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how many words does your 14-18 month old say?

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Some of my kids were late talkers, so just for perspective, could you tell me how many words your 14-18 months old says?
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My 16-month-old boy says mama, dada, go, this, that, banana. So, six, I guess. Oh, and Adam.
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DS is almost 16 months and he doesn't say any words yet, as far as we can tell. He points, nods, and makes all kinds of noises that we can't decipher.
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DS at 18 month old talks a TON! I tell him a word, he repeats it. It's strange to me. He started talking around a year old and won't stop! It's so cute. DD at that age though used sign language and some words. She didn't start using real words a lot until later than that.

All kiddos are different! They all learn differently. DD is more visual and DS is more auditory.
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At that age none. He said Daddy every now and then but not regularly. He definitely was a late talker.
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My (almost) 14-month-old DD says:

Mama, Papa, Pappaw, Bubba, Doe-da (for Dora, her favorite), Deddy (for Jesse, my parents' dog), tat (when she sees a cat), cooka (cookie or cracker, interchangeably), wa-wa (water), ba-pa (backpack from Dora, or her brother's backpack), kak kak (when you ask her what a duck says), moooow (when you ask her what a cat says).

She also has three phrases now: "Idudeit" (I do it), "ah-ah ba-bo" (my mom says "uh-uh, bad boy" when the dog barks, so she tries to say it now), and "wookit!" for "look at it".

Both of my babes have been early talkers but slow movers.
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17mo DS says: mama, dada, papa, bye-bye, hi, hello, okay, thank you, juice, please, no, yes, book, sister and ball. occasionally something else finds its way into his vocabularly but these are the things he says regularly.
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dd just turned 15 months and has over 100 words and a few signs. she's a real chatter box
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Mama, mama, mama, mama...mama!
Opan Dor (open door, if i'm taking a bath)

She has also out of the blue said two sentences

I like it. and Papa give me kisses. Both clear as day and wouldn't repeat it.

Oh and she's 14 months.
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mama, papa, teta and various names of her playmates
nonno, nonna (grandparents)
agua water juice cracker banana apple pan (Spanish for bread)
ball shoe sock book
dog elephant (and lots of animal sounds: woof, meow, elephant horn-like sound, baa, etc.)
nose eye mouth ear hair teeth hat (and most of these in Spanish)
hi bye no please
box (the command we give to our dogs to get in their box-- it sounds like "bak" from dd, though!!)

Oooh, and I forgot our favorite: beso (she says it in English, too--kiss)

Yesterday she said her first sentence/phrase: "I fell" (after falling, of course!)

I think there are a few other words I'm forgetting. Of course she understands a lot more than she speaks.
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DS (16 mo) says these words, some clearly and some are partial:
hi, hello, bye, balloon, doggy, kitty, pretty, mama, daddy, e-i-e-i-o, no, bird, what's that, and (very roughly) his name. By partial, I mean that balloon is ba-oo and bird is bir and what's that is wassah
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With my older two, I had stopped counting by 14 months, they talked so much. My oldest, in particular, was belting out several word sentences at his first bday party.

My current babe, though, isn't as much of a talker. He's 14 months and says : mama, dada, hi (sometimes), na-nin (his attempt to say DD's name), num (nursing), nigh nigh (for sleeping, or just for the bed) and that's about it. Oh, and go.
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my son talks a ton too. I stopped counting around 16 months. He has two sentences now and they are very clear - 'Mema(me), spot(the dog) Jojo (himself) go for a walk', and 'turn it on'. I read to him a LOT. I think what really made a difference is that my husband was home a lot for the first year and we talk a lot too. I also am constantly talking to Joseph and explaining things, but really just because I think it is fun. Probably Joseph talks a lot because it runs in the family.
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Paddy can say dada, mama, flower, light, his name ("addy"), baby, book, and mumbles a lot and imitates sentences. We've caught him saying "excuse me" and "that's nice!". Oh and he also says poop after he's pooped. His words however are quite random. He will say one and might not say it again for a long time. I had him out in the yard and he pointed to a dandelion that had gone to seed and said clear as a bell "FLOWER". Come again?!?!? He's getting there.
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My 15 month old (today!) doesn't say any "real" words, but chatters a lot, does about a dozen signs, and communicates very well. I usually don't have trouble understanding what she wants or needs, so I think she just doesn't feel the need to talk. She has said nana for banana, baby, mama, mommy, and daddy, but hasn't repeated them.
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17 months and has 21 words, mostly same words he's had for a while though
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My 16-month-old says:
bye and bye-bye
poopy (I guess this doesn't count, she only said it once but it was super clear.)

We ec and she just recently started saying "potty" and her first sentence "Go potty." When she says "potty" it sounds more like "pie", lol.

I know she's says other things, too, but I can't think of them. My kids seem pretty average verbally to me.
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Michelle's current words at 15 months:
papa (for Papaw and Grandpa)
uh oh!
Duh for Boo!
baby (baabeh)
stuck (will even say this one when she is in her crib for a nap and does not want to lay down and take one!)
all done
more (and sign)
(signs milk)
up-down (on rocking chair/horse/swing/teeter-totter)
woof woof
vrrrrrrrrrr (sound a car makes)
and I think dahdeh is Matthew

Her brother was saying just a few words (mama dada and dah (dog)) at this age. Both are normal kids.
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Dante is 14.5 mo and we just counted his words the other night - we could think of 42, so it's probably around fifty, plus a few (very few, I got lazy with this) signs. At this age, it's kind of pointless comparing the number of words kids say because it naturally varies so much. One doesn't talk at all, one speaks in sentences - both normal. Plus, there are kids whose vocabularies double within a few days.
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Wow. 100 words? 50 words? I don't think my oldest had 50 until he was 2, but then he was a late talker, and so is my toddler.

My almost 15 mo old just said mama today clear as a bell for the first time (previously, it was mamamamamamama, and we weren't even sure at that). He also says 'guy' for bye and waves. I think he's saying dada sometimes, and maybe hola and goal (my sitter teaches him spanish stuff). Oh, he has started saying no, no, no, no - again from his sitter. He even has her accent.
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