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Democratic Presidential Debate

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The first Democratic presidential debate takes place in South Carolina tomorrow night May 3rd 2003. For two hours, the race for president will focus on issues and ideas - not money raised or political posturing. (The debate will air on many ABC stations following local news Saturday night, and again on C-SPAN on Sunday at 1:30 p.m. Eastern.)

I got this info from the "Dean for America Campaign," although, no matter who we are supporting, this should be a great debate.

AAHHHHH...perhaps a wee bit of hope in one of those candidates?


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I heard about it and am interested in talking about the candidates. I don't know them all, but I know a few since they're from New England. I'd like to hear what people think positive and negative about them.

Howard Dean from Vermont sounds good and liberal and open minded. Senator Kerry from Massachusetts I usually support although he supported this war, ugh. Then there's Lieberman from Connecticut. An orthodox Jew I believe. I like that, but very hawkish, don't like that.

What do you all think? What's important to you in a democratic candidate?
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Hi geekmom~
I agree with you regarding your take on the candidates.

Dean has sifted to the top for me. I don't agree with him on 'every' issue, but on most. I am excited to watch debate as I find him passionate and intelligent.

Kerry I like also, but the war support has me discouraged about him as well.

In fact, there isn't one Dem running I would'nt vote for in all honesty if they had a chance to beat the Shrub. Just my opinion. Heck, I'd vote for Santa if he could beat Bush.
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I've liked Howard Dean so much every time I've seen him on the politics talk shows or read interviews with him, although I HATE that he has a 100% rating from the NRA. However, given that they're such a powerful lobby, and it could make a huge difference if they threw their weight behind a Democratic candidate, I just might overlook the gun thing and vote for him anyay. Economically he's progressive and liberal; I love him for the civil unions thing; and he just seems real. Like he means what he says. What a breath of fresh air.
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His gun control issues seem to be pretty level headed in my opinion. I am from a VERY rural part of the country where guns are simply a part of life and his stance on guns makes alot of sense to me. What I get from his is that he feels that guns should be a state issue. That gun control to someone in rural Georgia means something very different to someone in urban NY.

Howard Dean has my vote for sure. I really like what I read. I would love to find out how he feels about vaccines tho. (not that it would change my opinion). I am going to be as active as possible with this next election. I dont want another 4 years of Bush. *gag*

Ohh and is anyone else laughing about Al Sharpton????
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Tonight's debate begins at 9pm Eastern Standard Time (8pm CST, 7pm Mtn., 6pm Pacific) and will run for 90 minutes. Few ABC affiliates are airing this debate live, unfortunately. Here's an open call to Deanistan: If your local affiliate is carrying the debate, please leave a comment with station information so others can tune in. As far as I can tell, my local station in Dallas is not carrying the debates live, FYI. Does anyone else have information for their local markets?

C-Span will air the debates three times on Sunday: 1pm EST (12pm CST, 11am Mtn, 10am Pacific), 5:30pm EST (4:30 CST, 3:30 Mtn, 2:30 Pacific), and 9:30pm EST (8:30 CST, 7:30 Mtn, 6:30 Pacific). ABC's This Week will run extended clips and commentary on Sunday morning. Please click on this link for a list of local affiliates who will carry the program, as well as scheduled times.
Found the previous information on a blogspot....
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Keep an eye on Dennis Kucinich. I cannot stop raving about him!! Finally, finally! So, I started a thread with his web site and such--check him out.
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Did you catch the debate simpatico? I did not, I believe my local news station will air it after the news tonight.

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This doesn't look good...

President Bush Leads Three Most Popular Democratic Presidential Candidates Nearly 2-1 in Poll
Nearly half of Americans today say most people are worse off than they were when Bush took office — and that half of the country favors the idea of electing a Democrat for president by 2-1. Such is the potential price of a troubled economy.

Nearly half of Americans also say Bush doesn't understand the problems of average people — and that half of the country favors a Democrat by an even wider margin, 4-1. Such is the potential price of a perceived lack of empathy.

How these concerns and their political impact play out over the next 18 months is far from certain. But, as in 1992, it's the economy — and the president's ability to connect with ordinary people in economic distress — that again may define the 2004 election.

This time, though, there's another element: security concerns. The echoes of Sept.11, 2001, still ring loudly in the public's mind, and Bush's very strong ratings for responding to terrorism — from homeland security to Afghanistan to Iraq — so far mitigate the damage of economic concerns and his far-weaker ratings on other domestic issues. (See ABC NEWS poll analysis of 5/01/03)

Hoping to catch the debates today as they air as they were not on in MN last night.
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The debates were interesting. I was able to watch last night. I don't think Bush will have a chance against a challenging Dem. The problem will be supporting a Dem. who can stand up against coperate america, fight for education, health care, yada yada. They discussed this factor. I found, as I predicted, Kucinich to cut throught the bull****, and call some of the issues what they were. They talked about trade and Kucinichs' comment was that NAFTA and WHO are bad for Americans and "developing" countries and need to be disavowed (I think that is the right term). I thought it was brave compared to the rest who (as he said) "just dance around the edges of the issues".
So, of course more was discussed and I am relived to find the party strengthening up to, as Al Sharpten said, *Battle the Bushs*.
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My review of the debate:

Lieberman needs to turn in his Dem membership card. He should just join the Repubs, since that is what he really is.

Kerry, turned me off with his infighting with Dean.

Dean, I liked him he stood his ground.

Edward, I really liked him.

everyone else was ok but I wouldn't vote for any of the rest.

So it's between Dean and Edward for me.
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I liked each one more than Bush Thus my vote will be with who ever is on the Democratic ticket. Although for me that's nothing new.

I still like Dean the best...

And, I think there are only about 4 who 'could' beat Bush. I have not heard any formal analysis. I would be interested in hearing something on those lines, but it's probably too soon?
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OMG, do you really think someone might beat Bush?? Oh God I get so excited and happy thinking about it... never having to see that evil moron's face ever again except the day I throw a party to celebrate his funeral....

yes, you read it right. I don't believe in the death penalty but I think George W. Bush is a disgusting, criminal megalomaniac and I wouldn't even blink if he were drawn and quartered.

<end rant> I'm still not a fan of Dean's gun policy ideas but I'd vote for him anyway. He's pro-choice, pro-socialized medicine, pro-progressive tax

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The reviews I heard gave the debate to Lieberman :
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Is he going to run for Senate if he runs for President??
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Missed the debate. But heard today that the NRA has given Dean its highest possible approval rating.

That disturbs me greatly.

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I find these comments about Lieberman sooo funny because in 98-99 when he emerged I just could not get my mind around him as a democrat, I kept thinking, "look at him, he's gotta be a republican." I guess only time will tell, lol.

what's up with hillary (rodham)clinton. poll-wise she seems to be the only D with a chance
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"People should remember that a year is a lifetime in politics," comments Opinion Dynamics President John Gorman. "At this stage in 1992, Bill Clinton was barely a blip on the Democratic primary screen and then-President Bush was regarded as unbeatable because of his war victory. Things can change and change rapidly."
Thanks for the story NM. There was a bit of solace in this quote.
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I missed the debates.

But a couple days ago I did catch Chris Mathews on Hardball and he had on Bill Maher. Now of course Bill Maher is a total anomaly, people think he is liberal which on some issues he is but on others he's not. (e.g. he voted for dole for pres.) I think he is just odd and of course can be an ass...but he pretty informed.

anyway when asked about the debate he said he saw it and he was not impressed with any of the candidates and when he was asked specifically about howard dean, he actually said something that I thought was odd... he said he had him on his show a couple of times and he came away from it thinking one thing....that dean wasn't very smart.

that struck me odd.

I checked msnbc to see if they had a transcript of the show...they only had snippets.. but one other thing he said did make me laugh.


On the comment that got him fired: I was the first one to be Dixie Chicked. But as far as the Dixie Chicks go, you know, what we have in common is that they said something that was not a critique of the military. I said something that was in no way a critique of the military. And our enemies tried and, successfully in many ways, connected what we said falsely to a critique of the military.

Somehow the Dixie Chicks, by saying “we’re ashamed to be from the same state as President Bush,” somehow, that got to be something that hurt the morale of the troops. Because you know, our poor troops, they just couldn’t continue fighting because the Dixie Chicks had made President Bush feel bad. How did they find the strength?

Like I said, I didn't see the debate...but I keep wondering if there is another candidate out in the wings that hasn't come forward yet.
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