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When do you take down Your Christmas Decorations?

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So it's only the day after christmas, but I'm really feeling the need to take down the decorations and be done with it. When do you take yours down. It the day after to soon?
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we will take ours down in a few days...as we are moving

but usually i keep it up a week or 2.
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We ususally leave things up through the 12 days of Christmas and put everything away on Jan. 6 (or around then). I find that after Christmas Day is when I can really enjoy the decorations we have up.
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Ours come down just after the first of the year. My hubby loves to enjoy them for as long as he can!
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Usually until Epiphany.

Might come down earlier this year. The tree is starting to shed big time and we have a new baby coming in about 6 weeks. my nesting instincts are saying all of the decorations have to be packed away before I go in to labor. If we start now, it MIGHT be done in time.
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Ours come down promptly on the 1st of January. We celebrate Yule as lasting from sunset on the 20th to dawn on the 1st, so after ritual at sunrise on New Year's Day, the tree etc. comes down.
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God, I want to put them all up TODAY, but dh is sick and can't help, so it probably won't happen. He likes to leave them up until the end of the year, but I think that's ridiculous. I'm ready to move on!
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We generally put everything away on New Year's Day, though I have been known to start packing things up earlier. I find that putting it away on the 1st of the year helps to ease the transition back to regular routines.
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Ours seem like they haven't been up that long so we are still enjoying them. We wait until at least Jan. 1st but the year we moved on 12/31 I was pulling everything down on Christmas night!
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Real tree this year, so it will be gone pretty quick--maybe epiphany, maybe sooner. But the nativity generally stays out until Lent. The other little things get packed away gradually.

We have a closet in the basment just for holiday decorations so it's pretty easy to do it bit by bit.
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After New years
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Mine are already down. I started this morning at 6 am when everyone else was still sleeping. I know it's quick but once the paper's off the gifts I'm ready for all of the decorations to be put away. I actually have to restrain myself from starting on Christmas Day.

OTOH, I would actually like to put the tree up earlier than we typically do. We don't usually get our tree until the first or second weekend in December. I would really love to get our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and so have it up a for a few weeks longer total.
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January 2nd.
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My mother would always have everything practically put away by the time I woke up on the 26th. It just compounded the let down from all the Christmas mania.

I really enjoy the lights in the winter darkness, but this year we have a real tree, and it sealed itself so it is really dry. It will come down no later than Jan. 2nd this year.
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We don't have a set day but it will be sometime in the few days after New Year's.
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I want them down now!! But I will take them down in a few days. I like it done before New years.
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I leave my decorations up until Theophany (Epiphany) on January 6th.
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We usually decorate the tree on Christmas Eve and take it down after 12th night.
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My mother always told us it was bad luck to keep the decorations up past New Year's. I'm sure she was just trying to get them down (and maybe enlist some help), but it stuck with me. So, everything's down by Jan 1st. This year, though, I had the urge to take everything down today, so I did. I was wanting to clean! I dusted, oiled the wood furniture and rearranged the living room a bit. I feel so much better. (I keep thinking we need a "phew!" smiley.... )
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Well, I must be a scrooge , cuz mine are already down. DH and I took them down last night and this morning, little by little. After all the mayhem, I'm usually just sick of looking at it all.
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