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nana (banana)

and her favorite
"what's that?!?"
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My DS says probably 25 words at 18 months, though I'd say 20 of those were in the last month or two, at 14 months he probably only said 5 (mama dada, wa wa, no, etc). His sister said over 250 at the same age.
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Our daughter just turned 18 months and says probably 400 words -- she is definately a talker (like her mama ) My dh and I are both *gifted* (according to who mandates such things) so I don't know if that has something to do with it. She also loves books and we read all the time -- she is stringing together 5,6 word sentences too.

There is such a wide range really. She talked extremely early, but she didn't walk until 14 months when all the other toddlers her age seemed to be sprinting

I like it (selfishly ) because it seems to cut waaaay down on frustration/tantrums etc because we can understand eachother (we signed with her too) --- but one of the downsides is that she talks from the minute she wakes up until the time she goes to bed --- take a breath honey ....
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G (15 months) has just begun to say some more words. The past four months or so he has mostly only said momma, daddy and cat, cat, cat, cat cat... Everything except me and dh has been CAT He now also says nana (which means nana the person or banana), duck, book, bubbee (bath), bird, babee (bottle). There may be a couple others but I think that's it. He understands WAY more words though and I expect one of these days his expressive language is just going to take off!
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DS is almost 14 months and has said Hi a few times, we think he might be saying kitty, and he says uh-oh when he drops something. That's all we can decifer so far, but he's babbling ALL the time, so there could be some more words there that we just haven't identified yet.
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My 19mo says: mama, dad (sounds like da), bath (sounds like ba), bathroom (sounds like ba-mmm), maya (sounds like aya), hi, no, baby, backpack and map (the power of Dora and repetition I guess ). He makes cat and dog noises when he sees one. He has a sound for okay. He has also has a sound for thank you and you're welcome.

Otherwise, he points alot. He scrunches up his nose pointing at his diaper when he wants it changed. Brings me a pillow when he wants to nurse.

He also understands everything and if he gets hurt, he'll reenact it for us to be sure we know exactly where we should kiss him better.

I'm not worried because he understands us perfectly and can follow complex instructions. He's finally starting to look interested in talking because he wants to say more to us than please change my diaper and I want to nurse. Those needs he's been communicating very clearly for months so I guess he hasn't had to put words to those.

At that age, his sister Maya was talking in full sentences so it really varies from one kid to the next, within a family.
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DS is almost 16 months and he doesn't say any words yet
this made me feel better -- ds is 13 months and not talkign I am NOT surprsided but it seems all 6 other babies fromhis birth class ARE talking, even theboy who i know talk later.
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Julia never had any words until almost 19 months. She's 27 months now and talks in complex sentences, so she caught up just fine.
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15.5 months.

Cat (her first word)
Brrrmmmm (vehicle)
Ah-bah (like Ah-choo for sneeze)
Tack (there are tacks in the wall in the bedroom she likes to examine)
Moo (for cow)

Plus a handful of other words she's only said ONCE (like "mouth").

As you can see I've included sounds (such as "brrrrmmm") as words, since she uses them consistently and appropriately.

She babbles sentences all the time, and I can tell her receptive language took a leap in the last month so she understands way more than she says. She also seems to understand some concepts when DH and I are talking to each other (such as saying "brrmmm" when we talk about whether we left a bag in the car, etc.). Can you tell she loves cars?

It's possible she's saying more than I listed, but I have a hearing impairment so I could easily miss some words. I've noticed throughout my life I have a very hard time understanding children.
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About 15 words for the past 3 months. His favorite thing to say "uh-oh" LOL
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My 15 mos. old says 40+ words and is already combining two of them. He talks even in his sleep and chatters all day long. He has yet to take a step though! I guess they all develop differently.
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Dog-geee (sounds just like daddy though)
That (for "what's that?")
kitty (sounds like daddy though...LOL)

That's it. She nods yes and shakes her head no, and knows about 25 signs, including cat, rabbit, more, potty, water, sleep, all done, hurt, bird, giraffe, monkey, elephant, pig, milk, and baby. There are a bunch more animal ones I'm forgetting.
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My first, a DD, was a late-ish/average talker and had MAYBE 6 words at 18 months. My DS, now 20 months, had a basically uncountable vocabulary at 18 months. He doesn't really chat away, or really put many words together yet, but he could/can come out with any word he felt moved to say. They are all so different!
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My 15 month old does not say any words at all... maybe she said "hi" a couple times, but I'm not sure. She will copy signs, though. She has a sign for hi, more, diaper, and mama.
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my dd just turned 20 months..but dosent talk much..
her words are
uh oh

i think thats it..there may be 1 or 2 more though
my older dd was a slower talker also..but shes 5 1/2 & has had great language since 3. Ive had people comment that she speaks so clear..but shes also tiny..does not look her age..so maybe they think shes 4?

both where quick on the physical development..they were both crawling around 4 1/2 - 5 months
dd 1 walked at 10 1/2 months & DD started walking 2 days before 9 months old...

my dh drives me crazy though & says she needs speech therapy : he is such a worrier
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DD is almost 14 months old. She says:

zee (see)
kiyee (kitty)
no (with head shake)

She understands much more than she can say. She sometimes follows simple requests. (bring me the book, can I have a bite, etc)

She babbles a lot.
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DS is 16.5 mo and says quite a few words, but only a few are clear enough for anyone but me to understand and they're still not very clear. The clear(ish) ones I can think of are bubble, this, cat, dog, bath, bye-bye, yeah, up and cup. He also says hello, juice, open, dada (sounds like YAYA), baby, dangerous (sounds like zhn-zus), poopoo (sounds like papa) and book, plus several others I can't think of. He uses quite a few signs, and will often sign to get his point across when I can't figure out what he's trying to say.

Oh and I've heard him say a few sentences: "pick it up" and "I did it" plus today he signed/said a "sentence": he shook his head "no" while saying "poopoo" when I asked him if he needed to go potty (we EC).

He jabbers non-stop, but at this point it still mostly sounds like gibberish.
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my son is 16 mths, he says byebye and waves, mama wich means mom or he wants something that u have lol he says it with a different tone lol. baby . sometimes he says yes or ya, he used to say kitty cat but he hasnt seen any lately lol so he hasnt said it anymore. he used to say dada but stopped, he said juice before , he understands alot more then what he knows how to say. if i ask if he wants more juice or milk he will find his sippy cup and give it to me. or if i ask if he wants a bath he heads to the stairs. etc
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oh and if u ask if somethings yummy he smacks his lips lmao its cute, recently hes been into doing tumbles or rolly pollys not sure what some of u call them lol and laughing when daddy attemps them through the living room.
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at 14 mos, he had 1 word "doggie."
at 18 months, he had 10 words.
now at 19 months, I think he has 12- 15 words.
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