderful to hear that he is doing well - take care of yourself mama...I hope the little tyke is home before you know it. Thinking of you tons!
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Congratulations on Asher's birth. Keep us updated on his stay in the NICU when you can!
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I love the name Asher Congratulations and good luck!
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I'm not in your DDC, but wanted to say congrarulations! LOVE the name...
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Congratulations!! Welcome baby Asher!:
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Welcome baby Asher and congratulations to you!! ((hugs)) on his early arrival. Going through the same thing right now with our little guy and it has proven to be one of the most difficult challenges I've ever faced. I hope your NICU stay is uneventful and mercifully short.
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mama, I hope that you can bring your little man home soon.
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Congrat's on your son's birth.
**Happy Birthday Asher*

You & your family will be in my thoughts
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Has there been any update on how things are going?
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