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Japan ~ naturally boostered immunity to measles.

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Okay, so I have a problem.

This medical article here:



The anti-measles virus (MV) antibody titers in the sera of vaccinees and naturally infected individuals of different age groups were measured to help assess the efficacy of the current MV vaccination in Japan. Neutralizing (NT) antibody titers induced by vaccination were 23.2 times lower than those induced by natural infection and declined significantly by age 20. The once-decreased NT antibody titers of the vaccinees increased 23.6 times during their twenties to titers comparable to those of naturally infected individuals of the same age, implying the possible occurrence of natural infection in vaccinees with decreased anti-MV immunity.
Okay? So they get naturally boostered, right? Up to good natural levels which are WAY more effective than any vaccine right?

So why then would this be the "logical" next move?

It should be emphasized that protective immunity induced by the one-dose vaccination currently implemented in Japan may not be strong enough to ensure lifelong immunity. A two-dose vaccination program with higher vaccination coverage needs to be considered in order to effectively control measles in Japan.

Oh, I guess its more important to try to "eliminate" the "implied" subclinical boostering?

This reminds me of another measles article in the UK, which I think was by Dr E Miller, where they did a serosurvey and also found in a significant number of vaccinated kids, rising titres and also said something about subclinical re-infection.

Hmmmmmmmm......................................... .................
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You mean, no-one had a comment?
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Well, I guess they have to find some "logical" reason for giving, perhaps requiring, yet another vaccine/booster. :
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$$$ is the reason. It's logical. To Big Pharma, that is.
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It seems they want to give a booster because titres are low, not because people are getting measles. If people are getting natural boosters by exposure and are not getting measles, why bother with the booster, except for making more money.
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