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Today I made up my own motivated moms style chore list!

I made a sheet in word for all my daily stuff, then I went through and thought about what I would need to do to completely clean every room and broke it into seperate tasks (decluttering one cabinet is one task, etc) and then I broke all the tasks into things that need to be done daily (it goes on the daily sheet), biweekly, weekly, monthly and bimonthly. (I'm going to do a seperate sheet for seasonal stuff). Then I created a sheet with Sunday through Sat on it, divided up the weekly stuff, cut and paste it and labelled it week 1 and 2, then put the biweekly stuff in, cut and paste week 1 and 2 to make 3 and 4, added the monthly stuff, then cut and paste all to make week 5-8, then I divided up all the bimonthly tasks. So all I have to do is rotate through weeks 1-8 and if I do all the tasks my house should stay relatively clean and decluttered. It's a nice amount of work after all. My daily list is picking up every room, loading dishwasher, sweeping kitchen, cleaning counters and putting in a load of laundry. Then there are only 6 other tasks a day to do. Everything gets decluttered in rotation once every 8 weeks!

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Originally Posted by mommaof3boz View Post
Well...since you asked...I have been on a tangent. I am determined to get rid of about 30-40 percent of our stuff. I hauled out 5 trash bags of stuff. Then I went through the house literally taking stuff down off the walls. Stuff I bought "just because something needs to go there". Not stuff I love, not true art, just stuff. I have almost a van full. And I made the boys reduce their VHS/DVD collection by half. I am not done. The next thing on my "agenda" is bath towels. We have been given so may over the years. What I want is all white, hotel type. So they can be bleached and hung outside without hurting them. I am a woman on a mission!!
That is a good idea with the white towels, I think we need to do that. Any ideas on where to get cheap but nice towels?
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Originally Posted by onandon View Post
My decluttering success is my husband! After donating seven car loads to goodwill and a couple car loads to our local LLL yardsale in the last 6 months or so I think he's catching the bug. He has the week off between Christmas and New Years and he said he wants to work on our back room! We have wall to wall shelves with kitchen storage plus the laundry, the water heater, tools, vacuum, broom, games, etc. in the room. I'll help him out while dd naps and we'll finally organize wires and power supplies and dead computer parts, and tools, and screws and hardware, and games and books and old shoes, light bulbs, batteries, cleaning stuff, etc. I'm so excited that this room of the house will be done and we'll be left with plenty of floor space for the drying rack and have a clear path out the back door! Plus if the the circuit breaks we'll be able to move the shelf easily and reset it. Once this room is done I think everything will have (and be in) its' place!

Don't you love it when they get into it?? My DH helped with our kitchen when I decluttered and it was so nice to see him wanting to toss stuff, too.
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Well we have done:
-put christmas stuff in the attic
-living room
-DS's toys
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Going thru old magazines. It's a work in progress. I've got stacks and stacks of old magazines. I used to think, "Oh that's a good recipe" ; "Looks like a neat craft to do w/ the kids" etc. And save the whole magazine.

Duh! Like I'd ever remember what article was in which of the many, many, many magazines. So my goal is to go thru 3 magazines every day. Just flipping thru and scanning not stopping to read. And I tear out the article/recipe/whatever and keep that page. The rest of the magazine goes in the recycling bin.

Eventually, my goal is to get those page protector things and a couple of 3 ring binders and have a binder for Recipes to Try, Kids Crafts/Projects, and Household Ideas/Misc.
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Woo - hoo! Collected all of brother-in-laws stuff (he used to live w/ us), put it all in 2 totes and stacked it out in the barn (OK w/ him). Junked his anceint computer and broken desk. Its so nice not to have all his stuff in ds's room.

I feel like I'm making real progress all thru the house, and its great!
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Finally did the closet/pantry I was dreading (ok, ONE of the many I am dreading ). 3 boxes to Goodwill and one giant heap of crap I had to throw away. I even had a broomstick in there! No broom! Just the stick!!!! Why would I keep that?!:
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