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Santa Comes Tonight!

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Hope you all have a wonderful holiday...and if you 'do' Santa in your home, I hope your little people are as excited as mine! My dd is SO ready for him! This is the 1st xmas she really 'gets' it ya know!
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Thanks, we do don't do Santa, but DD1 wants to know when she can open the presents at grandma's house.
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We don't do Santa, either... but my son is excited about "peasants" after church =)

I think its really cool to see Mikaela's ornament hanging on the tree with Robert's and our yearly photos. I'm still just blown away that she's here!
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Ah man! An ornament for the baby...forgot!!! Guess he won't notice, and they'll be on sale on Tues....................ugh
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My baby's 1st christmas ornament is on the tree. We are soo proud!
Take care all.

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