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Oh, that's so funny, I didn't even read the typo the 2nd and 3rd time I read that quote! I almost went back to copy and paste it.

From the context of the poster and posts it should have read: We are God made. Cut dudes are man made."

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Thank you , my head was spinning.
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I keep reading and reading it.
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I would have loved to pipe in my two cents, but the forum was specifically for teen boys and I'm 0 for 2 on that!

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Originally Posted by TeenagedboyOnForum View Post
There is lots of evidence supporting the fact that the first hours and days are the most important for a baby. Think about it, this kid was created and spent nine months in his mom's uterus. The first thing we do to him is slice off some of his penis?
There is also a difference between consciously remembering something or not. Having an experience affect your development doesn't have to be consciously remembered. I don't remember learning how to talk, but I can. I don't remember learning how to walk, but I can walk. Similarly, many children are molested or abused very early on. They come to forget these experiences (or perhaps dissociate) but they are still affected by them. What one might call "scarred for life." Don't think I'm relating them, but if there is no need for circumcision, why do it? Why risk anything for a newborn child? On top of that, why make any permanent modifications to a child's body? Hell, after about the age of 10, a boy's penis ceases to be any concern for the parents, so why do they do it?

Your idea of "If I don't remember it, it didn't affect me" is a fourth grade thought. The complexities of the human brain deserve some more respect.

This also made me smile.
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Originally Posted by TigerTail View Post
Thank you , my head was spinning.
Mine too now! So now we are all clear, it was that way in the original post over there, and transferred here the same way. I like it too, if it's corrected.
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Who from here is posting over there?
I'm not sure why that one guy things all intactivist want circed guys to feel bad about themselves (or at least their penises), That's not what I want at all. However I think it's important people know what circ involves and how it changes the penis. Oh and him saying we don't care who we hurt, kind of ironic. Most of us here care so deeply about babies not being hurt and that's one reason why we feel so strongly about circ. I am glad the conversation is being had at all though!
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Oh gosh - definitely typo! How did I not catch that?! Ya, that kid who wrote it was uncirced and thankful for it! So it should be CUT dudes are manmade and UNCUT are God made. :
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Originally Posted by Sheacoby View Post
Who from here is posting over there?

::rasies hand:: me! lol

I actually haven't posted in that partciular thread, kinda just wanted to see the replies...but I've been spreading intactivism on studentcenter since 02.

I've linked to MDC many times when debating the subject on there...some of the females in the sex and sexuality forum told me they were shocked when reading the "do you regret circumcising your son" stickied thread.
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Good job!!! I love that some teens come here to learn about stuff. I would have loved MDC when I was a teen and I so wish I had known about Mothering when my first was born (I was barely not a teen then).
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Did you all see how the last post on their right now is quoting and saying the facts are wrong and made up
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I really think that posting on a teen boys only forum is quite inappropriate-- unless one is a teen boy.

#1 Reason: The guys were doing just fine with out us

And now they have a link directly to this discussion

I think is fine to have a link to the board and honestly, I'd love to have more teens (boys, girls) involved on this forum-- but it is not the way I would want people introduced to MDC.

So I apologize for lurking on YOUR board, but please give us a second chance and lurk around our board for a while. We might both learn something from an OPEN dialogue if you decide to stick around and post!!

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Who ever gave them that direct link shouldn't have Is that not a UA violation?
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Oh dear that thread got locked.
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I assumed they got annoyed that someone came in and posted that was not a member of the forum and did some googling around and found that it was because of this post here. ANd one of the teens (or whoever) posted to this discussion.

That would not violate the UA, unless THAT board doesn't allow people to link to other boards as part of their laws.

Honestly, I don't blame them one bit for being angry.

I also think that intactivists need to be very careful to select appropriate information for teens.

I question the necessity to bring up restoration, erectile dysfunction, and Playgirl in an introductory post to a teen message board.

Sorry if I'm coming on strong here but I'm smacking myself for not speaking up a lot stronger when I posted that I'm 0 for 2 (not a teen, not a boy) and therfore would not feel appropriate posting on the forum myself.

I would have loved for those teens to have an opportunity to visit the Case Against Circumcision under better circumcstances.

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Did anyone catch the name that tipped them off to this discussion? Jake_w?

Jake Waskett, admitted circumfetishist.

Hi boys, if you're here. Don't listen to anything that Jake_W says.

I also agree that no one here should have posted over there.
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Awww, thats a bummer. Thats exactly why I didnt post anything on there, I am not a boy and I'm not a teen anymore. MAybe I can get my little bro (13) to post though....or my sister (who is 15). Everyone in her school talks about how "uncircumcised" penises are better, lol. My bro isnt happy about being circ'd either.
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My objective for posting the forum link originally was just to show everyone a little piece of the hidden minds of 'our sons' as teenagers.

What they thought - and talked about - etc etc.

Though giving them correct information is definitely useful - it's still prying a bit, into their personal lives and conversations.

Tis neato, isn't it though?

Edit: What they think regarding circing - not the prying bit.
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Originally Posted by jessjgh1 View Post
THere is a huge discrepency in the numbers of 'medically necessary' circumcision in intact-norm and circ-norm countries.

In the US the numbers could be around 10% where in Scandinavia? Finland? I always forget which country, the statistics show it is LESS than 1%.

In USA 10-15% of intact boys 'need' circumcision due to 'problems'. In intact countries - depending what country we are talking about it is under 1%-2%.

In Scandinavia it is under 1%, in Finland specifically it is 0.006%. Meaning; 6 men out of 100 000 gets circumcised either for medical reasons, personal reference or religious reasons.

The fact that in USA so many intact boys 'need' circumcision shows the horrible lack of education. Medical community in USA is really in a black hole when it comes to development&care of normal,natural penis.
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