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Did you feel the "ring of fire?" - Page 3

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Yes. With all 3 births
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Nope. First one I had an epidural, and second a spinal, and theird no pain meds.
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Definitely. First birth I pushed for ages and was sure that I was tearing stem to stern (just an internal skid mark). Pushing hurt way worse than the dilation contractions and was very difficult. Took me 4 hours to get him out, too. I had labored and pushed some in the water but it didnt help.

2nd birth I felt it twice... once at the cervix, a burny stretching there, and then again at the perineum, again even though I was in the pool. She just came out, though, I didn't have to push, I just had to breath through the ring. Much more manageable, just intense stretching. A slight nick but I think it was her shoulders not her head that caused that.

ETA: FWIW, neither birth was hindered in any way, I was choosing my own positions, both MWs were hands-off and encouraging, no interventions at either birth. First at a FSBC and 2nd at home.
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With ds I can still remember the "ring of fire sensation"... his head was very large, he was stuck (shoulder/arm). Once the mw moved the arm he shot out like a bullet. A ton of pushing with this birth.

With 2nd birth dd, I remember some burning, when she crowned, but it was not too bad. I only pushed a few times and her head was out. (perfect little head!)
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With my dd I didnt have it because the ob used a vaccum and he cut me from opening to opening. With ds I was shocked at the burn. After it was all over my mom asked me what I was ment when i was saying over and over IT BURNS, IT BURNS!!!! and boy did it ever. It took me about 10 minutes to get past the feeling of the burn so that I wasnt afraid to push any more.
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Nope, didn't feel a ring of fire. I had a homebirth and pushed for almost 5 hrs (glad I wasn't in the hospital, they probably wouldn't have let me push that long!) and I guess by that point I wasn't really noticing little things like that.
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Omg I can't believe how many women don't feel it! Bunny McFluff you hit the nail on the head, lol! It felt EXACTLY like that for me with both births! The pain was so awful for DD1's birth that I would not push her out - she was crowning for about an hour and I couldn't push the flaming soccer ball out. The OB finally gave me a block and episiotomy and I got her out.

For DD2's birth, I decided maybe the reason I hurt so bad the first time around was because I was flat on my back on the bed, and because I was told to push when I didn't feel pushy. I thought maybe this time, if I get into a better position and wait until I really feel pushy it won't hurt. OH was I wrong! The urge to push was overwhelming, I squatted and pushed and there was the flaming soccer ball again. It took every ounce of primal energy to just push it out - DD2 came shooting out of me so fast it probably knocked the OB to the floor.

I'm jealous of those of you that never felt it. How do you do it?
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I felt the "ring of fire" so strongly with both my births, and both of them were waterbirths! I'll tell you what though, I tried pushing out of the water with my first, and it burned soo bad that I had to go back into the tub where it was at least tolerable. It was really hard for me to push against that burning sensation, but once you push through that, it's much better.
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Nope. I did notice however that at my most recent birth I did not get that feeling of relief when the head is out. I think most likely because I was on a birth stool this time and in bed the other 3 times.
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HBAC - no but then i pushed for 4 hours - i was pretty numb by then
waterbirth - somewhat
baby # 4- hell yeah!

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Yes, I felt it. But after 3 hours of pushing, I was so excited that it meant that I would get my HBAC I welcomed it.
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But, I've never done counting pushes or purple pushing. I've been in positions that my body dictated. I think that makes a difference.
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No, I never did. It was odd, when I started pushing, all the pain went away. Which I'm definitely not complaining about!
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Yes with both my boys, but ds1 it was much more intense. I was also in on my back in bed pushing and ds1 was a pound heavier than ds2.

With ds2 I was on my hands and knees and he was a pound lighter, it hurt and burned but not nearly as bad as I remember ds1 hurting.
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Now I have Johnny Cash stuck in my head.

I sure felt it.
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not really...just some stinging sensation, not bad at all.
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I definitely felt it, even in the water. It hurt, but I was so excited that I had gotten to that point and I knew I didn't have much more to go. It gave me a boost to stay focused and relaxed enough to get the baby out.
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nope, I'm 0 for 3 on that.
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yes, both times!!
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Oh geez, YES!
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