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Placenta previa (32 weeks) -internal exam?

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Hi there,
I'm quite new here, but I have a question I can't seem to get answered by reading through the archives...

I've got a low-lying placenta at 32 weeks and am booked for another scan after Christmas. The doctor who did the scan told me there would likely be regular scans from now on until it either moves or a c-section is scheduled. (I'm planning a homebirth, so this is a bit disheartening.) But then he also mentioned internal exams might be done as well.

Isn't this contraindicated with placenta previa?? When I phoned my midwife after the scan to give her the update, she positively freaked out that the doctor would even suggest an internal exam with placenta previa.

Is an internal exam a risk in this situation? Also, how long could I hold off on scheduling a c-section, assuming it stays too near the os? I'm going to ask them to give me a real measurement at the next scan of how close the placenta is to the os, but if at all possible, I'd like to go ahead with a natural birth, even if it must be in hospital.

Any advice? Thanks.
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Whoa - that is also what I was taught - no vaginal exams with previa. If there's a good reason, the doc should be able to explain it to you. It's possible he means trans-vaginal ultrasound, which would be slightly less risky than an examination of the cervix with the fingers. Still...
In my limited experience with previa that persists to term is that the mama has a section at 39-40 weeks or when she begins to bleed. Sometimes the placenta tells you when to jump to section.

Finding out the exact number of centimeters from the edge to the cervix (if any) is a good thing to know - it will determine your options.
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Thanks for that. I may also ask him to clarify on the internal exams. I think at the moment, I would completely decline it. I just hope he doesn't give me any bother, because I really can't be arsed with bother right now.
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Absolutely, clear that up so you are comfortable with what he thinks he is going to do.

And here's to hoping it moves up and you can deliver your babe at home!
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