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Holiday babies :)

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So how did all the babies enjoy their holiday/Christmas?

Kienan loved the paper and bows and was pretty oblivious to everything else, but sure is enjoying some of his new rattles

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Eloise got about a million teething things, which is perfect because all she wants to do is shove suff in her mouth! She was oblivious, as well. Half of the gifts were opened by the time she woke up at 11:00 am anyways! It was a fun Christmas as our whole family.
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Oh my gosh, Erin was so much more into it than I thought she would be! Not that she knew it was Christmas, but you know, reaching for boxes, ripping paper, sucking on bows (not too much though- goddess knows what chemicals are used to make them!). It was a lot of fun. Will post some pics once I dump them from camera to computer.

Oh, plus she met her 6 mo old cousin for the first time- they were hysterical together!!!
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forgot to mention how much fun she had watching my dad's train set... she'd hang out on her tummy (which she used to hate!) & be mesmerized by in going 'round & 'round
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Elliot was oblivious too. I liked looking at the wrapping paper, but felt no need to actually touch anything. He was too happy just watching everything happen around him (all while perched on mama or daddy's leg). Oh, and he slept through Christmas morning when ds1 opened gifts...
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Ian liked to just sit back and watch too. He was on full alert and was really thinking. His big sis was kind enough to "help" him open presents and he would watch intently as she showed him what they did. He's been a champ about being passed around too.
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