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Please delete

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came to our home, dh was home alone. His f*** ex called them and said our dd is being neglected and we BOTH have to have drug tests.

What will happen? What can I do?

I've called my lawyer but he isn't in till later.
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Is it possible that your DH's refusal to voluntarily submit himself to a drug test to have visitation with your stepdaughters has something to do with this? She may just being vindictive (you've posted elsewhere that she harbors a serious dislike of you) or she may sincerely believe your DH's refusal for voluntary testing constituted an admission of regular drug use and fears for your kids safety.

In any case, your lawyer should be able to help navagate the legalities. I'd advise being as courteous as possible to the CPS folks...anything that strikes them as rageful or snide will only drag out the process.

Hang in there.
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just my .02, but i seriously think that she is just being vindictive. what grounds do they have for requesting drug tests? in our area, cps has to have cause before they will ask for them. is it possible that something on the home visit triggered this? i would submit, without hesitation, but i don't use so it isn't an issue for me. i'd be p.o.'d at the intrusion, but i'd protect my kids at any cost, and the children being taken away is a very real scenario.

we have actually been in this situation in the past, but had the case closed for "no cause." like you, it was a vindictive ex that made the call.

good luck.
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why do you think it's his ex that called? I didn't think that they could release that info. Doesn't the claim have to be investigated and go to court?
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I forgot to ask, what did DH do when CPS knocked on the door? Did he let them in? Did he talk to them? Where was your dd when all this happened?
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I know people advise being 'nice' to CPS. HOWEVER, being nice DOES NOT mean letting them trample your rights. You can be courteous and respectful and protect yourself at the same time. Do not do anything until you have consulted with your lawyer.

OP, may this be an unfounded call. Hugs.
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My XDH and XMIL called DSS (our CPS) over 9 times. everytime they showed up and everytime they talked to everyone,then released it as nothing. Even if you do test positive for drugs, they usually cant do anything anyway unless they can prove your doing around your child. At least that is what the case workers always told me. I dont do drug in any form but that was always a battle cry, along with my house had lead paint, was filthy ect. Be nice, talk to your lawyer and be careful
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As a mandated reporter, I;ve been trained that a parent doing drugs isn't cause for calling cps unless it results in neglect or other abuse. However, I don't really know how it effects custody. You dh doesn't have visitation, right? Why does she care? Did something trigger the call?
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