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There are some seriosly cute babies in our due date club!!

swampwitch, I just want to eat your cute baby up!
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Here's my little man, sporting his new "pirate onesie" that his big sister insisted daddy buy for him after the "pirate concert." He's already 17 lbs and a real chunk. He's 3 months tomorrow.

View image at HoldThatPic.com, image host.
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...not that we need to pick favorites,
but i did.
sheacoby - that blue chanelle-looking hat is priceless with yer little one...
and 1stbaby3rddaughter's Taylor pix are my favs...
but wow - everyone has such precious little beings that we have to stick cameras into their faces... i love it too.

thanks for sharing all your photos!
i'm curious, does anyone else do the midly obsessive, anne geddes-like, photoshop stuff with their little ones?
check out the last ones in mica's photo gallery..
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Mud_momma, I love the Anne Geddes-like pics! Adorable.

Omama, what an sweet little man you have there. He looks so big in his pirate onesie!
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I don't post very often, mostly looking at all your cute babies and I couldn't help but add mine...I've totally turned into one of those moms!!
I've never linked before and I'm not even sure I'm doing it right, we'll see...
There's one pic in this album where my babe's wearing a 'breast man' T-can you believe some actually found this to be offensive? : who knew? Of course the ones who find it offensive usually a) haven't breastfed their kids b) don't have kids or c) find breastfeeding itself offensive/not necessary


mud momma, what program do you use to do that photoshop stuff with? I'm sure I could become 'mildly' obsessive too!
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hey jake's mom.
first off, your munchkin has hair! and lots of it! how cute...

so, Adobe Photoshop is the name of the program.
expensive if you don't already have it.
i'm a web graphic designer/animation geek so i bought it a while ago.
anyway, get the program, take lots of naked babe pix, crop his/her background, and paste the little munchkin in another cute picture. not too hard, and very fun, especially the part about taking hundreds of photos of the tyke

let me know if you don't have photoshop. i'll see what i can do.
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Everyone's babes are so sweet! It's amazing how much they've grown!
Anna is 4 months old already!!! And she's wearing the 12mth clothing that our other girls wore at 12 months! Not bad for a babe born a month early!

Here are some of my gang over the holidays.
The one of Anna's feet was taken yesterday. She will most likely be having her first surgery in March.
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is there a smiley for 'gushy'?! closest I'll probably get-I totally get all gushy over babies ALWAYS now! It used to be I could pass a baby and think 'oh how cute' but now its like 'oh my god everyone's babies are so friggin cute it makes my heart melt' gushy!
I love babies...and baby pics (just saw that one!)
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our perfect angels...

so, have you all seen the beautiful, utterly happy, always smiling saints that we've birthed?!
my goddess, with all the photos we have of cheerful, laughing babies, you'd think they never frown, or cry...

well, i know you've all got those not-so-photogenic images stashed somewhere.
[ like right here ]

of course, every day those little angels give us great photos
[ like this ]
that make those wailing moments all that more precious, aye?

so - please bring out your 'other' photos, too!
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Here's my boy's "unphotogenic" picture. I actually love this, it makes me laugh

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Originally Posted by jake's mom View Post
It used to be I could pass a baby and think 'oh how cute' but now its like 'oh my god everyone's babies are so friggin cute...)
i felt awkward that even though i was around a lot of babies, and felt comfortable around them, i didn't need to hold them, or oogle in the faces, in fact, they weren't all that interesting, to be honest...

but now that i've had my own, everyone else's babe is just that much cuter, and irresistible!
what magic!
... and to think, i had once said i'd never have any 'rugrats' of my own...
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my my, littleteapot...
that's a great one.
and those are some serious rolls!
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We have LOTS of unhappy pics...
Here are a couple:
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Originally Posted by mud_momma View Post
1stbaby3rddaughter's Taylor pix are my favs...
Thank you!!! : All these babes are gorgeous
I love your photo shop pics, I would go crazy with a program like that...No laundry, no cooking, no cleaning, just pictures
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Here's one of those "funny" moments:


One of her sucking her bottom lip (does anyone else's baby do this?!):


And one AFTER she's finished sucking on her lip :

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More pictures everyone!! I love every one of them.

Here's one of our not so happy faces;-)

And one a few of her and her best bud

ok - just one more. Her sailor suit. This was my little brothers outfit when he was a baby!
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alrighty, pics w/ dogs.
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Originally Posted by mamasthree View Post
One of her sucking her bottom lip (does anyone else's baby do this?!)[/url]
Yes Taylor recently started sucking on her bottom lip

Here's she is before eating:

And after:
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Here's dd...it's hard to find my fave pic.
Here's another one!
Gotta love naked baby too!
Lastly, here she is with her big brother!
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