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Post-partum Freezer Cooking

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Hey, mamas and mamas-to-be! Now that I don't feel like I'm going to puke every time I look at food, I was thinking of doing some cooking ahead so I can freeze some meals once Babymort gets here. I'd love to hear your favorite recipes, and also wanted to share some resources I found when searching MDC:

Feed the Freezer recipes

Crockpot Recipes (I don't know how freezable they are, but still thought I would share)
Vegetarian Once a Month Cooking Recipes
Healthy Freezable Recipes
Freezing homemade pizza crust
Freezing Assembled Pizzas
Postpartum Freezer Meals
Freezing Casseroles
Vegetarian OAMC
Freezing Meals from Veg Forum
Freezing Beans and Lentils
Freezable Strawberry Ideas (out of season, I know)
Vegetarian Freezer Meals
Breakfast Burritos
Freezing Cooked Beans

End post 1...more to come
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Crockpot Freezer Meals
More postpartum freezer meals
Meal Freezing Basics
Ground beef recipes
Freezer Meals and Crockpot Ideas
Info on Freezing Cheese
Freeze and Heat Meals
Favorite Soups
Ham and Bean Soup
Freezing Pot Pies
Freezer Stocking
Mostly Grain and Veggie Crock Pot Recipes
Taco Salad
Freezing meatballs
Freezing Dough
New Parent Casseroles
Buttermilk Pancakes and Waffles
Freezing Bread Dough
Beans and Rice
Freezing Meals
Smoothie Recipe Swap
Your Freezer 101
Recipes that are great to freeze
Freezing fruits and veggies
Wraps and Burritos from the Freezer
Easy Freezable Veggie Recipes
Basic Pancakes

Still more to come, believe it or not.
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Almost done- found these in other DDC

Food that freezes well
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Can we have this made into a sticky?? How do we go about doing that?
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Oh poop. I somehow lost all my DDC links.

Ah well, maybe tomorrow.
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wow, lots of links... i have some work to do now (just reading them all)
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OH thank you thank you thank you for all the links AM. I have been wanting to do this and have tried a few of our favorites out to see how they'll freeze but it's very limited selection so far meat loaf, soup, and greenchili stewed meat. Yay I am so excighted to start setting some meals back. I have actually even thought about getting a small freezer for this. I plan to use this for lunches to because I run my own child care and will continue to work after the babe is here!
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Thanks for all the links. I'm planning to try to feed my freezer before the baby comes too. My freezers are all packed now, mostly with raw meats and ingredients - and we need to use a bunch to make room!

I have just a few recipes that I've tried and tested that freeze well and am looking for more. I'm making a list and will share it with everyone when it gets a little bigger and more organized!
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We will definitely be doing this a lot this time around. I am wondering when is everyone going to start with the freezing? I have got to get my freezer more organized and use up some stuff before anything will fit, so the next few months I will not be doing a whole lot of shopping trying to free up the space.
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O wow! Thanks for all the great links. We should make this a sticky or keep it bumped up!
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My sister and BIL gave us the best xmas present-- a gift certificate to "Dream Dinners" where you go and assemble a whole bunch of meals and then take them home and freeze them. I've NEVER prepared a meal and frozen it for later, so I was worried about screwing it up and wasting food/time/money and having yucky food when we're brain dead. Of course it seems totally do-able. But now I will have experts to guide me and hold my trembling little hand And a freezer full of meals to pop in the oven! Whoohoo! Hopefully once I do it there I will be an expert and do more on my own!
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That is a great gift! You'll have to let us know how it goes.
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OMG is this a sticky? what an AWESOME thread. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! i'm about to give birth any minute and with an energy boost, searching for more veggie postpartum things to freeze....this thread saved my life.
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Aw, you're sweet.
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What a great thread to bump! I had filled my freezer to the brim by the time baby came and now, at nearly 10 weeks, we just emptied it. It was a terrific help and my 'rolodex' method worked perfectly. I layed the filled bags flat in the small freezer above the fridge until hardened and stood them upright in the chest freezer like a file. The main part of the freezer held big bags and the two racks on top held small ones.
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