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The story of Cale and Dillon's birth

After 12 weeks of being in and out of the hospital for preterm labor, all the time terrified that their identical twin boys might be born early, it was a real change for Jaime and Alex when the boys hit 36 weeks and Mom and Dad no longer had to wish they'd stay put. In fact, despite reassurances to the contrary, Jaime was starting to worry instead that they'd never be born.

Sunday night Alex and Jaime were certain that the twins had at least another week of gestating ahead, even when Jaime woke up at 1am with frequent contractions. Frequent contractions were nothing new, but something about the quality of the contractions was different. So she got out of bed and started timing them while doing a little work on the computer. After two hours she decided to call her midwife, and the midwife suggested she come in to be checked out. Like they had done many times before in this pregnancy, Alex and Jaime called a friend to watch Griffin, grabbed Jaime's bag, and headed for the hospital.

Jaime's not entirely sure whether she knew her babies would be born soon at this point, or if she still thought it was preterm labor -- but she could no longer walk through her contractions, and scared Alex a little when she stopped for a minute in the middle of the street because she couldn't finish walking across until the contraction passed. An internal exam when they arrived at the hospital at 4am showed she was 5cm dilated, and definitely going to meet her boys soon.

Two hours later, Jaime's cervix was 7cm dilated, and by 8am she only had a thin rim of cervix left. The whole time she labored she was able to relax through the contractions, welcoming the progress they brought and enjoying the breaks between them. When birthing Griffin, dilating was the painful part; actually delivering him was oddly satisfying. Given she was basically fully dilated, she and Alex believed the mythical painless drug-free childbirth was within reach.

They were wrong.

It took her cervix the next two hours to dilate the remaining itty bit. The contractions were very intense, and she quickly got frustrated with them because she felt like she was no longer progressing. Alex recalls Jaime saying many times during these two hours, "I'm done." Jaime recalls just wanting to give up, stay pregnant, and go home. The midwife recalls Jaime responding to, "You're doing awesome," with, "I'm done being awesome." Jaime would have taken any drugs they wanted to offer her at that point, but her good midwife knew she really was almost done.

At 10am she was finally complete, but she still didn't feel the urge to push. Jaime consented to have her water broken because she was getting frustrated that things were moving so slowly. Five intense minutes later, Jaime and Alex's first boy was born, followed in two minutes by their second.

Those seven minutes were pretty crazy. A whole team of people who had been waiting outside flooded into the room for delivery -- joining the midwife, the nurse, and Alex was an OB, a pediatrician, several pediatric nurses, a medical student, and probably a few more people that went unnoticed.

It was a more medical birth than the parents had expected, especially given it was unmedicated. The babies heart rates were monitored continuously throughout the labor, which meant Jaime didn't get to walk around. Jaime didn't get to catch her babies like she had hoped, although during delivery she had no thoughts of catching them and just wanted them out. And even though both boys were big (7lbs, 6oz and 7lbs) and healthy (Apgar scores of 9 each), they were whisked to the warming table to be looked after immediately.

But nonetheless everything was perfect. Jaime was able to deliver vaginally without any pain medication, and the twins couldn't be healthier, despite being one day shy of full term (36 weeks and 6 days). Once the two of them were in Mom's arms, they didn't fuss at all. They just looked into her eyes and happily nuzzled at her breast. They still never cry, but rather alternate happily between quiet alert, asleep, and hungry. Jaime and Alex had thought tandem nursing would take weeks to figure out, but within minutes of holding them Jaime had them both nursing.

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Twin Homebirth

Here's the link to my twins' birth story.
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Here's mine.


Warning...it is loooooong.
And no, there are no commas anywhere in the story...and that is totally intentional.
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Not *a* birth story, but sort of a video collection of several:

Our twin and triplet natural birth montage video!

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Birth Story of my fraternal girls twins born via C-section on 3/29/07

Haneul and Iseul were born on March 29th at 1:03 and 1:07 p.m. via C-section. Haneul weighed 6 pounds 5 ounces and Iseul weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces. Haneul was 18.5 inches long and Iseul was 20 inches long. They look quite different, so we were sure that they were fraternal.

I was induced on March 28th with pitocin when I was 38 weeks along with both babies looking good for a vaginal birth being both heads down. I was admitted at 11:30 a.m. I had my water broken on Haneul's sac at 5:30 p.m. By 2 a.m. on the 29th I was up to 30 units of pitocin, more than what is usually administered, and was only 4 cm dilated and 90% effaced. My contractions were only measuring in the 40s and 50s. (They want you between the 60s and 90s before you get an epidural.) This was not much progress above my 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced that I had been hanging around at since week 34. In the hopes of still achieving a vaginal birth, my OB and the nurses decided to take me off of pitocin, let me sleep, and start again since both babies heartbeats were still very good in the womb.

We started the pitocin cycle again at 7 a.m. on the 29th, deciding that my uterus might respond better after a rest. My OB said that we should try until 11 a.m and then if I still didn't respond, then we should go with a C-section. The second round of pitocin ended with me being in the same place, 4 cm dilated and 90-95% effaced. My contractions never became very painful. My OB told me that my uterus had just been stretched so much beyond capacity that it was not able to produce effective contractions. (Apparently an overdistended uterus is somewhat common in multiple pregnancies.)

So at 11 a.m. it was decided that I would have a C-section as soon as possible that afternoon. I was taken off of all the monitors and allowed to take a shower. I was told that I would be given a spinal rather than an epidural for the C-section. I went in for the C-section at 12:30. My husband waited outside for about 15 minutes while I had the spinal anaesthesia administered and I was prepped. When he came in I was feeling very relaxed--with a puffy warm air suit on my arms and neck and the shield all up so he and I could not see the surgery. The surgery was not painful at all with the anaesthesia. I could fill some pressure from the pushing and pulling, but that was it. Haneul was born first at 1:03 and she cried right away. We both saw her before they cleaned her up. Then, a few minutes later Iseul was born. Iseul turned transverse as soon as Haneul was out, so she was a little trickier to get out because she was trying to get out arm first. She also weighed almost 8 pounds!! We heard her cry and saw her before she was cleaned off as well.

After about 20-30 minutes of finishing the surgery and getting the girls all set, we were all taken to the recovery area. I was able to hold the girls and attempt to breastfeed them. Then, my parents came by and we all held the babies.

After my parents left I had to sit in recovery for a while because I was still so numb. Both of the girls had slightly labored breathing (common with C-section babies) so we had the pediatrician come by and he decided to take Haneul to the NICU for observation and some tests. Later he decided to take Iseul too.

Haneul ended up testing positive for group B strep infection and had sepsis by they time she got to the NICU. (Although I was tested twice for it before delivering, I never tested positive.) However, I did have it and since Haneul was twin A and in the bag of waters that was broken and had a scalp monitor, etc., she was the one with the infection. Iseul was also treated for it with antibiotics, but she did not showing signs of having it. Haneul was in the NICU for 11 days. Iseul, and my husband and I headed home 4 days after my C-section.

As far as breastfeeding...I attempted to breastfeed both babies right after their birth, but neither would latch on at that point. It took 5 days for my milk to come in, but Iseul was latching on 1 day after her birth and getting colostrum. I wasn't allowed to try to breastfeed Haneul at first, but by the 2nd day I had her at the breast, even with all of the tubes, etc. I tried to pump for Haneul while she was in the NICU the first few days, but I was not able to pump anything beyond the very first time. When my milk came in I was able to pump for Haneul and she did get pumped bottles, although I couldn't keep up with what the NICU gave her. We had some latching issues with Haneul for about 6 weeks and used supplements with both girls, but by about 2.5 months were able to give up supplements. I am still breastfeeding both girls at the age of 15 months now.

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nonmedicated, vaginal, hospital, twin birth

For those of you that are uncomfortable with the amount of doctoring a multiples pregnancy has brought on and worried about losing control of your birth experience in a hospital, I hope this helps...

My first thought when I found out that I was having twins at 20 weeks was that this was not going to be the pregnancy and birth that I had planned for. Selfish maybe, but I had such a wonderful, natural childbirth with my first and I was looking forward to repeating the experience. Instead I was going to be driving to an OB's office and hospital and hour away for appointments and put into the "high risk" category.

As things progressed, my twins were diaognosed with IUGR which lead to more tests and worries from my doctor. At 37 weeks exactly I agreed to being induced due to their lack of growth. I thought induction was going to be hell- more intense contractions, forcing my body into something it was ready to do, and lead to the need for meds and possibly a c section. Lucky for me this was my second pregnancy and my body had been preparing already for a while. When I came in I was already at 4 cm. After a few hours of regular, but painless (seriously) contractions from the pitocin my water broke. I went from 5 to 10 in one hour.
Things got more painful towards the end, but due to how fast things were moving, I was able to manage the pain without meds and felt really strong. At 10 cm I wasn't really feeling the urge to push, just a little bit of rectal pressure. My OB said to try on the next contraction and my baby girl started to make her way into the world! 5 min later baby boy was born. He was on an external monitor from the ultrasound and due to a prolapsed cord was starting to crash. My OB was trying to get his cord out of the way and telling me to keep pushing. We were getting pretty close to an emergency section, but I firmly believe my not having an epidural allowed me to push enough to get him out vaginally.
All in all it was a very different pregnancy and birth than I had before, but in the end I have a healthy boy and girl and had a positive birth experience.
By the way, at 37 weeks, Pearl was 4 lbs 9 oz and Colton was 4 lbs 5 oz, no NICU and nursing!
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The link to my double breech, footling baby A home birth story
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Twin VBAC (not mine, but a good one to read!)

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Thank you for this link. It is one of the most beautiful videos I've seen. It is so encouraging and educating that Natural birth is possible for multiple pregnancies!!!

Originally Posted by christyc View Post
Not *a* birth story, but sort of a video collection of several:

Our twin and triplet natural birth montage video!

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Here is ours!!

This was the notification and I will edit it with more info soon....


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"not what I expected, hospital, preterm birth"

Here's a link to my birth story. Not at all what I planned but that's the way things go sometimes...

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Here's a link to mine:


First-time mom, homebirth of di-di identical girls. Long labor, kick-started with castor oil. Everything turned out for the best, and I got these wonderful babies!

Still BFing at 17 months, CD'ing too and loving it!
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32 weeks, breech/breech unmedicated vaginal births in hospital.

It all kind of started at 27 weeks really. That's the week when I got a run of contractions and felt, uh oh, this is like what happens at the *end* of pregnancy! I was pretty accurate then when I told my mil that I thought it would be another 4/5 weeks.((

I did take the contractions as a cue to slow down a little, try to eat and drink better etc...but I also had four children to care for whose needs were not being met as well as they should have been. We tried school for the boys. It was worse for us all than having them home. They came back to home ed and we were focused on making it work better.

I plodded along in a lot of pain. Just sitting was painful. I feel like I need to remember how hard it was. How painful. My poor pelvic area was just hurting everywhere.

Contractions subsided greatly. Or maybe I just got used to them. I'm not actually sure. We do constantly adjust to 'normal' as pregnancy progresses without even realising it.

For 3/4 days before birthing I started clearing out. My body clearing out, but also drawing things to a close on the outside. I recognised 'nesting alert', but no other signs to say it was going to happen. I started thinking more '34 weeks and let them be well'. I thought I'd go to 34 weeks. I hoped.

The day before birth I went to a Nearly New sale of baby items. I found everything I needed: pushchairs, carseats, compact baby swing and a few other bits. I was contracting about every 5 minutes at the sale and feeling phased out, but once home I figured I could rest it out like I'd been doing for weeks now. I did some birth art that night and went to bed with mild but probably too regular 'braxton hicks'.

The next morning I woke to some strong sensations, but not so much more than I'd had for weeks. Still hoping it's okay...but when I went to the bathroom I saw a show. The red light that things were happening for real. BUT....it might stop!?! Oh, I knew it wasn't going to, but it felt scary to be so early still. I made a couple of calls and pottered about getting bags ready. It might still stop.

I phoned the delivery suite as is protocol. I didn't want to land on them as babies arrived with no notice. I asked if there was space in the NICU that day. My first actual acknowledgement of what was happening. I cried. It didn't sound like they had space. She's evasive.

Children were dropped off with Auntie and I went into hospital with husband. Suddenly I wasn't questioning if he should be there or not. I needed him to be there.

We were booked in and a consultant came to talk to me and do a scan to see position of babes. They had been transverse at the last scan. I was booked for another one tomorrow went through my mind not a few times! It was explained to me what happens when a transverse lie is left during labour - all death talk. I know all this, but smile at him, he doesn't know that.

The scan showed an oblique breech and a breech. So is it a section or not? I don't labour very conventionally. I tend to have a veeery long latent stage, but then kick off very, very quickly at the end. Apparently it's not obvious from my external appearance whether or not I'm in labour. I'm never quite sure myself until baby is just about coming out ,D

They wanted to do an internal to see what could be felt as the presenting part that way. I had a lovely midwife who was so gentle masha'Allah. She could only feel spine, but was shocked to find me at 4-5 cms and her hand got stuck with a contraction that she declared 'very strong'.))

Oh nooo. It's going to be a section. Please God, no. How am I going to cope with everything afterwards. How are the babies going to cope with that entrance to the world. Please make it a vaginal birth. Please.

She went out to discuss with the consultant and came back wanting to site a canula. I couldn't go with that at 4-5 cms. It would be saying yes to surgery for me, and there was still hope for movement. The boy had his spine to my cervix, so cord prolapse was not likely, and my sacs tend not to break easily. First two children's had been broken by attending midwives and fourth baby had arrived in the caul. I'd also been eating sac strengthening foods all pregnancy.

I got onto all fours at this point to take all pressure off the cervix and give us some time and space to move my sweet baby. I took pulsatilla 200c too and PRAYED intensely to have some movement before making a decision...

Contractions really started picking up now and very soon I asked for another internal. I didn't want to be fully dilated with only spine. That would have been a conclusive section. I'm swaying side to side and talking to baby. I'm praying like I've prayed before in times of utter need where I know that there is nothing. nothing I can do but put myself in His hands. I am a slave to the Divine. My body is just a means for the passage into the world of these two trusts from God. I surrender utterly over the coming minutes to throw myself down before Him in acknowledgement of His Majesty. All I can do is intend to look after them to the best of my ability Allah. I have nothing else.

I tell my friend and birth partner 'I need a miracle'. I'm weeping quietly; asking for a miracle.

The midwife lets me know we're 7-8 cms and she can feel some scrotum and spine. Baby is shifting. Thank you God. Thank you. I have hope. I pray a prayer that saved those before me. Everyone around me phases out. I'm in the sea of His Mercy and Generosity and the outcome is with Him, subhanahu wa ta'ala.

The special care people come and talk to me, but I don't remember much of this. I read about prem babies in the pregnancy. I know some of what lies ahead - in theory. I tell them 'No Formula' and they must think I'm mad. I go to the toilet then. It's close now, I need to empty my bladder and make way for you both. I walk to the bathroom and it feels exhilerating to be actively up and opening, welcoming these babies 'this side'.

Next, when I'm back on all fours in the room, the registrar is coming in. He tells me he might be delivering my babies today. I like the look and sound of him. He's okay. I feel okay if it has to happen. I'm so, so scared to imagine the cutting though. Breathe deeply. It'll be okay. I ask him when we'll know if a breech trial is possible or a section is necessary? He says when the babies come out or not. It just sounds so bizarre, but I suddenly feel a surge of certainty that it's going to be okay. It's going to work out. Almost with my next breath I know the babies are on their way and I bellow 'they're coming out'.......everyone dashes about as my son descends fast and entirely in the caul. A midwife calls 'get her to theatre'. Someone is placing the canula and it distracts me with the pain. I'm screaming 'it hurts, it hurts'! I don't want them to think the baby coming out hurts. It's my hand hurting soo much. Eugh. I see a lot of blood from my hand. I feel so much pressure and then it splashes and I don't know if it's one baby or both! I see between my legs that it's a baby...it's my baby. Oh, they cut his cord. The woman is saying it shouldn't hurt anymore. It's all taped down and blood everywhere but it's so, so much pain in my hand.

Now they are telling me to turn over so they can scan for the other baby's position. I can't move. Oh God, please make this one come easily. Please make them okay. Aaagh. The pain in my hand is taking me away from them. I get a surge of contraction again and my daughter has begun her descent. I can't make out the sensations very easily, but she's coming down. A splash. A pause. Oh God, please make me open and release her gently. Her head then descends and she's out and away from me. They cut the cords. I weep.

My babies are away from me. The placenta comes away and is gone too. I realise that it could have been a problem if it hadn't left me so easily. They are getting the synto ready. 'Noooo, no syntometrine. I don't want it'. What stupid fights we have to have. There is conversation about me bleeding, but the registrar is saying it's okay. Thank you God. I like this man! He is telling them I'm not bleeding heavily at all. To just write down that I refused the synto. Thank you man!! A calm voice in the midst of lots of panic. A midwife says 'doesn't she want us to save her life' - I want to say something but there is so much going on. I haven't seen most of the births - it's been in audio and my minds eye as my back was to everybody. But words came to me clearly. If she thought I wouldn't hear, she was wrong.

My midwife is taking the canula out. It was a trainee who put it in and she went right through and back again. It's a bloody, bloody mess. My hand will be swollen for well over two weeks, and it will be a constant reminder of what my babies are having done to them through that time in the NICU.

I hold my daughter close, but she starts grunting. My heart. I am waiting to hold my son too - to have them together. But he is already gone. My daughter is taken too. Away. The births are forgotten as I'm left alone with my husband and friend. They are told they cannot go with the babies. It's 40 minutes before we get any feedback and I know that they are relatively okay.

and the NICU, gut-wrenching heartache, has only just begun....
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I just learned to copy, so I thought I'd put my birth story over here
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Here's mine - 48 hour labor, unmedicated hospital twin birth:

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My water broke Nov 28 (36w 1d) at 6:45am. Both boys were breech so I had to have a c-section. They arrived at 11:56am and 11:58am. Matt (A) was 6lbs 6oz and 20 inches and Will (B) was 6lbs 8oz and 19 inches. Twins run in my family and they were di di so we just have assumed that they are fraternal but they look so similar and even moms of identicals in my mothers of twins club swear my boys look more similar than theirs. We are planning to do the DNA test but just haven't gotten around to it yet.
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my breech twin birth story!

i keep trying to start this story and i don't even know where to start. it was like a month of kinda labor followed by a few minutes of intense labor. also, alot of the details are jumbled in my head, but i wanted to write what i do remember down before i look at my records.

jan 30th (at 33 weeks) i woke up with contractions about every 5 minutes. they weren't painful or anything but they were very regular. i took a bath and went to the dentist for a root canal and they were still every 5 minutes. i finally called the dr office and they said to go to labor and delivery. we packed a bag jic and got some food and showed up at the hospital. by then the contractions were 3 mins apart and i was 4+cm. doh! i had no idea...so they gave me procardia to stop the contractions and steroid shots for the babies and admitted me. we hoped to make it another 24-48 hours. the contractions slowed down and i stayed in the hospital until just over 35 weeks. i took the meds to stop labor for another week at home and stopped taking them at 36 weeks.

on sunday feb 22nd i started having contractions that were about 7 mins apart and i could feel them in my cervix. they woke me up that night and were the same on monday. by monday afternoon we decided to head to the hospital and see what was going on. i was almost 37 weeks. after 24 hours of no changes i was a little concerned about the babies' positions. baby 'a' had been butt down for most of the month before. we called my mom to come up and get the kids. when we got to the hospital i was 4-5cm but mostly effaced and very regular contractions. a quick sonogram showed baby 'a' was head down. i was relieved because the dr on call was NOT comfortable with a breech delivery. we called my doula (melissa) and photographer (lynsey) and decided that melissa would come up then and we'd call lynsey after rush hour and let her know how it was going. i turned down the pitocin that was ordered by the dr. the nurse seemed concerned that it was going slowly and i might not have the babies that night if they didn't do something. :-) i said i didn't mind if it didn't happen until the next day. after walking for awhile they checked me again and i was "6cm". we called lynsey to come up. the contractions got steadily a little bit harder but not that bad all night. i HATED the monitors and kept throwing up when they tried to get both babies on. i was checked a couple more times and was 6, 6, then "actually 6cm". :-( i was really starting to hate checks. i really hated the monitors. i regreted going in to the hospital so early. in the morning lynsey and melissa both went home and we were gonna call with updates if/when anything happened. dr cummings came in around 7ish? and said i was still a 6, but was super stretchy and could easily stretch to be "10 or 10,000". but baby was low enough that he would be comfortable breaking my water if i wanted that. i really thought it would happen fast if he broke my water and agreed eagerly. he clarified that i was comfortable with breech baby 'a' and i said yes, but he was head down now. he didn't argue. ? he said if he'd been on the night before he would have just let me go back home. he said i should eat a good breakfast, take a god nap, and he'd break my water. he told the nurses to leave me alone to sleep. i got a couple good hours of sleep (which were uninterrupted thanks to meredith ;-p ) and woke up feeling better and refreshed. the contractions slowed way down to like 10 min apart and weren't feeling very strong. i tried to eat and just kept throwing up. so early in the afternoon he broke my water. everything looked good and the hospital was pretty busy so we really were left alone from then on. i had the monitors on constantly after that and i really hated that. i had been monitored for almost a month at this point off and on and was just so sick of it. after about 2 hours i felt like i was maybe getting close to pushing - not pushy yet, but feeling pressure and these contractions hurt. i was worried that it would go fast when i got pushy so i called the nurse and asked her to check me. she checked me at 4:30 (the time is significant, haha) and said i was maybe a 7. i was so deflated. i whined to peter that i wanted my tub. yelled at him not to talk or touch me. yelled at him for looking at the monitors. the contractions were like one on top of another and it hurt and i was only 7. peter thought we should call melissa and lynsey and my mom and update and i just couldn't call and tell everyone that after 2 days i went from 6 to 7. then i felt pushy. like really pushy. like baby in my vagina gotta get it out now pushy. i hit the call button and said "i'm pushing". the nurse ran in and saw my face. i was standing next to the bad. she said "get on the bed - no gravity! don't push! i'll get the dr". i kinda half got on the bed. peter said "um andrea you are pushing." i said "i TOLD her i was pushing! what am i supposed to do!?" dr c came right in (i later learned he'd been waiting at the desk cause he knew i'd be fast). the nurses got me unplugged from everything and they raced me down the hall - running like in the movies - to the or (twin births have to be in the or). the nurses were yelling at me not to push and i told them to shut up. i was trying so hard to not have the baby until we got to the or. as we wheeled in the door out he came. i caught him myself (while the nurses yelled at me to move my hands - yeah right!) and peter was in the hall pulling on scrubs. they said to give one more push and i was so confused then i realized i was holding baby butt - NOT baby head. one quick push and out came his head. 4:43pm. 13 minutes after my last check where i was 7cm. peter cut the cord and they moved him to the isolette next to me while i moved to the or table. they had stirrups on it and i asked if i had to use the stirrups and dr c said we'll see. i heard someone say the fetal heart rate was 90. i thought i must have misheard. then they said the fetal heartrate was 70 and i knew something was wrong. they put my legs in the stirrups and i laid back and then just blinding pain. all i can say is those stirrups are built strong because my legs were fighting against them with all their strength and i had no control over them. during pregnancy we talked about how if i did not have an epidural and he had to turn baby 'b' or go in after him it would hurt. bad. i thought about that conversation and thought there was no. way. that was what was happening. i just couldn't let my mind think that was what was happening. out came baby 'b' and i pushed a little again for his head. later dr c said that he had to go in and grab him by the feet and pull him down. he was way tangled in the cord (peter and the nurses said it was around his arms, torso, neck, and leg) and my uterus contracted down fast with him transverse and high and that's when his heartrate dropped. it was very painful, but very fast and i keep having flashbacks to it (part of the reason i haven't written it out until now). baby 'b' was very blue and he pinked up with oxygen but went blue again everytime they took the oxygen. peter went with him to the nicu and baby 'a' went with me back to the room. he spent an hour or so in the nicu then they released him (with the small ransom of us agreeing to give him 1 oz of formula first *eye roll*). baby 'a' is cassius daniel and weighed 5lbs 15oz and baby 'b' is fox patrick and weighed 5lbs 11oz. i didn't tear a bit and felt great afterwards. they discharged all of us the next afternoon. so nice to be home! so after half-assed laboring for a month i really only had serious labor for about 13 minutes. nursing is going GREAT. better than with either other of my kids.
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I’ll add my twin birth stories to this thread. One UC and one mostly unassisted home birth. I hope you’re like me and don’t mind reading long posts!

Cali & Trent’s birth story
By November 28th, 1999 I was 38 weeks with my first set of twins, and more than ready for them to come out. I’d been having braxton hicks contractions regularly for about two weeks. On the evening of November 28th I ate dinner, took a nice long walk (trying to start labor), put my 2.5yo to bed, then settled in on the couch to complain to my partners about how miserable it is to be 38 weeks with twins.

I got up to pee for the ten-thousandth time that day around 9:00pm, and discovered bloody show. The braxton hicks were picking up steam and the babies were kicking the crap out of me. We knew this was finally happening, so we called over my best friend to keep an eye on my older daughter and prepared the birthing kit. This would be my second planned UC.

My partners, best friend, and I sat around playing poker until about 1am. During this time the contractions gradually got closer and closer together and more intense, though they were never nearly as intense as the contractions I had with my first daughter (probably because my uterus was so stretched). My partner Dallas checked me at 1am and I was about 7.5cm. At that point I laid down on the bed and suffered in silence for a while (it’s a good thing I like to labor silently, since my daughter was asleep in the next room and we were still living in an apartment then!)

By 2am I was laying on the bed with my partner Cody holding me and the labor had gotten extremely intense. My own memories are pretty fuzzy, but with three other people in the room I know everything that happened. Dallas checked me again and I was 10cm. The babies had been in the same positions since 30 weeks, with baby A (Cali) head-down and baby B (Trent) breech. It took me about 20 minutes to push Cali out. Her position was perfect and she came out screaming. There was never any break in pushing and less then a minute later I delivered Cali’s placenta, which her cord was still attached to. This was weird and unexpected, but there wasn’t much of a chance to examine it because Dallas barely had time to clamp Cali’s cord before he saw Trent’s feet. I distinctly remember Dallas saying “He’s footling breech, just push.” So I pushed and in just a few minutes Trent was born. The cord was loosely wrapped around his neck, but he started breathing right away.

I got to hold both the babies for a few minutes, then delivered Trent’s placenta. I had some fairly severe bleeding afterwards, but used an herbal tincture I’d gotten from an herbalist and eventually the bleeding slowed down. It took me a few days to recover from the blood loss, but everyone was fine.

California (Cali): Born 2:28am, Nov. 29th 1999, weighing 6lbs 6ozs
Trent: Born 2:34am, Nov. 29th 1999, weighing 7lbs 1oz

The birth was a wonderful, casual, stress-free experience and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. UC was (and still is) the perfect birth choice for me. It was perfect times two with my twins.

Jesse & Davin’s birth story
Jesse and Davin were supposed to be my birthday babies, according to their EDD, but they wouldn’t have any of it. March 3rd, 2004 was a fairly normal day. I spent some time playing outside with my kids and working on one of my novels. I was only 34 weeks and 3 days, so I wasn’t too horribly uncomfortable yet. I wasn’t having BH contractions and there was no reason for me to think I might go into labor.

A little while after dinner (about 7:30pm) I was sweeping the dining room floor when I felt what I thought was my first braxton hick. I ignored it, but then I felt wetness between my legs. I went to the bathroom and it was blood. I spent a good minute in sheer terror, thinking I would have to go to the hospital, where they would probably kill me with botched medicine like they did my MIL. She’d died having ID twin boys--I was carrying ID twin boys. It took me a few minutes to calm down enough to tell my partners what was happening, and then we called our doctor. We quickly hammered out a new birth plan with my doctor (he’s a GP, by the way, not an OB or anything like that). He and his brother the pediatrician would come over, and bring with them the drugs and equipment they might need if the babies’ lungs weren’t developed enough. But the babies would be born at home, with the possibility of a hospital transfer after birth if the doctors couldn’t handle the complications. I really wish I’d had a ‘just in case’ plan worked out ahead of time--trying to think it all through over the phone while having occasional contractions was NOT fun.

My partners called my best friend to come watch the older kids and got the birth kit ready. Meanwhile, I worked on getting myself into a better frame of mind. I really never doubted that the babies would be OK, and, with the possibility of a hospital birth firmly off the table, I knew I would be OK too.

It was about 9:30pm by the time the doctors showed up. By then my contractions were regular, though not too intense, and I was about 6cm. They set up their equipment in my bedroom and I got in the jaquzzi tub to labor for a while (though I would never be interested in actually delivering in a tub, it sure helps with the contractions). From that point on I never felt any real pain, just pressure. Knowing Jesse and Davin like I do now, I bet they went out of their ways not to hurt me.

When I got out of the tub around 10:30pm I was 9cm. I laid down on the bed with Cody and just waited. I could feel baby A (Jesse) coming down. We were very confident about his delivery, as he’d been head-down for two weeks. His brother had been switching between breech and transverse, but obviously it was too late to worry much about that. I pushed three times and Jesse was out. His cord was immediately clamped and cut so the doctors could work on him, because he wasn’t breathing right away. It was strange, but I never felt any fear while they worked. I knew he would be fine, and after a few minutes he was breathing and even crying a little bit. I got to hold him for a few minutes before I felt the pressure to push again.

To everyone’s surprise, Davin’s delivery went as smoothly as Jesse’s. He’d flipped head-down during the labor and was born with a single push. He was breathing right away, though it was labored to some degree. Both babies ended up on supplemental oxygen in my bedroom for about 12 hours, but were otherwise fine.

I delivered their shared placenta without incident and bled less than I had with my second singleton.

My doctors spent the night, and my pediatrician checked in with us each day for the next week or so. Jesse and Davin gained weight and strength steadily, however, and have remained perfectly healthy ever since, without ever seeing the inside of a hospital.

Jesse: Born 11:03pm on March 3rd, 2004, weighing 4lbs 9ozs
Davin: Born 11:15pm on March 3rd, 2004, weighing 4lbs 12ozs

It certainly would’ve been easier on everyone’s nerves if they’d waited another week or two to come out, but things happen for a reason and it was a wonderful birth, even with the doctors there.
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Hypnobabies, non-epi, hospital twin birth

Birth Story of Andrew and William

Their story began on September 20 when I was 33 weeks pregnant with the twins. At 2am I woke with contractions that were strong and intense and 10 minutes apart. Within 30 minutes, they were 5 minutes apart so we headed to the hospital. When we got there, they checked my dilation and I was 4 cm and 75% effaced. Since it was so early, they immediately started me on Terbutaline, antibiotics, and steroid shots. The Terbutaline didn’t have any real effect on the contractions, so they next started me on Magnesium Sulfate. At that point, delivery seemed imminent. The local hospital doesn’t have the facilities for babies prior to 35 weeks, so I was transferred by ambulance to a hospital about 60 miles away.

I stayed on Magnesium Sulfate for 3 days and then they turned it off to see if the labor would restart. I had contractions the whole time but they weren’t “productive”. I stayed in the hospital 24 hours longer and when I didn’t dilate any further, I went home. It took 2 weeks to recuperate from the Mag-Sulfate so my mom stayed with me and cooked for me.

On October 14, labor started again. This time I was 36 weeks. After 4 hours of contractions that were 5 minutes apart, we headed back to the hospital. I dilated from 4 cm to 6 cm in the triage area within the first 20 minutes. The standard procedure for delivering twins is in the operating room (which I was okay with) so we headed straight there. After 30 minutes or so I felt the intensity of the contractions die way down. After spending 3 hours in the OR, I finally told the MW that I didn’t think the contraction were productive anymore. We headed to a regular room to rest and see if the contractions picked up again. The next morning, they were completely gone. We spent that day in the hospital, walking the halls and seeing if we could get things going again. No luck.

At this point the OB was very reluctant to see me go home since I was so dilated. We agreed to stay one more night and check again for dilation in the morning. I was so tired from little sleep, walking all day and the stress from being in the hospital again. My confidence in my body was severely shaken with the starts and stops. The OB on call that night came in to talk to us about doing an amnio to check if the babies’ lungs were developed enough to induce labor. I was so frazzled that I almost agreed. My DH was much steadier of mind and reminded me that the babies should choose their own birthday. There was no sign of distress in the babies and I was fine – why induce at 36 weeks?

So the next morning, our favorite midwife (she also attended the birth of our daughter) checked me and since there was no change, discharged us.

We spent the next week getting stuff ready around the house. We are also house-hunting since we are currently in a 2-bedroom condo with soon-to-be 4 kids so we looked through some houses.

On the afternoon of October 21, while looking through the house that we ultimately decided to buy, labor started again. We monitored the contractions for a while, but then had the bloody show and very intense contractions. So we headed in to the hospital – again. This time I was at 8 cm at check-in (no triage this time). In about an hour I was at 9 cm and we headed to the OR again. All this time I had been using my hypnosis tools very effectively.

One thing was very different from my DD’s birth. This time, the OBs really pushed the epidural. The anesthesiologist came in to talk to me and try to convince me that epidurals are completely safe and that I should get one “just in case”. I refused, stating that I was consenting to deliver in the OR “just in case”. He was sure to let me know that he would be right there in the OR if I changed my mind.

It’s odd, but the operating room is icy-cold! DH and our MW (the same one again), made sure I had warm blankets and tried to warm me up. Slowly I noticed that the contractions were getting less intense and spacing further out. After an hour or so I didn’t need to focus to get through the contractions. I asked the MW to start some pitocin at a low level, just get things moving again. Every 30 minutes or so, they turned up the pitocin. I would get a couple of good contractions each time it got turned up, then they would taper all the way down again. I was getting discouraged – I thought pitocin was a sure thing; it never occurred to me that it would not give me hard, intense contractions!

I will never forget sitting on the operating table at midnight in a freezing cold operating room, singing great 70’s and 80’s rock songs with the MW and nurses, dilated to 9 cm, maxed out on pitocin, and feeling nothing. We were playing “name that song/artist” and chatting about life in general.

Finally, at around 12:30, I asked the MW to break Andrew’s bag of water. Thing got really intense after that. The contractions were definitely uncomfortable at that point, but I went back to using my hypnosis tools and stayed very much in control. I felt every sensation as Andrew made his way out. There was pressure outward on my hips as Andrew pushed past William. Once Andrew was out, William began to settle into place, staying head down. William was still floating in his bag of water, and the bag didn’t break until I was pushing him out. It almost felt like he got “washed” out when the water released!

Andrew arrived at 1:00 am, October 22 and William followed at 1:28 am. It was a wild ride from the water breaking to William’s arrival. The intense cold of the room made it very difficult to relax the way I wanted. I birthed them both laying on my left side, but the nurse had to pry my right leg up to allow the boys to come out because I had my legs clamped together. There were only two things that I remember hurting – moving that leg and having the heart monitor touching my belly. Otherwise, it was a very satisfying experience. I felt like I was on a high for a while after the birth, even though our babies ended up in the NICU before I could hold them. They both had 1 minute apgars of 8, but then had breathing problems at 4 minutes. They were both in my room with me within 12 hours, doing great! Both immediately nursed, having nice big mouths and perfect latches.

Both the MW and the nurses thanked me several times after the birth. Apparently it is so rare at our hospital that twins are birthed naturally and even more so that the MW gets to catch both. I’m pretty convinced that I would have had a c-section if I had gotten the epidural. With that and the pitocin, I would have had failure to progress and the boys heart rates may have suffered. I am so thankful to my supportive DH and HypnoBabies. None of it would have been possible without them. Three weeks later, I was tired but still feeling so powerful – amazing!

Andrew – 6lbs 11oz, 19 inches long
William – 6lbs 6 oz, 19 inches long
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