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Finally registered:)

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Hi all, I've been in lurkermode for a bit. Finally decided to take the plunge and register.

I'm Michelle, SAHM to 11yr old Damian and 22mo old Ben. Baby number 3 will be arriving any time now. We didn't find out the gender and can't wait to see what we're having!! I've also been attending school p/t persuing my RN degree.

I recently started cd'ing my little guy trying to get my feet wet in anticipation of cd'ing our new little one. So far so good although dh is less than thrilled about it!! He did put his very first cd on yesterday while I was at school so he's making progress!!

I think I need to cut this short since Ben has managed to pull every CD we own out of the rack while I've been typing this

PS Not sure how to make my siggy show up right. Anyone know how to get rid of the [center] and have my pic show up instead of just a link? Also, is it too big? Thanks!!!
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Okay, now that I'm peeking around it doesn't look like pics and big siggies are very popular here. Don't want to be sucking up bandwidth so I'll pop back in later and fix mine!!
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Hi Michelle~

This link: This link
shows you how to put a link in your sig line so it shows up as a name and not just a web address.

Signiture lines are only suppose to be 2 lines because of the reason you mentioned.

I used to live in Ma. Just north of Boston.
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just testing my siggy
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Welcome to the boards.
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Peace to you and yours

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