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bumping for fyrebloom
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Well my birth story is no fun! I did carry my girls to 38wks. I never dialated or effaced. I had a scheduled csection. We waited till my 37th week to schedule the csection as I was hoping that Baby A would flip to head down but she didnt. She was breech with her feet on my cervix so a csection was safer for all involved. The surgery went good and my girls were born healthy at 6lbs 12oz and 6lbs 3oz. They came home with my from the hospital and required no NICU care. I wish I could have gone to 39 or 40wks but my OB said that after 38wks with twins the placentas start to function less...I was just happy to make it that far...
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Wow, so many differant and amaising stories! Thank you all for sharing them! I hope to add my happy story in july too!
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Thanks for the stories. I am sitting here tearing up because they are so beautiful! I am so in love with my twins and am just over 6 months along. All I do is talk about them.

Baby A is transverse, lying with her back down on the bottom of my uterus. Baby B is vertex, so they are head-to-head like an L. She has been this way for a couple of months now. She was breech. I am doing yoga to help her turn but it hasn't worked yet. Still trying!
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I wrote this a while after the birth and it happened so fast the order was kind of fuzzy, but this is what happened as best I can recal!

I decided to take castor oil around 2pm to get things going. I had tried everything else and nothing was working to get things going and I really needed to get them out. As much as I really believe that babies should be allowed to come when ready I was 40 weeks and 3 days with twins and could not hang in there much longer. Contractions started really light around 6pm, but only lasted a couple of hours and stopped. We went for a walk and got things ready in the house. I knew they would be born that night so went ahead and filled up the pool. I went to bed at 11:30pm because nothing was happening. I woke up at 12 with really strong contractions that were just a few minutes apart. I came into the living room to let Eli sleep a bit, but I could not handle it alone and I wanted to get in the pool. The contractions were so incredibly intense & I was not dealing well with them. I could not focus and I just did not know what to do. Eli woke up the midwife (she was asleep in Jackson’s room) at 12:20 to help me & lit a couple little candles. She called her assistant and another midwife that was coming over. She timed the contractions and they were 1.5 minutes long and 2 min apart. Since I was not handling things well in the pool I thought I would get out and see how that was. It was much worse and after getting checked (I was at 6cm) I got back in. I was so not in control of myself and then all of a sudden after a contraction I felt fine. I looked at my dh and said I was fine & he said I all of a sudden look ok. It was so odd & I felt like I was not even in labor for a few minutes. I had a couple minute break and maybe 2 contractions later I got the urge to push. I was kind of confused because it was just happening so fast. I was not pushing with the urge because it seemed too soon, I was just letting my body do it’s thing, not pushing but not holding back either. I reached down and felt Byron’s head coming out and it felt really weird and I was shocked it was already crowning. I was kneeling at that point and switched to leaning against the side. My mw asked if I could turn to face the other way because I was facing the wall and I said no so she took her pants off and jumped in. I don’t know how many pushes it took to get him out, maybe 2 or 3, not much. Byron was born at 1:20am in the caul (water bag intact). My mw pulled off his bag and I pulled him up onto my chest. He cried right away, but calmed down quickly. I only held him for a few minutes (maybe 10 min, not really sure) and the contrax got really strong again and I could not hold him anymore. I passed him to my hubby and started pushing. Miles came down really fast (head down!) and his head came out, but them no more would. His water bag was also still intact so my mw cut it to help him come out. It felt so good to have his water broken. He was stuck on his shoulders for some reason. I got on my knees and leaned over the side of the pool and he came out after a few pushes. He was much harder to push out than Byron was. Byron pretty much came out on his own, I had to work a bit for Miles. Miles was born at 1:35 am. I held him on my chest and he cried about 1 min after his birth and would not stop! His cord was really short and I could not hold him up very close to me. Right as he started crying my mom, sister & 2 of my best friends walked in. The 2nd mw & a mw friend of hers that was visiting had arrived as Byron was coming out, but I hadn’t really noticed. After I laid there a while with Miles I decided to get out to try to have the placentas come out. I stood up and Miles’ fell out with a big splash! I went over and laid on the futon hoping that the other would come out easily. Someone handed me a baby, not sure which one, and told me he needed to nurse. I had kind of forgotten about nursing them, I had wanted to nurse right away but just did not think about it. I laid down with the baby (I think it was Byron) and nursed him and then nursed the other baby when the 1st was done. That did nothing for my placenta and it took 2 hours after the birth for it to finally come out. I spent those 2 hours laying with my babies and nursing. After the placenta came out we decided to weigh the babies and my mw checked them out a little better. Byron was 7lb 15oz and 20 3/8” and Miles was 8lb 2oz and 20 5/8”. Everyone but the mw left after that and I slept. I woke up 6 hours after the birth to a big gush and told my mw that I thought I was bleeding too much. She checked and I was. After such a wonderful, natural, intervention free birth I ended up with 2 shots of pitocin, and IV and a catheter (I could not pee and it had been 8 or more hours since the birth). It was not as bad as I thought it would be and I was pretty out of it so it didn’t bother me much. After a while we decided to change the sheets and clean up a bit under me so I moved to a chair next to the futon and proceeded to pass out. I woke up laying on the futon and I had had a weird dream while passed out. It was all very confusing. It took me weeks to get to a point that I didn’t feel like I would pass out if I was up much but it gave me lots of time to lay around with my beautiful new babies. My hemoglobin was down to 6.5 and I was so week and tired, falling asleep mid sentence sometimes.
I had a very hard time making the decision to have these babies at home, but I am so incredibly glad that I made the right decision. I was not supported by very many people in this decision and it was so hard. In the end I had such a wonderful birth and brought my babies into this world in such a peaceful & loving setting in our own living room. So much better than the cold, bright operating room that I would have had to deliver in at the hospital.

eta: I forgot to mention that they both came out posterior!
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Ahhhh... As it gets closer (I'm almost 35 weeks now), I keep coming back to this thread and re-reading through some of the stories. You women rock, by the way.
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You are going to do great, Christy!
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Originally Posted by christyc View Post
Ahhhh... As it gets closer (I'm almost 35 weeks now), I keep coming back to this thread and re-reading through some of the stories. You women rock, by the way.
And so do you!!! Good job cooking those babes. You're in the home stretch!!!

(pun intended )
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Here is the story of Natasha and Nathan's hospital birth. Thank goodness my doula took notes

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Amazing thread.... thanks! Let's hope it gets stickied!
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Bumping this up.
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I can add mine now! twin UC birth story
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Days before the Deuce’s birth I was having a series of intense, consistent contractions. They were so frequent and painful that I was sure they were the fateful signs of labor I’d been waiting for. But on Sunday, January 21th, at 7:45am when my water broke onto the bathroom floor there were no such warnings signs to be felt. In fact, the painful contractions that followed, were not felt for almost an hour after the spill. As for the fluid, it was not clear, but rather a murky greenish black. The nurses later informed me that it was filled with meconium…AKA baby poop. It seems that my darling son, O, couldn't wait until birth to take his first dump.

The car ride to the hospital was intense. The pain of labor contractions can only be described as a surge that started in my pelvis and jolted my entire body with ferocious electricity. The brief moments between the contractions only offered relief for enough time to scream insults at W about his driving (too bumpy, too fast, too slow). Upon arrival W wheeled me up to Triage where they administered some antibiotics for me (because of the meconium) and quickly got me into my birthing room. I was contracting for only another 20 minutes or so before the anethstesiologist came with the epidural around 9:30am. It could not have come soon enough! The sharp electric pain was soon replaced with only strong pressure in my pelvis… uncomfortable for sure but much less painful.

My OB, Dr. M, arrived as the nurses were busy strapping me to the monitors that track the babies heart rates and my contractions. He quickly determined that O’s heart rate was much lower than it should be and declared that we needed to head to the O.R. to ‘get these babies out’. On the way into the OR, W leaned over to make sure I knew that ‘get these babies out’ meant an emergency c-section. Of course, this was not how I wanted it to go, but all I could think about was the safety of the babies.

Once they got me set up on the operating table the Anethstesiologist came back to administer heavy surgical anethstesia (which numbed my body from the neck down) and Dr. M began preparing for surgery. On the sidelines was W, diligently watching his son’s heart rate on the monitor. He noticed that it was slowly creeping up, and pointed this out to Dr. M, reminding him that we’d rather not have a c-section if it weren’t necessary. The doc agreed to postpone surgery and sure enough, O soon achieved a safe heart rate. Dr. M later told me that he’d never come so close to surgery and pull out. W and I take that as a personal victory.

The 3 hours afterward were spent laying in a cold O.R. waiting for the anethstesia to wear off. The anethstesia had pushed my contractions back to a near stand still, but fortunately my cervix was continuing to slowly dilate. At 1:00pm they brought me back into the birthing room and by 3:50pm I was 10 cm dilated and was ready to push. The nurses got me started, before Dr. M returned. W compares this experience with that of a sporting event. The nurses were my coaches, yelling encouragements during each ‘play’. Neither of us knew the rules of the game and to be honest, I was very doubtful that I was doing it right. I just kept searching for reassurance from my coaches. It was a strange feeling, having no idea of what I was doing, yet doing what my body was telling me to do. Despite my fervent attempts at pushing it seemed that there was something keeping O from joining us. He just wasn’t budging.

By 4:30 Dr. M sent us back into the OR for an ultrasound to see what the hold up was. He determined that O was “sunny side up”, facing up towards my belly instead of down towards my back. Dr. M decided he was going to give the baby a bit of assistance by using suction on his head.

By now I was beginning to feel waves of pain similar to what I had felt that morning, before the epidural. It was all happening so fast and I was so determined and focused on pushing O out that all I could do about the pain was scream. And scream I did! After talking with Dr. M today I now know why…the epidural had worn off by this time and the events to follow were all done without anethstesia. (Needless to say he was quite irritated with the Anethstesiologist and remarked at how he was surprised that I didn’t pass out.)

At 5:11pm Dr. M had reached his hand inside me to assist O’s head in rotation. He then attached a small suction disc, to his head as I pushed and seconds later O was born. O was taken to the other side of the room, but still hadn’t cried. I only had a moment to scream before Dr. M had his hand back inside me, reaching for F to conduct a Breach Extraction. (He had turned sideways once O was born). At 5:13pm Dr. M reached for F’s amniotic sack, pierced it, breaking the waters into a bag hanging at the end of the bed. He grabbed F by the feet and pulled him into the world just in time to hear O cry. F was soon crying in unison with his brother and his parent’s tears of joy.

As you can imagine there are many reasons why a Breach Extraction is never done without the assistance of an epidural, but somehow I managed to get through it…feeling every bit of excruciating pain along with it. But when I look back at that day the pain is the furthest thing from my mind. Soon I will forget the pain entirely, and only remember the feeling of jubilation and ecstasy when I met our children for the first time.
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bumping for the new twin mamas!
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My birth story and video are in my siggy. I wish this thread had been here when I was searching for stories during my pregnancy! It is so hard to find positive birth stories with twins!
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Lucinda and Cecelia's birth Story

I was growing increasingly more uncomfortable as one could imagine the further I got into my pregnancy. The goal with a twin pregnancy is to make it to 36 weeks – from what I’ve read, the majority of twins arrive between 35 and 36 weeks gestation. At my 34 week appointment, I was examined and found to be 3 cm dilated. My cervix was still fairly thick. At my 35 week appointment, I was still 3 cm dilated and my OB decided to put me on bed rest.

I was very discouraged; I knew that it was ‘normal’ for me with a singleton pregnancy to be very dilated but to not deliver early. It’s sort of a gift that my body slowly labors over weeks, but in a twin pregnancy, it was too risky for the OB (and for our babies’ health) to speculate about whether the early dilation was just a normal ‘Kate’ thing or if it was a sign that the twins would be arriving early.

I didn’t exactly adhere to the bed rest orders after a few days – I so missed being an integral part of the family. I started doing more and pretty soon, I was 36 weeks and still no babies. I had made it to 36 weeks! At my appointment that Friday (I was 36w4d), I was ‘a good’ 4-5 cm dilated and I must have had ‘the look’, because Dr. Grohs made an appointment with Labor and Delivery for the next Wednesday, July 12, at 8 AM, to bring me in and rupture my membranes to start labor! I was thrilled to have an end in sight.

In the meantime, Dustin had been absolutely wonderful doing everything to care for the children and the house. The kids also spent a lot of time at our angel day care provider’s house while I was physically and often emotionally exhausted. At times, it seemed decadent to be pampering myself so much – but I had accepted that my ‘job’ was to make sure that these twins arrived safe and sound and that I did not crash emotionally in the meantime, because it would be a long road to haul with no gas and five kids, aged six and under.

By Sunday July 9, I was getting discouraged again. The girls must have dropped further into my pelvis because I could barely walk by evening time. I was in a lot of pain – not from contractions as much as from feeling like my pubic bone and tailbone were being ripped apart. I went to bed that night with a half of an Ambien. As soon as I drifted off, I felt something in my abdomen that felt like a balloon had burst (around midnight). I wondered for a second if my water could have broken, but I felt no wetness and then started wondering if the babies were ok. I got up to use the bathroom and it didn’t seem like my water had broken – but I wondered if there was a little more ‘trickle’ than usual. I got back into bed and lay on my side. I started to feel those intense, wrap-around-the-back contractions, which usually don’t happen when I’m completely prone. I got up and GUSH – sure enough, I knew then that my water had broken.

I went to get Dusty (who was sleeping in the nursery) and told him that my water had broken. He knew that we should act swiftly. I started throwing things into bags and he called the doctor, his parents, and my mother. My father in law had planned on sleeping here and my mother and my mother in law planned to attend the delivery. The on call doctor called back (Dusty thought she must have been asleep because she called me ‘Nicole’) and said to come in. Yeah –we were coming in anyway.

The ‘caravan’ left the house around 12:30 (my in-laws and my parents live very close by) and we were off! I had a too-small wash cloth in my hand to manage the gushes of water. I was having fairly regular, real-labor contractions at this point. I realized that I was tensing up a bit and told my body and all of my muscles to relax, harkening back to my Bradley Method birth training. The car ride was not fun, but certainly not unbearable.

We arrived at the hospital and Dusty fetched a wheelchair for me and my mother in law and mother pack-horsed our bags to the labor and delivery unit. (Some of the details are blurry and I’ll have to get a better ‘story’ from my birth attendants and edit this at some point.) I was quickly ushered into a large room. The on call doctor is just here working at the hospital to fill in for an OB who left suddenly, so I had never met her before. Her name was Dr. (somethingunpronouncable) so everyone calls her Dr. Z. Anyway, we talked briefly about my situation – how I deliver, positioning of the twins, my last appointment, yada yada…… I was a bit frustrating because nobody there ‘knew’ me and I was so used to the midwife way of doing things.

Anyway, they hooked me up to monitors, ran an i.v. drip, and ultrasounded me to make sure the girls were still both vertex. I was 7 cm dilated upon initial examination. Dr. Z. wondered if I wanted an epidural – and I said no. I continued to labor quietly, visualizing Wyatt, Elliot, and Cora during my contractions. I have to say that labor never became really painful this time. I quickly went to 8-9 cm and then very quickly after that was complete. I knew I was complete by how alert I felt, moreso than by the overwhelming sensation of having to push. In the meantime, Dr. Seckas arrived. I call her the ‘OB’ version of Natalie (my midwife) and she was an amazing calming influence over the whole scene in the room. Dr. Z. wanted to deliver in the OR in case Twin B was in distress or wasn’t descending properly. Dr. Seckas was apparently responsible for letting me labor and deliver right there.

I was told to start pushing! It seems like with every delivery, I need a refresher on how to effectively push. Once I assumed proper position, Lucinda Hart was born very quickly, at 2:23 AM. They put her on me and Dusty cut her cord, but the focus soon became determining Cecelia’s position via ultrasound. Lucinda had a lusty cry and lots of dark hair. Cecelia was still head-down but not entirely engaged immediately after Lucinda’s delivery. They started pitocin in my i.v. to get me contracting again. I have a very hard time feeling contractions during the pushing phase of labor and delivery. I was told to start pushing, which felt funny because she didn’t feel like she was anywhere near the birth canal. Suddenly, I felt a huge amount of pain and I looked up at everyone, as if to say, ‘what the heck is that!?’ Suddenly, Cecelia’s bag of water burst all over everyone! I felt a huge amount of relief, but everyone around that ‘area’ was pretty messy. (My Mom said she was never washing her shirt – spoken only like a mother.)

At that point, she descended quickly and I delivered her with very few pushes at 2:40 AM, 17 minutes after her sister! She has much less hair than Lucinda and a sweeter cry, a lot like Wyatt’s when he was born.

I nursed one of the babies right away – I think it was Lucinda but I can’t tell from the picture. I actually had to push the placenta out this time. It hurt a little bit, and it was such a huge relief when it came out. I felt so amazing right after delivery. There was such a flurry of activity, high fives, tears, etcetera from the entire birth team that I didn’t have the usual midwife-y feel of a singleton delivery. But what an amazing experience. We were pretty much cleaned up by 3 AM! The girls were held and loved by their Daddy and Grandmothers while the nurses got me cleaned up and situated.

I have to say that I had the perfect delivery! I was thrilled that my last pregnancy ended with the ‘romantic’ midnight dash to the hospital and that my babies arrived safely and the way we wanted them to!

Lucinda Hart, born July 10, 2006, 2:23 AM weighing 6 lbs., 3 ozs., 18 inches long
Cecelia Love, born July 10, 2006, 2:40 AM weighing 6 lbs., 12 ozs., 18.75 inches long

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Just realized I forgot to add my own afterward. Duh!

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