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Not so Beginning Signs? Updated post 23

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Well, I'm now having contractions, well, i've actually been having contractions for a while, but these ones woke me up and I found that they are not as uncomfortable if I'm NOT laying down.
When I'm reclining, I timed them at 1 min. every 5 min. I don't know if they'll peter out a bit if I'm up and distracted, so that is what i'm doing now.
I probably need to call the MW office and let them know what is going on so they have an idea that I'll probably be birthing soon.

I'm both excited and scared... it is my first baby and all the information I have is theoretical and I have NO idea how my body will react. So far: I can feel my muscles/uterus start to 'pull up' at the beginning of a contraction and then I have a 'sharper' pain between my hip bones/cervix area, sometimes it wraps around to my back. (I don't like the second part )

I also feel like i'm needing to pee a lot more then I actually do.

Any feedback would be helpful. I'm really not sure when to start calling people/setting up and I'm letting my DH sleep as much as possible.
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Sending happy birthing vibes....
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So exciting!

I spent a chunk of active labor being all alone. I know that you have probably heard this, but I found it helpful to be on the toilet for part of this time... I was just more comfortable there-- but at that point I was probably past 4 cm dilated, and I actually didn't feel like walking around (I had assumed that I would). I also felt like I had to pee/poop when I didn't really need to.

What worked for me (and I dilated fast and not very painfully) was to just focus on relaxing every single joint and body part during each contraction. I noticed the peaks, because then I knew that the contraction would be ending soon.

You posted a few hours ago, so you may not be looking for feedback any longer.
Have a wonderful birth!
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Not in this DDC, but popped over to give katt my best wishes. I hope everything is going well there! :

You're having a baby!!! :
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Thanks Afton!

Everything is pretty much the same. I spent the morning so far see if things would escalate, stay the same, or peter out depending on what I did. I found out that nope, it is all staying pretty much the same. So, I'll be calling the MW here shortly and giving her an update. Apparently sitting and laying down aren't as comfy as standing/swaying and reclining (the position I did most of my Hypnobirthing practice in), so far... we'll see.

I'm guessing that baby will be here sooner or later, right? hee hee hee

Either way, I sent DH off to work (about 4 min. from here) and will call him with any changes. I'll also call my mom and sister with an update after I talk to the MW.

I'm sure I'll be on and off during the day. Although, I do need to finish up with these diapers.
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I will be watching for updates and hoping I will be following soon
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Not in this DDC, just sending Katt lots of god vibes!

Katt I'm so excited for you! You're having your baby! :
I'll be following this thread.
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Just stopping by to Wish KATT a Wonderful peaceful Birth!

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Not a member of this forum, but just wanted to send warm birthing vibes to Katt! I've been thinking about you today. Good luck, mama!

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Not a member either, hope this isnt against the rules, but,...

YAYYAYAYAYYAYAYYYYYYYYYYY KATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*good labor vibes*
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One more NMY pop-in...

katt, I've been thinking of you today and sending good labor vibes!
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Ooh Katt! Sending great birthing vibes your way! remember to breathe!
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Quick update:
My mom and sis are here. Pool is blown up but not filled.
Contx are still 5min. apart and still about 1min. long, but they are a bit harder to get through and a bit more concentration.
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Yet another NMY popping in to send well wishes for a wonderful birth!
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go, katt, go! we are sending you the best thoughts.
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Heehee, the NMY have totally taken over this thread.

How are you doing katt? :
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Just one more NMY checking in to see the progress and send more peaceful labor vibes.
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Just checking in too. Hope everything is going great Katt!
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Katt, I've been thinking about you since you posted that labor started - I hope you're all happy, healthy, and tucked into bed together (or will be soon)!
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Hope things are going well, Katt! I've been thinking about you. Blissful birth vibes heading your way! :

Hopefully soon you'll be sharing your birth story with us by doing this:

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