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Merry Christmas!`

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I hope that everyone here who celebrates Christmas is having a good day! Things are going pretty well here, DS was totally screwed up last night from too much stimulation at the IL's last night, and this morning he even stopped opening presents because he was just done! (This was fine with me, going overboard makes me nuts!) But we're having a nice, relaxed, laid back day. I hope everyone is having a happy day, whether you celebrate Christmas or not!
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Merry Christmas to you also!
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Merry Christmas! I'm whipped! Christmas is hard on the parents, LOL. The kids are all sleeping now, though, so I think I'll go put my feet up and have a cup of tea.
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Oy ~ Christmas IS hard on the parents! I am still exhausted today! I hate to say that I am glad it's over but I kind of am.
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