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Flabergasted: dotted rash on DS legs and arms???

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Hmmm...what could it be? There is a speckled rash on his legs/ankles and arms/wrist areas this morning. Wasn't there yesterday...and have not fed him anything he hasn't had before several times. (yesterday was a kiwi and some clementines and some rice). No new detergents anything like that (lotions, soap, etc.)

Any ideas? it seems ok, doesn't seem to be bothering him, but i don't know if its something to be concerned about or not.

Thanks as always ladies!
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Can you take a picture?

Mine has a weird rash too, and I don't quite know what to make of it, but he doesn't have any other symptoms like a fever, extreme fussiness, or a cough, so I guess I'm not terribly worried about it? Is that bad? I don't know, it's my first time at all this.
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Have you taken any medications recently that could have passed into your milk? I had a dotty rash when I took a penicillin drug (amoxacillin) and it turned out that was a reaction to it.
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Nope. no medicine. he does seem to be a bit more cranky/tired, but he's had a LOOONNNGGG couple of days this weekend, so i don't relate it.

it's not blotchy, its just tiny raised dots in no particular pattern.
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Do they look like little red pimples kind of? My ds had something like this on and off and still does occasionally - we never really found out 100% what it is. The Dr. speculated that it could be eczema and when I used Lubriderm it cleared it up. He seems to flair up when he skin gets really dry so I use Lubriderm or Eucerin every day. I have tried organic and natural alternatives and they just don't work as well.

Have you tried anything?
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no...i haven't, didn't want to mess with it. but he is kinda dry. i'll try some baby burts or other lotion and see if that helps. actually, its kinda going away on its own. it seemed worse this morning.

yes, like tiny pimples.
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DD has that from time to time, so does DS (and he;s 4)

I just put some aveeno on it and it goes away
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We use Eucerin Aquaphor.
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