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Third baby birth stories?

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Hi, I'd like to hear about the birth stories of 3rd babies if anyone sees this.

How did it differ from your first two? Was it more like your first or your second birth? What set it apart from the others?
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I'd like to know, too. I'm on my third. I had backlabor with my first. I was induced with the second. I'm hoping the third goes smooth and fast.
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I just had my third and the birth was sim. in some ways and diff. in others. My first and second both started w/ a slow leak in my waters and then slight crampiness and then w/in 2 1/2 hours of the cramping starting I was pushing. W/ my first he was stuck bcs his elbow was up above his head so I pushed for 4 1/2 hours for a total labor of 7 hrs. w/ my second he flew out after 2 pushes w/ a total labor of 2 1/2 hours. W/ my third my bag of waters did not leak or break until the head was delivered and I did not have cramping but more of a pushing feeling. I started pushing after 3 1/2 hours of the weird abdomanal feelings and pushed for 1 1/2 hrs bcs he was in the bag of waters and the cord was really short. So there were similarities to all of them but they each had there own individuality, Just like my children. Here is a link to the birth story of my 3rd.
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he came in just 2 hours!
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I didn't push, AT ALL. She just came. No tearing, burning, ring of fire, nothing but my strong uterus doing its good work. Awesome!!!!
Makes me want to have 10 more: (except for the ensuing laundry)
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I've had three, each very different from the others. My third was my longest, but that was pretty much by choice rather than chance.

#1 - 34 weeks. SROM, Hospital birth, 6 hours from when I figured out something was going on until birth. Thought I was prepared, but had no idea what was going on. Pushed into epidural at 7 cm by Nurse Nasty who told me "It's just gonna get a lot worse", but pushed baby out before meds took effect. Three day back ache due to that awful needle. :

#2 - 39w 6d, SROM, Hospital birth, 2.5 hours. Unmed, after getting rid of Nurse Drug Pusher.

Became doula, learned a heck of a lot about pregnancy and birth! Then,

#3 - 41w 1d, SROM, Home birth, 10.5 hours. BUT, I stayed in bed for 4.5 hours after SROM, keeping the contractions easy, in order to keep from disturbing the family's good nights' sleep. If I had gotten up and active, he probably would have been born a LOT sooner. I didn't have the urge to push until about two hours after I was probably completely dilated (no VEs, so no real idea, just guessing based on other physical/emotional cues).

If we were going for another one, I'd definitely get the birth pool and probably have the baby in the water , and I would guess closer to the 2 hour labor than the 10 hour one.
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I think a lot of mamas finally figure out how to get the birth they want around their third pregnancy. I certainly did. After 2 hospital births, for my third I hired a team of nice, hands-off direct-entry midwives for a home birth. Everything was set to go when I was found to have a complete placenta previa at 40 weeks, and had an unexpected New Year's Eve C-section. That certainly set my third delivery apart LOL.
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My third baby was my first home birth, my first drug-free, my first where I started labor on my own, and he was my biggest baby by over a pound. My labor was beautiful and quick but not rushed and he was born after just 15 minutes of pushing. He just had his first birthday and his birth is still so fresh in my mind. It completely changed my life.
It was nothing like my previous two births and he is very different from my older two children, but in a really wonderful way.
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Thank you everyone for replying. We welcome more stories!
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I think a lot of mamas finally figure out how to get the birth they want around their third pregnancy. I certainly did. After 2 hospital births, for my third I hired a team of nice, hands-off direct-entry midwives for a home birth.
That is me in a nutshell (although we are minus a third pregnancy to complete the dream )
We are going to start tryin to make a baby this comming summer and hopefully my story ends in a BEAUTIFUL home birth of my dreams:

Keep up the stories these are just what I was looking for!
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All 3 of mine have been pretty different.

1st was an induced hosp. birth. Very painful once the pit kicked in. 5 hours from 1st contract to delivery.

2nd was mw homebirth. Great start to labor though long not painful until AROM. Transition for 3 hours then pushed for about 10 minutes.

3rd was UC. Easy labor all the way. No pain until pushing when I tore as I pushed her out in 3 pushes, 2nd degree tear. Active labor about 5 hours from start to delivery. The best labor I bet I will ever have.

4th will be happening soon!
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In some ways my 3rd was my easiest.

My first was born at home. 4.5 hrs of hard labor about 14 hrs of warm up labor that was no big deal. She was born in 14 min of pushing with a nuchal hand.

Second was at a hospital. We were active duty military. I transfered to the practice at 34 wks. 2 CNMs. Seemed nice. I had preterm labor since 18 wks and by the time 40 weeks rolled around I was 7cms. The CNM broke my water and 3.5 hrs later ds was born. The CNM was horrible and the hospital was not pleasant, but the labor/birth weren't bad at all.

Third was at the same hospital, different CNM. I had about 6 hrs of labor. Went to the hospital, was 3 cms. They sent me home. 1.5 hrs later I was back and 6+cms. They admitted me and called my dh who was 1.5 hrs away in the field. (He couldn't come home until I was admitted.) The contractions never got to where I couldn't handle them. I sat on a birth ball and chatted with the CNM and my sister. We didn't have any vaginal checks during the 90 min we waited for dh. I would have gotten into the shower, but didn't want to speed things up. My dh came in. I had a few contractions. Went pee. Got on the bed. CNM checked me, I was 9+ with a lip. 20 min after dh arrived, ds2 was born. His labor was by far my easiest. His actual birth was my second painful. He came out in a weird position (I never asked the CNM what it was exactly) and it really hurt. The plus was dh got to help catch. The negative was being in the hospital in the first place, and that I couldn't squat well enough on the bed with the squat bar. Things were moving too fast to try some other position, so I was laying back with my knees spread out to the side. Definately not ideal! I think I pushed for about 7 min. or so.
I haven't torn with any of my 4 babies. I'll spare you my 4th since you only asked about third!
Best wishes for your upcoming birth!
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Originally Posted by roadfamily6now View Post
he came in just 2 hours!

All three of my birth stories are here: http://www.busybusymomma.com/MBS.html

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Originally Posted by mamabadger View Post
I think a lot of mamas finally figure out how to get the birth they want around their third pregnancy.
With my first, I had no idea how hard transition was, that pushing turned your insides out, etc.

With my second, I was still not ready to have another baby and went into labor so very unprepared.

By my third I'd got it down. Best delivery of the three, very empowering, confident that I could do it b/c I already had twice before.

Back labor all three times. :
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my 3d birth was the only one i had control of.

it was also the only one i didnt have in a hospital.

the only one that was NOT a c/s (story in my siggy)
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Oooh, aisraeltax... that's devine!

Mmmm, my third. It's like I came into who I was as a birther. Each birth, I learned a little more about what worked for me and what didn't. I've only had homebirths, but I've gone from MW/asst/lots of female relatives present to my 3rd with just DH & I upstairs (MW downstairs). It was so wonderful.

By far my fastest labor:
1st - 18 hours (2 hours PAIN! Posterior, Compound presentation, hypnobirthing)
2nd - 4 1/2 hours (Different hypno program, no pain, www.spinningbabies.com )
3rd - 1 hour, 40 minutes (same hypno as #2 & no pain & www.spinningbabies.com )

My birth stories are all in this forum. Here's a link to my 3rd though - http://www.mothering.com/discussions...ight=josephine

Enjoy your end of pregnancy!
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My third birth was a home waterbirth...You can read about it here:

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The last two of my births are here http://www.mothercultureherbs.com/links

I have found that the old wives tales that say 1st is the hardest/longest second is tha fastest and third "you never know"! Thats the way it was for me anyway. I wonder what the 4th will bring ( if I can get one out of my husband!)
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First two were induced with pitocin ( #1 low amniotic fluid, #2 was "overdue")


#3 was the most awesome experience EVER!!!!! I had my first Natural birth!!!!:
4 hours of "easy " labor"
I don't really consider that I was in "pain"... it just felt like my body was working
And #3 is the most wonderful baby ever (but #1 and #2 were awesome too!)
I just thought that #3 was a duplicate of a boy or a girl that I already had...
I WAS WRONG!!!!!!!!!

#3 is his own super special person!

Now, I have a glimpse of what moms of many might know...
they are each so special!!!!!!!1

Enjoy the rest of your pregnacy !!!!
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I like the quote about figuring out who you are as a birther by your third -- it's so true. My 3rd was my 3rd waterbirht, but first at home. And the experience cannot really be put into words, but it was magic.

My 3rd was also my biggest baby, and came with no tears (but that is thanks to the skill of the midwife). It was the quietest and most peaceful, I did not call anyone except the MW...just me and hubby and her (and her teeneged daughter, who I had invited to take pix).

What set it apart from the other was the prodromal labor -- I was up nights for over a week before she was finally born -- with regular contrax. It was exhausting but worth it. It was also not as short as I had expected, but much milder -- maybe I was experienced, or maybe I was relaxed being at home.

Good luck!
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