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Refuses sippy cup

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My soon to be 14 month old never had a bottle, and we've tried to introdcue cups over the last few months.

He refuses the sippy cups and only wants "open cups". I can't even have my cup on the table anymore because he screams and screams for it. We let him have an open cup with a little water in it. He does ok, but I wouldn't let him have it anywhere but outside or at the table. I'd like to offer water and eventually milk, but he pitches the BIGGEST fits if presented with a lidded cup.

Any thoughts?
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We pretty much only drink water, but I just give open cups. We use sippy cups almost exclusively in the car.
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My best suggestion is to keep trying. With dd, the sippy cups took months and months to make sense to her, and she still would prefer an open cup. we use a lot of plastic cups, and put very little water in them, and she's getting better and better. She's tarting to realize the advantage to a sippy cup is that she can carry ti with her wherever she goes...

Another suggestion is using a cup with a lid and a straw. A lot of restaraunts have little kid cups that you can put a lid on, and dd loves, loves, loves sucking through a straw. We still have to watch her, and it has a slightly higher "mess factor" but she loves it. Good luck!
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I agree to keep trying and try different kinds of cups. It took a few months to get ds to take a cup. I kept being stubborn and insisting that he use the Avent Magic cups. He wouldn't drink from them. My mom sent me a few different cups so I tried them on him and eventually he started drinking from them. He still won't drink from the Magic cups, ever. And he has to have certain cups. There is a cup with a silicone straw and a screw on lid that he only drinks water from. Then he has Gerber or Playtex cups that he gets juice from. He won't drink water from the Gerber or Playtex cups and he won't drink juice from the straw cup. Go figure!
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They sell one kind of sippy cup that works like an open cup, only it's non-spill. There are also the straw cups, my son loves those things.
When my ds was younger he had a huge problem with the spill-free ones, he couldn't suck hard enough or something, so we got the cheap disposable (they're reusable though, thin plastic) type and he did much better with those.
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My daughter has the same problem. She's 13 months and only wants open cups, and will sometimes accept a sippy cup, but only if I tip it for her. It's weird. It's like she understands to tip it when it's open, but not when there's a lid (maybe because she never took a bottle?). Anyhow, I just give her water in an open cup and give her a sippy cup when I feel like taking the time to tip it. I guess I'm figuring she'll understand how to use it eventually...
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Sophie (18 months) also hates sippy cups, I give her a tin mug. Nothing but water in it, though.
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Dd never took sippy cups. She wanted nothing but my glass. We only drink water, so any messes are easy to clean. She knows she is only allowed to drink in the kitchen and dining room, unless I bring a cup to the bedroom for after bath snack. She has a few small cups but often wants to use my glass.

She has excellent control, rarely spills unless she is playing water games. The only time she's messed up with the glass is when I've tried to guide it to or away from her. So I keep my hands off.

I never say Don't spill, etc. I treat her as if I expect she can drink smoothly (idea from Continuum Concept approach). She's great with a glass now, and knows if she's in the car that she can wait until I give her a water bottle to drink from. This works really well; we can drink anywhere and I never have to worry that I didn't bring her sippy cup.
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Dd never wanted to use sippy cups until she saw a pal of hers using one on a number of different occasions. Now she's on a sippy cup kick...after having learned quite well how to drink from a regular cup. Oh well!
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