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First time Mom and Teether - is this normal?

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The last week or so my DD has been teething pretty hardcore. I can feel them through her gums. She is 6 months old by the way.

The last 2-3 days she has been drooling so much that it's causing her to cough and GAG. Which of course has been panicking me. She is really bad first thing in the mornings, and after naps (when she has been laying on her back). She coughs like someone does when they have had something like water 'go down the wrong tube'. It sounds awful, and it looks just as bad. I don't know what to do! My baby that normally naps 3 one hour naps a day and goes down like clockwork at 7pm every night with no fuss is taking hours to go to sleep at night, and isn't staying asleep for naps for longer than 20 minutes. I don't know what I can do to help her get through this. The drainage from her nose is most definately clear, so I am pretty sure it is drool. She just has SO MUCH. Which I know is normal, but she can't seem to manage all of it.

Any thoughts or reassurances would be greatly appreciated.
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Will she sleep upright? Could you sling her in an upright position for the time being for naps until this passes? Also, I have found that if baby naps well the night time sleep seems to go more smoothly so it could be that she is having trouble falling asleep at night because she hasn't slept well during the day. I am sure she will be back to normal as soon as she pops these teeth.

My dd1 was very drooley too and someone once told me that as long as she was choking she was breathing because if they can't breath they are silent. It made me feel a little better I hope it does the same for you.

I hope all is back to normal soon
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still going on and she is wheezing now. thoughts?? prett please???
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Do you have a health care practitioner that you trust? Lots of drool + wheezing can be a sign of epiglottitis (very, very serious). Is she acting sick in any way? Feverish, lethargic, etc?

Yes, teething can do a number on a babe, but wheezing is a sign of respiratory distress and is never normal. I do not want to scare you, but your last post raised a big red flag for me. mama, I hope I'm totally off base, but I wouldn't wait to have her checked out. Please update when you get a chance.

ETA: lots of drool (really excessive) can also indicate a sore throat for other reasons b/c babe doesn't want to swallow.
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sabbath, K is like this right now, too. The nap/sleep issues are possibly just a normal developmental stage of disequilibrium. All of my babies went through those wonderful predictable sleep periods, and then they all stopped

I don't have advice about the wheezing. K has been a hardcore drooler and fist sucker for many, many weeks. I really don't think he's going to get teeth soon, though.
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I don't know much about anything other than the sleep. My DD would go from taking good naps in her crib to craptastic ones, and would refuse to sleep by herself for naps while teething. She would also be up a ton at night. Once the teeth broke the skin, miraculously things went back to normal.

When I finally just accepted that was the way it was and laid down with her or held her for her naps, she slept fine through the teething. Not sure if you have other children or if this is an option. She also used to get a runny nose that was clear for about 2 weeks surrounding the teeth cutting.
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Sabbath, no advice, just commiseration. DS is going through something similar, though his gagging is somewhat less dramatic, and he was never such a fabulous sleeper to start with.
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To me it sounds like normal, albeit not fun, teething. My son is doing something similar, lots of extra drool that is both coming out his mouth and gurgling in his throat. And since he is clearly uncomfortable with the teeth coming in, he isn't napping as well as usual either. When he first started teething (we're on teeth 9&10 now) he woke a ton at night, every 1.5 hrs or so all night long for a couple weeks--so changes in sleep can be normal (though I don't remember my daughter doing anything this extreme 3 years ago). If you don't think your daughter is sick, giving her some baby advil to help her sleep at night is a possibility. I don't like giving stuff like that when my son is sick, but to ease pain that is bad enough that his sleep is being continually disrupted for a few days, I do it.
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