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When do you take down Your Christmas Decorations? - Page 3

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the tree came down last night... the christmas decorations are away.. the witner decorations are still out and will be thru valentines (snow men, red stuff etc).. the lights are still up... my kids call them PARTY LIGHTS>..
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UUMMMM. I don't like the tree up after Christmas at all, but mine is still up right now. I just don't like it when the presents are gone and it takes up soooo much room! I am a scrooge, I guess.:
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I always take mine down the 26th or 27th. This year we got a huge tree and we have tons of lights and ornaments--so this is a big job for me! My husband works late, though--and I can't have him help, so I just sort of roll my sleeves up and do it. The hardest part was dragging the tree out the front door and removing the water with a turkey baster (took forever) so it would not spill. It feels so good to sweep and vaccuum and get all of those needles up, though. Our livingroom now looks so clean and open.

It is always a little sad to take it down, but at the same time I love cleaning up the livingroom and getting the house ready for the new year to come. For me, when Xmas is over, I don't like to see the tree anymore. The kids don't mind at all. When I was little my mom was such a procrastinator that she would leave the tree up very long into January--which sort of depressed me. I was glad when I got my own house that I got to pick when to take down the tree.

The kids and I always sing a little song from an old cartoon "Christmas comes but once a year, and now it's here, now it's here..." when we put up the tree, and when it comes down we sing "Christmas comes but once a year, now it's gone, now it's gone--and so we say so long..."
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probably New Years Day since dh will be home to help
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We are usually up at my inlaws from after christmas to new years (as we are this year) so we'll take down the decorations probably after new years.
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usually around new years.... i think im going to start packing away tomorrow
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Originally Posted by AngieB View Post
So it's only the day after christmas, but I'm really feeling the need to take down the decorations and be done with it. When do you take yours down. It the day after to soon?

This is me exactly. DH had to hold me back. DD loves the lights & nutcrackers so we kept it all up. It's all coming down tomorrow.
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after epiphany (Jan. 6) and not a minute sooner. one year we left it up til february - i was pregnant and sentimental. it was a real tree and it was pretty haggard looking by that time. it does help thought, that we cut down our own tree, so it is "realy" fresh when we put it up.
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Not *so* odd...

Originally Posted by doriansmummy View Post
Woowww.. We must be odd balls we dont take it down until some time in Jan.
Maybe the first weekend or second weekend in Jan.

I take them down when I'm ready. This year I'm still enjoying them, with lights on and all. Pfooy on anyone who doesn't like it, since Feb 1st marks Imbolc! (Celebration of lights)

In years past I've gotten them up a little earlier (day after Tgiving) and took them down earlier (around Jan 5 or so) but this year it took me four days ( ) (instead of 1) to get them up, so maybe that might be impacting my decision...
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Ours comes down around January 6th also. We love the tree... and I like to extend the wintry, twinkly magical feeling as long as possible My kids would be soooo disappointed if it all disappeared quickly. We usually get our tree right before Christmas, so this way we get to enjoy it more. On January 6th we get to put all the decorations away, wax sentimental about them, glue broken pieces back on, eat the gingerbread decorations on the tree or start eating the gingerbread house... my kids look forward to this part as opposed to it being a let-down.
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We always take ours down the day after New Years, but this year they came down on New Years day because Daddy fell asleep with 17 month old asleep on his chest. I ran quick and took everything down pronto!!
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We took ours down today. My 4 yo wasn't happy. WE had to continue to tell him we only have the tree up for Christmas. LOL He wasn't wanting to let it go. He's ok now that it's down. We put ours up the 1st or 2nd week of Dec and take it down by the 1st of Jan as we have two bday's the second week of Jan. So the tree must be gone to have bday's!!
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decorations put away

When the children were small we always put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving, and took everything down after the first of Jan. This year our tree was ruined in our leaky basement, so we were not able to put one up, instead just decorated the fireplace, and kitchen. Have not had time to take them down yet. The kitchen window swag is sort of country looking and in reality could stay up through winter. ComEd has PROMISED us a large raise in our monthly light bills, so I guess this will be a deciding factor as to the decision WHEN everything is put away.
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My DH made us do it today I fought to keep the snowmen around, tho....they aren't Christmas, right??
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It depends on the year, our mood, situation, etc. Normally I shoot for taking everything down by Jan. 1 as sort of a symbolic "out with the old and in the with new."

Last year our tree was so pretty (in our very sparse in-need-of-furniture living room) that I decided to prolong its presence by taking off the holiday ornaments and decorating it for New Year's. I bought a big party package of colorful hats, noise makers and streamers for $10 and threw it all up on the tree. It looked great!

This year we had a big storm resulting in eight days without power right before Christmas so we decided to keep up the tree eight days longer. But it's only January 1 and I'm already itching to take it down...
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I would like them down now, but we keep them up until January 6th
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Oh my Gosh. The 26th is way waaaaaay too early over here. In our culture it would be unheard of to take down the tree and decorations on St. Stephen's day.
Generally, most people, including ourselves wait until the 6th as it is considered bad luck to take them down before the end of Christmas (the Epiphany). Altho, some do take them down on the second of Jan.
Bear in mind tho' that many many households don't put up their tree until a week or two before Christmas eve.
Personally tho', I like having the lights and decorations up for the full three weeks.
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We take the tree and most decorations down Christmas night.
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We take our tree down on the Dec 31, daytime...

I've got this thing about carrying "dead" things from the previous year into the new year...all flowers, issues, arguments, plants, trees, etc that are not flourishing or are patently dead are removed before midnight on 12-31.
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I just took ours down today. I would've liked to have kept everything up through the Ephinany, but the tree was taking up play space in the living room.
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