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When do you take down Your Christmas Decorations? - Page 4

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We aim for mid- to late-January. I was bad last year, though. Abby popped the week I was planning to take it down, so it stayed up until March. :
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Originally Posted by AngieB View Post
So it's only the day after christmas, but I'm really feeling the need to take down the decorations and be done with it. When do you take yours down. It the day after to soon?
We took ours down Christmas evening. Dh and ds1 bought the tree from Rite-Aid. It was dead long before they even strapped it to the car. It was sad, turning brown, dropping needles, not sucking up water (at all) and just made me feel bad to look at it. Decorations are mostly boxed up (I need to print some photos for ornaments) and then I can put the box (yes, one ornament/decorations box!) back downstairs. Next year I want to get a good tree, and probably leave it up until New Year's.
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On DH next day off.
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We never actually put any up this year becuase we were on vacation. They usually go up the weekend after Thanksgiving and come down the weekend after Christmas.
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And where we are it is considered extremely bad luck to leave a tree up after the New Year. The whole "taking dead things into the New Year" thing. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say.

Originally Posted by DavinaT View Post
Oh my Gosh. The 26th is way waaaaaay too early over here. In our culture it would be unheard of to take down the tree and decorations on St. Stephen's day.
Generally, most people, including ourselves wait until the 6th as it is considered bad luck to take them down before the end of Christmas (the Epiphany). Altho, some do take them down on the second of Jan.
Bear in mind tho' that many many households don't put up their tree until a week or two before Christmas eve.
Personally tho', I like having the lights and decorations up for the full three weeks.
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We took our tree down January 1st. Our living room looks so blank without it (we hand't put any other decorations up before christmas, so we have nothing on the walls) - it didn't look so empty before we decorated it for christmas, but now with that stuff missing, egad.

Went over and helped my grandfather take down his decorations. He's 90 just got out of the hospital, still cathed and we practically had to wrestle him to let us do most of it.
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I normally take it down within a few days of January 1st. This year, life was a tad hectic so we only took down the decorations last night.

I'm feeling quite proud of myself because I was able to minimize down to only 1 large bin of decorations after sorting through and seperating all of the broken/damaged/ugly ornaments we've aquired as hand-me-downs over the years.
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We took ours down Dec 30 this year. It was a Saturday and convienent.
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Took them down new years day, we put them up day after thanksgiving, so they were up for awhile. DH had the energy to take stuff down that day, thats why we took'em down that day.
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Took ours down on Saturday. Our little lounge now looks HUGE!
Interesting point about dead things, I was saying this to an older neighbour who's brother is a farmer and he told me that every year his brother has taken out their tree and left it standing (not planted against their back fence) and over the last 20 years, 7 or 8 of them have actually taken root and are growing!!
So you never know.
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just today, along w/marathon cleaning session:

feels good to be decluttered and somewhat more
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My decs are still up - *yikes*!! I plan on having it down by Fri, things just get so hectic around here with two little ones!

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i took my tree down christmas evening! we usually put one up early so i'm so tired of looking at it after all the hub-bub is over. next year we're getting a potted norfolk pine & having a minimalist tree!

i still have some fake greenery up, though, and a few white lights.
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You mean you guys managed to get them UP??
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