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Looking for anti - Ezzo links

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I have one link www.ezzo.info .

I am looking for more - if you have them.
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That was the one I was going to give you. Have you tried 'search this forum' and typed anti-Ezzo? It should give you most everything we have ever posted.

A bit off topic, but my family and I were in Kmart the other night and we were looking at books. THere were two glaring copies of Becoming Babywise on the shelf, which I hid. I also remarked very loudly to dh, "Becoming Babywise is the most horrible book on the plannet, babies have died from the terrible advice he gives in it. I am going to hide it, so nobody accidently buys it thinking it is good." or something like that because there was a pregnant woman on that aisle. She looked over and smiled, I hope she remembers what I said if she is ever given that book
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I have 2



I use these all the time...just make them into business cards and shove them into books and do not make stickers of them to put on books.....book stores get them replaced
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