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Is this normal? (speech)

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My dd is 14 months old, and sometimes she will use a word for just a few days, and then forget it! Like she was calling my boobs (baba) and now doesn't use it at all anymore. She has done this with several words. She was saying 'uh" for up like for me to pick her up, and now she's not using it anymore. if I remind her, she will say it that one time... Does this sound normal?

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Totally and completely. It's happened to most toddlers I know and my dd did the same thing. Language is very fluid for them at this stage.
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Oh, yeah. My dd said very clearly "bay-bee" for days and then stopped saying it. I've heard of this happening a lot.
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Happened to us too. "Hot" was one of dd's first words. She said it for about 2 weeks, then suddenly stopped. Hasn't said it since. She has tons of other words though, so I'm not concerned. I agree that language is still a big experiment at this age.
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happened with my son too...

He learned how to say 'mama' first, and then he forgot it for a few months, learned how to say a bunch of other things, then relearned it.

I've also heard that it's a very common thing and nothing to worry about.
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thanks ladies.... it's hard not worrying, ya know?

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Dd did that too - said mama first, then it was dada, and poor mama was forgotten. Then she learned the cat's name, and dada was forgotten too.

Just today she started using mama and dada again, but I know once she gets a new word, we'll be forgotten again. Dd#1 did it, and it's very normal.

Go find something else to worry about.
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