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Doll for 2 year old

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I am looking for suggestions for a doll for my soon-to-be 2 year old dd. I was at the toy store the other day and I just can't bear to buy one of those little dolls with blond hair that come with their own bottle and pacifier!

I do want something that comes with outfits as she is starting to get into changing clothes and imaginary play. I saw a little girl with a cute doll that was cloth and had a cute cloth diaper but I didn't get a chance to ask her Mom where it came from. Does anyone have any ideas? Links to websites?


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Check out magic cabin dolls . They are a bit spendy, but are really special and beautiful. They also have make-it-yourself kits, which I plan on doing for my dd's 2nd b-day this summer!

You can also search on eBay under the heading "Dolls and Bears". Just type in "waldorf" under the search option.

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You can get a kit and sew your own Waldorf style doll from Magic Cabin Dolls. They are beautiful dolls, they also sell ready-made styles in age-appropriate styles. I made one for dd, it came out great, but it sits on her shelf, she prefers the ones with plastic faces becaus they look more "real" (sorry, OT)

Zapf creations makes beautiful plastic-faced dolls, they have swet features and soft bodies, come in a range of sizes and outfits. We have Baby Cakes and her friend. DD just loves them! They're bald, so no offensive icky nylon hair.

Good Luck!!
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Thanks for the help!

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