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My FIL has shingles.... he is coming to visit for the holidays. Staying at his condo, but we have heavy visitation plans and family coming from all over.

Oh geez... what to do? I don't want Jules exposed...
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Oh! I don't think I'd let a sick person around my little baby. I don't mind people holding her, in fact I was passing her around the used car dealer's office , but SICK people? No, I dont' think so. Personally, I'd just say we had to reschedule if he was still sick. But I know that can be hard to do.
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Well, we certainly won't be visiting him now... I don't want her exposed at all. She is only 11 weeks. I did some internet research and the CDC says risk is low, but she is so tiny yet. I don't want to risk it in any way. So, he will have to adjust and I will stand my ground. DH is totally supportive. This just makes for a more interesting/complicated holiday. Maybe I will even enjoy being home with her by myself. I just finished my last exam for the semester and could use a little R&R and a nap
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